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  • May 13, 2021, 1:56 PM
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The Internet is becoming more and more global these days. Online platforms are used not only by business owners, but also by educational institutions, journalistic communities. The owners of each website are trying to make their resource as versatile as possible, providing an opportunity to buy goods and monitor the statistics of orders in the personal account. Programmers can monitor and filter such activity through a proxy server. But, such globalization is often associated with certain risks. We are talking about blocking website accounts, disclosing trade secrets and other problems. Can this be excluded with a proxy server? Our experts tried to figure this out. Many experts claim that people are increasingly using proxies if they want to improve network security. Let's see if this is really the case.

How to Make Digital Advertising Less Intrusive and Safer for Users With a Proxy Server?

Digital advertising is the backbone of marketing. The money turnover in this area is very substantial. For example, in the UK it’s almost 15 billion pounds. Plus, this market demonstrates an increase of 10-15% annually. This is facilitated by free economic zones and other factors. Business owners no longer use one website in one domain zone. They have to look for all the new tricks in order to compete in a globalized market. But the creation of several web resources is the need to use additional equipment, including Proxy servers. If you decide to use digital advertising for any platform, you have several tools at your disposal:

    • Additional accounts creation and other activities. Due to the need to track and ensure ads hit the intended country, or city, most marketing is about creating accounts and using a third-party proxy server. But, some systems are based on the principle of binding by the user's IP. This means that companies often cannot use their own network to test the effectiveness of advertisements. Therefore, Residential Proxy and other similar services are so popular. Such tools provide each user with a lot more freedom on the web.
    • Pay-per-click online advertising. This is the best way to promote your services online. The cost per click mainly fluctuates in the range of 0.02-3 dollars. The amount is determined depending on the specifics of the product or service. Business competitiveness also matters when people choose the optimal budget for promotion. According to reputable sources, the average cost per click on an ad site does not exceed $1. This is a good indicator if you want to start a permanent promo for your website through a third-party proxy server. Plus, everyone can try this tool by running ads for a limited number of clicks.
  • Sale of discounted goods with a promo code through a partner website. Most buyers love discounts. People are unlikely to give up the opportunity to buy goods cheaper. Therefore, such a marketing tool is so popular these days. However, in order to use this effectively, business owners should consider preventing multiple accounts from registering. This is because the same citizen, using a mobile proxy or VPN, will be able to create several accounts and use the discount several times. Although this is not a problem in every case.

Promotion costs via any partner website is the first thing an advertiser thinks about. There are several things that business owners should do to estimate a budget. First of all, they should determine the ad spend profitability index, that is, figure out with ACOS. You also need to understand how much you can actually afford to spend. It is unlikely that the free demo mode will be enough. The same goes for VPN, reverse proxy and other online sms services.

Unlimited Proxy Server & Safety of the Website

System administrators are increasingly using additional LAN filters and applications. This is not only due to security concerns. For example, the IP Proxy helps brand owners to test their products around the world in addition to fighting ad fraud. We're talking about multi-account registration on the website and the mystery shopping principle. If you are prefer the residential RDP, rest assured of the following benefits:

  • Possibility of unblock websites free. This means that the user can activate the free demo and test the service. You should note that functionality of the reverse proxy server is limited in this case. For complete freedom, people will have to choose one of the offered tariffs. In this case, the list of proxy servers expands.
  • Business owners and buyers can hide IP addresses and select from a list of more than 100 available options. This is what makes product and website testing much easier for any developer. Therefore, mobile resident proxies are so in demand. But in this case, it will not always be possible to activate reverse.
  • Setting up any proxy server in just 2 clicks. If you are using a mobile phone, setup, like activating your account, will take 3-5 seconds. All the user needs is to find the desired menu and tap on the appropriate tool to enable it. Of course, this is an impeccable advantage of a proxy server.

Can People Use Proxy Server to Increase the Reach of Their Advertising Audience?

Promotion of any website is a complex process that requires clear planning. Only if people use complex tools, including promotion through several accounts, it increases efficiency. Often this is possible only in the case of ordering the Proxy service. However, it would be fair to say that this is not the only way to rationalize promotion. Business owners can find many additional tools that are offered for free.

If the marketing campaign is targeted, this reduces advertising costs by 20-25%. Also, people should use the tools that allow them to become one of the millions of consumers who are shown ads, at any time using any of the many connected devices. This is one of the arguments for using a Proxy server. This service can also be free. Of course, we are talking about a limited number of IP addresses for reverse, but even so, the tool can be used effectively.

Mobile Server

Mobile residential RDP is safe and simple. Such applications are embedded in the browser, which increases network security and does not load your OS. Even if people prefer reverse proxy mode, activation and deactivation is simple. Everyone can check it out with the free demo mode. People can test any ad campaign using the reverse proxy service. This will allow them to evaluate the results on the selected range of rates. If your campaign is configured correctly, but there are very few impressions, it is worth trying to consistently increase the bid price. This way business owners will find the perfect ratio of price and target audience coverage.

Professional Tips for People Who Prefer Mobile Proxy Server

The owners of almost every website are worried about their project developing. Failure to detect ad fraud will result in financial losses. It’s also potential damage to brand reputation. Therefore, proxy servers are most often used by people. Such systems help them not only change IP addresses, but also filter Internet traffic for any website. With such a tool, in addition to simple mobile proxy settings, people have the following:

  • Acceleration of the processes of activation and deactivation of the IP address change function
  • User-friendly interface
  • Saving Internet traffic for any website or server

It would be fair to say that advanced mobile devices are just as powerful as PCs. Therefore, people are increasingly using smartphones and tablets when they want to visit a specific website. This is especially true for sales and marketing. With mobile proxies, every user can instantly re-login on a website, thereby bypassing any blocking. Hundreds of thousands of people prefer such a server, and they are definitely not disappointed.

Keep Your Site Stable With a Proxy Server!

Business owners and marketers need a way to use the Internet comprehensively. We are talking about multi-clickout and the ability to pay for the services of mystery shoppers from different countries. But how to prevent blocking by IP? Of course, thanks to the use of a free proxy server. This tool is prefered not only by marketers, but also by programmers who could hardly do without qualified engineers. Such a system is based on a IP proxy network that helps people to track a digital ad campaign from site visit to purchase. This applies to clicking on links, teaser and banner ads. Of course, this is one of the best free web tools.

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