About Us

We call ourselves "Teal Company". Our mission is to create perfect IT products that people need. We hire the best experts to our professional team. We have three products in our portfolio, and OnlineProxy is one of them.

In an era where online privacy is crucial, the OnlineProxy Marketplace emerges as a pivotal solution for secure internet browsing. This innovative platform offers a wide range of mobile proxies from across the globe, enabling users to mask their IP addresses, access geo-restricted content, and browse the web anonymously. Unlike traditional proxies, our mobile proxies ensure reliability and high-speed connections, alongside dynamic IP rotation for enhanced privacy.

What truly sets us apart is our commitment to user satisfaction. With an intuitive interface, high uptime, and dedicated customer support, the OnlineProxy Marketplace guarantees a seamless experience. Ideal for digital marketers, cybersecurity enthusiasts, or anyone keen on safeguarding their online presence, our service promises not just privacy, but peace of mind. Dive into a new era of internet browsing with us, where security meets simplicity.

Receiving messages to virtual numbers for private registration on various sites, services and applications.

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  • Short and long term phone rental
  • The purchased number is used by only 1 client


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  • City targeting
  • Over 60 million IP addresses