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  • Sep 19, 2019, 10:06 AM
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It is rather difficult to imagine a modern society without using the Internet. And one of the most important advantages of the World Wide Web is anonymity. Unfortunately, this feature of the network is gradually leveled out by modern tracking technologies used by both government agencies, including law enforcement agencies, and cybercriminals. You can protect your computer using mobile proxy or VPN technology.

Three key technology differences

Each of these areas has its positive and negative sides and is intended for use in specific conditions.

What are the main differences between the proposed solutions?

1. VPN reliably encrypts the transmitted information flow. Certainly, attackers or competent authorities can intercept it. But deciphering information is almost impossible. The proxy, in turn, does not encrypt the data. In fact, it works the same as everyone else on the Internet.

2. The streams transmitted from the VPN can be monitored by the provider if necessary, and this already eliminates anonymity. Proxies have an undeniable advantage in this regard.

3. Only one device is connected to one VPN, a proxy allows you to connect several if such a need arises.

Thus, free proxies, and even more so paid ones, guarantee anonymity, but do not protect the transmitted data, VPN - on the contrary, you can determine the real IP address, but to find out what was sent is unrealistic.

The choice of technology, in any case, remains with the user.

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