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  • Oct 14, 2020, 11:12 AM
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The Internet is full of banned and blocked websites. Some of them become restricted due to federal laws. Lots of others - for various violations of the community rules. But, anyway, we are here not to discuss the reasons for their blocked too meticulously. We will write a few more words about that further.

This text's main idea is to give you an idea of getting access to the restricted website. There is definitely lots of precious information there, have no doubt. Unless it's a general website casino or cheap porn web page, of course. So, let's find out how to access the blocked website and unblock them!

Some Specifications of the Blocked Website

Probably, often while surfing the network, you passed by a lot of sites with a famous "page on the website restricted" badge. You were presumably wondering: "What's hidden between those closed doors?" And never get an answer in the past. Well, if some website on the Internet is blocked, there is a reason for that. Here are a few of them:

  • Website trying to sell drugs, weapons, or IRL sex services
  • Contains any computer virus
  • Allows players to access website casinos (as it rightfully not for all countries)
  • Violations of the federal or local country laws
  • Contains potentially harmful information or content
  • Fishing website
  • And many other reasons with website and network configuration

"Oh my," you probably think while looking at the list above, "I don't need all of this at all." But, at the same time, there is lots of different precious information that was forbidden on various blocked pages. For example, the old website allows getting access to many valuable tools, articles, and discussions.

Among various other reasons are, for example, it may be a government website which requires a unique password or protocol to be unblocking them and after get all access. In any case, there is a minimal probability that you will enter such a URL. So, let's skip it for now. Let's concentrate on more straightforward blocked website access.

How to Unblock Blocked Website Online and Get Access?

Sometimes, getting full access to the blocked URL is a bit of trouble. A website may be blocked and secured due to a severe reason. And how to unblock them? In any case, if you are a hard nut, you can use a few of those tricks to try to get directly to the URL's core information:

  • Downloadable VPN programs, apps, and browser extensions
  • Various types of online proxy websites and services
  • Trying to gain access with IP, but not URL
  • Replacing your DNS server
  • Use the Onion browser and dark web in general
  • Use Google Translate online

You need to understand that those methods are not the only ones, which could help you a lot during your attempts. For example, you can also try to switch the Internet provider or even move to another country to get full access to the URL you are interested in. In any case, you will find at least one method, which will help you a lot with blocked web to get all unblock and full access.

According to the various observations, the best way to access the multiple types of blocked website is through different proxy servers, and specific software. So let's speak more about different types of those soft pieces and kinds of service that unblock all of items.

Types of Available Proxy Services for Blocked Website

The industry of the different proxy services is exceptionally and significantly wide. Although there are only main categories of the primary services, which may be underlined, the overall number of various solutions in each of them are huge. Moreover, it keeps growing each day. Among the most often used services for unblock sites proxy online and offline are the following:

  • Various types of proxy website
  • Different types of direct servers
  • Special soft and programs for the best access

The proxy of any type's main idea is to access blocked website by a similarly masked enter from one URL to the blocked website in network. This technology appeared approximately since the Internet network's appearance and almost didn't change since that time. The only first significant changes arrived only in the 2008 year when the first serious cloud technology appeared for unblock.

In any case, this type of URL unblock is not the safest one, but it's effortless to use, and even a baby can handle most of them. So probably, that is the main reason why they are so popular nowadays. Anyway, if you didn't want to put too much time and force in searching for a more secure option, the proxy is the best possible variant for website. Now, let's see more accurately on each type of those services.

Unblock Blocked Website Online via the Proxy Web Pages

Probably, one of the simplest and the most significant, and successful ways of getting access to the blocked website is various types of proxy webs. Those are easy to use and often didn't require any additional money or extra fees for their services. Those websites will help you to pass through the blocked URL and get everything you need from the network pretty fast. All you need to do is:

  1. Go to a proxy web page
  2. Enter the URL of the website you'd like to enter
  3. Wait a little bit until it is loaded
  4. Enjoy your unblock website page

That method helps to mask your real desire to enter the blocked website from the ISPs and shows you all the videos, articles, and other content on the blocked URL. In some instances, your working network may use a proxy server technology to be always fully visible for the whole range of the workers, freelancers, and other staff members.

However, that method is not as secure as, using a DNS server, or VPN, but it will be entirely enough to be sure that you can pass your company, boss, global network, or employer blocks. The only important thing is to make sure that your boss isn't waiting when you enter the proxy server URL right behind your back.

Different Types of Various Proxy Servers

Probably, if you are working at a big network or organization, you definitely know that each big, and even mediocre, data center has at least one proxy server. If you are wondering: "Why? What For?" then you is on the right path.

The big proxy servers' main idea is to observe the whole network and form the one vicious circle. As a result, it leads to creating some kind of a fully visible for a system administrator network of computers. He could check up your traffic and understand whether you watch YouTube or work hard.

The good news is that if you understand how to use proxy servers for website, you could control what your network administrator will see at the very end. Unfortunately, that is not the idea of this article, to tell you how to trick your employer, so, maybe, we will write about that in future texts. Please, let us know if you want to read about it.

Using Special Proxy Programs and Soft

If you can't add to your home or working network an additional proxy server to get instant access to various blocked website, you need to install a uniquely soft, which allows you to do that. But, if your network is huge, it will be more adequate to buy a full proxy server for full access.

Those programs usually allow you to choose the exact proxy website, country of residence, or the server you'd like to use. In some cases, those programs didn't match to public proxy services but use their own, entirely personal brand servers, and so on. That may help you save a lot of time while surfing the web, as their speed may be significantly higher than traditional websites' speed.

Few Words about Mobile Dynamic Proxy

If you need to avoid any signs of the ban during your everyday work on the Internet, for example, in social media, you need to know more about mobile dynamic proxy. Those help to avoid unnecessary attention from the services you work on. As an example, here are a few categories of Internet users for which that type of proxy may be beneficial:

  • Multiple accounts registrations
  • Fake followers
  • Private faces who care about their anonymous web browsing
  • Traffic arbitrageurs
  • Fake lakers

One of the best services which allow you to get as many benefits from a mobile dynamic proxy is OnlineProxy. It will help bring much less attention from different web resources, avoid blocks, and receive SMS's on fake telephone numbers. One of the main advantages of this service is exceptionally inexpensive tariffs plans.

They are the rates for Russia:

  • 1 day - 2.75$
  • 14 days - 8.33$
  • 30 days - 11.67$
  • 90 days - 29.17$

There are the rates for proxies for all world countries:

  • 100 MB for 15 days - 2.50$
  • 1 GB for 15 days - 15.00$

You can make targets by country, city, and operator.

Among the most important benefits are, for example, fast IP changes, the possibility to choose any number of flows, an opportunity to be inbuilt into the different soft, and many others.

Best Paid Proxy Services

It's not a big of a surprise that the most excellent assistance should always be paid. That's why we decided to provide you a list of the best proxy resources to use. Among the best services that allow you to do any type of the URL unblocking are the following website:

  • NordVPN
  • Private Internet Access
  • IP Vanish VPN
  • CyberGhost VPN
  • HotspotShield

Those are not the only great VPNs, but according to our testers reports, they have the most significant potential, as well as capabilities. Also, the development of new similar soft kept going every day. Probably, soon you might find something even better. So, now let's take a little closer look into all of those magnificent types of proxy paid services, which helps to unblock blocked sites proxy.


That is one of the most top-rated VPNs which includes a lot of features, for example, a unique guide to a setup of the proxy server, hiding your data, etc. for blocked website. When you use NordVPN, you can access more than 5 200 servers, across more than 60 different countries. Probably, it's one of the best services of that kind ever.

Private Internet Access

Announced in the 2015 year, this VPN supports 256-bit encryption, making it one of the best possible choices for those who need to hide some data. The developers' main idea was to create a user-friendly, easy to use, and understand rotating proxy service. And they do it with great success!

IP Vanish

That service offers a tremendous SOCKS5 proxy server and explains how to set up the right configuration for it in an excellent and easy to read guide for blocked website. More than 1 300 servers in 75+ locations will help you unblock any possible banned website online, without any additional downloads!

CyberGhost VPN

The main advantage of this proxy is that along with a paid version, the developer also allows you to download an entirely free extension for Google Chrome or Firefox browser. It's generally one of the best free + paid VPN, which were released since the 2015 year. Pretty easy to use and comfortable to activate, as well as to deactivate if necessary.


This great tool is fully capable of various mobile devices, including old versions of IOS and Android phones. You need to download the application form Apple Store or Google Play Market, waiting for installation. After that, you can browse any blocked website across the whole Internet without any signs of troubles.

Bonus! Google Translator?

That may seem strange to you, but you need to know that in many cases, Google Translator really could become a good helper in getting access to various types of blocked website. Probably, that may look stupid, paradoxical, and unclear, but you should just try it. Here is what you should do:

  1. Copy the URL of the website
  2. Open the Google Translator official page in your browser
  3. Paste the link of the banned page to the opened window
  4. Open the URL from the "translated" window
  5. Enjoy the results

Nobody knows, for now, why is that working at all. Everybody just trying that method, saw that it's definitely working well, and used it if necessary for blocked website. Nobody knows, even the creators of google translator themselves, why is that possible. But, in any case, blocked website are working, and can be reached with this particular method. And that is, probably, all we need to know.

According to some ideas, such a possibility occurs due to the special status of Google Translator as a tool for education. So, that is the main reason why institutions and some government organizations didn't block the URLs and API's components of Google Translator for blocked website. We think that this idea is pretty good, but still has a lack of pieces of evidence nowadays.

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