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  • Jul 11, 2023, 10:15 AM
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You must establish a connection with a dedicated proxy server to access content on the Internet freely. But there are also shortcomings in their job and sometimes the proxy is not working and it’s a real issue. Proxy servers frequently malfunction for a variety of reasons. We'll examine the most popular reasons why the Firefox socks5 proxy not working today and show you how to check proxy is working or not.

Internet connection problems

Numerous people wonder why is my proxy not working. When the proxy server rejects the connection, users frequently run into issues and figure out that the proxy server is not working. A message that appears on the computer screen with issue notification serves as proof of this. It occurs frequently in various browsers. It would help if you determined the cause of the proxy server's refusal to accept a connection to resolve this issue rapidly. It is advised to perform the following actions if you are having difficulty with a proxy server because of errors and problems with your internet connection:

  • Analyze the nature of the issue: Determine whether the error and problems affect your device, the proxy server, or the internet connection. Check the effectiveness of the proxy by testing your connection on several devices or networks.
  • Review proxy configurations to ensure they are accurate, there are no issues and follow your organization's policies or the proxy service provider's recommendations to avoid problems.
  • Reset the link: If you have any temporary connectivity troubles, reset your modem and router and reset all your devices to the network.

To avoid automatic proxy setup Windows 10 not working, check firmware and software updates. Ascertain that all PCs, networking hardware, and pertinent software are current with the newest patches and upgrades.

Incorrect firewall settings

Sometimes, the reasons why Mac proxy settings not working lie in settings. Use the methods listed below to fix the error if there is an issue in the firewall configuration that is preventing a proxy from functioning:

  • Find the firewall application running on your machine or network.
  • Navigate to the configuration options of the firewall application after starting it. It is frequently accessible by selecting "Settings," "Preferences," or "Advanced Settings."
  • Find the section containing the regulations for applications or internet access. You must do this to set your proxy server software's rights.
  • Create a new network permission item for your proxy server software if you can't find it in the list. Permit internet access (incoming and outgoing traffic) and specify the application path.
  • Ensure your proxy server software's specified ports are open in the firewall settings without issues.
  • For modifications to take effect, save changes and restart the firewall and proxy server programs.
  • To guarantee proper operation and setup, test your proxy connection.

You may resolve any errors and problems brought on by incorrect firewall proxy settings and get your proxy server back to working correctly by carefully following these procedures.

Low-quality free proxies

If you use a free low-quality proxy, you may wonder why is my proxy server not working and how to fix the issue. Due to several underlying problems, using free, low-quality proxies frequently causes them to malfunction which becomes an issue. These could include intermittent connectivity, data restrictions, insufficient security, and susceptibility to hackers. Such proxies' subpar performance might hurt online activities and jeopardize user security, making surfing less effective and safe.

Free services don't allow HTTPS connections for another reason: they wish to snoop on you. In the past, several hackers have used these websites to steal private customer data. Keeping yourself safe is the best course of action to avoid this proxy issue.

So-called cookies, which include all data about logins, logins, and passwords, are formed when any website is used. Additionally, because a proxy server acts as a middleman between you and the website, the creator of such services can intercept cookies and utilize them to take advantage of them. It puts a strain on the user's privacy and anonymous usage of the internet websites.

Users who utilize free proxy services must consider these dangers since the possible repercussions of a proxy malfunction might significantly exceed any imagined benefits. To protect the confidentiality and efficiency of your job with proxy, it is, therefore, advisable to utilize premium proxy servers.

Try changing your proxy provider

Sometimes your proxy won't operate since you choose a service with a poor track record and you can’t fix that. Some suppliers offer low-quality proxy servers, which has an impact on their effectiveness. In this situation, switching providers can be necessary. An established residential proxy company Online Proxy is the best substitute for problematic free proxy servers. This company has a strong track record and has established itself as an industry leader. There are countless proxy servers available here that are always reliable.

You may choose the frequency of IP rotation with OnlineProxy. Online services won't block you if you use the best-paid residential proxy since the whole Internet perceives you as a genuine person, not a robot. Some of the service's key advantages include:

  • 99.5% no ban
  • Unlimited proxy traffic
  • City targeting
  • The vast number of proxy servers
  • Over 60 million IP addresses

Online Proxy is a premium proxy service provider that provides a wide range of ethically-compliant proxy servers, cutting-edge scraping tools, and first-rate customer care. It is a strongly suggested choice for corporations and users searching for a dependable and effective residential proxy solution. This proxy service may offer you one of the quickest services accessible, regardless of where in the globe you require an IP address.

How to check if the proxy is working or not? 

This is a short guideline on how to check proxy server is working or not:

  • Enter the necessary residential proxy settings (IP address and port) in the relevant configuration sections to set up your device or application to use the proxy server.
  • Once open, go to an IP checker tool in your favorite web browser. Note the provided IP address and geographic region.
  • Identify any discrepancies between your IP address and location as presented and your actual IP address and location. The residential proxy is not operating as it should if the information is accurate. However, if the information presented is from the proxy server, which should not be the same as your IP address or location, then the proxy server is operating correctly.
  • Visit many geographically restricted websites or take advantage of online services that apply region-specific blocks further to evaluate the efficacy of your proxy server connection. Your proxy connection functions appropriately if you can view these websites without errors and problems.

Finally, evaluate how well your connection performed while utilizing the proxy server and running a test. Consistent surfing rates and overall effectiveness indicate that your proxy server is operating at peak performance. On the other hand, if there are substantial delays or connection problems, you might need to look into other proxy servers or contact your service provider for support.

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