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  • Sep 13, 2020, 3:58 PM
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Social Media is one of the most successful areas where automation is needed. This is especially important for social networks where the activity of managers is especially high. In addition to proxies and other technical issues, you need a tool for quick automation and the ability to use additional tools.

In particular, you can use special apps to help you simplify the creation of accounts on Instagram and other social networks. The fact is that many people use proxies and other tools in order to register a new account and set up hashtags and create specific content for the audience. All this takes a lot of time and even various automation options do not always help. The main advantage for social media is Jarvee.

This is modern innovative software that will help you implement many of the nuances in your Instagram account and also use a proxy to speed up the processes. Let's take a look at all the features and capabilities of Jarvee and how it can be used in conjunction with a proxy.

Jarvee: features and capabilities

Jarvee is an app that is able to work in-app with a proxy and automate your work on creating and maintaining accounts on Instagram and other social networks. The main advantage is automation and the ability to speed up many processes.

Jarvee provides many options for subscriptions, automating account activity and creating new profiles. In particular Jarvee helps to monitor your subscribers and various accounts. You can set up Instagram accounts to comment on various publications on your account or other people's profiles. Also Jarvee can be used together with a proxy to like comments and photos. Another handy Jarvee feature is to view the history of other accounts or even chat directly with subscribers.

Jarvee in principle is a good automation solution and will help you use a ton of functions without much physical effort. This means you don't have to spend many hours doing everything Jarvee can automate in a few minutes. Of course you will have to configure Jarvee before you can fully automate all aspects. We will tell you about this.

This is a utility created for those who hate manual settings and want to forget about possible locks due to excessive activity. Many account managers create mass profiles and do not want their activity to be filtered by the system. For this, a special set of tools has been invented that helps to maximize all actions and forget about the time when you need to do everything manually.

Why do you need proxies for multiple accounts?

Jarvee is a good automation solution, but it can be almost useless if you need to serve 10, 20, or even 100 Instagram accounts. The problem is that this social network monitors user activity and you will not be able to conduct multiple activities using one ip-address. Proxies help solve this problem and take your social media work to the next level.

The fact is that a proxy allows you to mask your geolocation and replace the real IP address with someone else's. For you this will mean the fact that the proxy will hide your IP and you will appear as a completely different person. This is especially important if you switch between different accounts on the same device. The creation of multiple accounts is also very important to combine with the use of a proxy.

The fact are the unblock proxies allows you to be more anonymous on the network and protect you from blocking and other restrictions. This is especially true on Instagram If you are a content manager submitting hashtags and use Jarvee for your day to day work.

Proxy accelerates all processors let you use Jarvee comfortably without restrictions. Also proxy is a fairly affordable solution that will not cost you much. We recommend that you combine Proxy with Jarvee to increase account automation and switch between different profiles in one click.

Choosing such solutions, you save not only time but also money, since the creation of additional profiles will cost you much more. The only thing you need to know is how to choose the right software solution in order to improve the efficiency of your daily work. Don’t worry about this question. We have prepared a good version for you that will help you solve all your technical problems.

The best proxy type for automating Jarvee accounts

Jarvee can provide you with excellent automation even for 1000 accounts. You can configure various nuances and parameters that will be carried out without your direct participation. We already know that you cannot do without a proxy and it is not discussed. Nevertheless, which proxy should you choose to get the most benefit?

At the moment we recommend combining Jarvee together with residential proxy. The fact is that residential proxy allows you to disguise it as real users. In fact, residential proxies are nothing more than the IP of another person that is used anywhere in the USA, Europe or even Asia. Residential proxy is the most beneficial since social networks and various websites very rarely block this type of connection. You are like a master and under the real ip-address of a person using such proxies.

This is why Jarvee can be easily combined with residential proxies to get the most benefit. This is a fairly affordable solution and you will not spend your entire budget on such a proxy. By using Jarvee together with a residential proxy you get an easy and simple option to not get a wave of locks or restrictions. Similar proxies will make Jarvee the most functional and reliable program for you.

This social network will work as correctly as possible and you can switch between different profiles without any problems, locks or restrictions. It’s also very handy for automatically switching hashtags and commenting on certain posts. You can also minimize manual parameters so as not to waste time on routine actions. Thanks to you masking your IP, you stay in a comfortable environment and do not have to worry about something going wrong. This is very convenient for content managers who do not want to spend extra time on routine actions. You will be able to maximize your efficiency and also get a powerful stuff to forget about blocking.

Such options are most acceptable for any project manager who works with social media. Simplification of tasks and the ability to use software to minimize wasted time is a great option. In addition, you are not limited in technical terms, which is another plus. Convenient functionality and a minimal amount of detection mean that you can easily work with a huge number of profiles and implement all your business ideas on social networks.

How to set up residential proxies in Jarvee

Now let's look at how to set up a resident proxy in Jarvee. First of all, you need to log into your OnlineProxy account and go to the "Mobile proxies" tab. Here you will find all the necessary proxy settings for your Jarvee to work properly.

You should decide on the amount of traffic for your proxy. There is an unlimited type or fee for the used gigabytes. Channel type is the second item for configuring your proxy. You have several types to choose from, namely:

  • General
  • General without waiting
  • Private
  • Private without waiting
  • Multiport

You can also choose how many gigabytes of traffic you want to use. Then you can pay for the MB you need. All options can be selected in your personal account.

Operator and proxy type

This item will help you choose an operator to work with Jarvee. Also you can choose HTTPS or SOCKS proxy type.

Open Jarvee

Download and open Jarvee to add proxy. You need to click on the Proxy Manager tab.

You have two proxy options for Jarvee to work with this technology.

To setup a Jarvee proxy you need to specify the data for Proxy IP: Port, Proxy Username and Proxy Pass. You also need to add your real IP address to the authorization list.

Now you should click on the Verify Ling button to make sure the proxy is working.

Now you can setup & use many proxy options to control your app and automate many Instagram tasks. As a rule, these proxies work as reliable as possible. You can easily cope with automation and content management.

Is it useful to combine Jarvee and Proxy?

This is very handy if you are using a proxy for this kind of automation. The fact is that this app works fine with your home IP if you serve two or three Instagram accounts. If you have at least 10 or more profiles on this social network, then you will have to use a proxy. The fact is that this bot copes well with switching between automation proxies and you can serve at least 200 Instagram accounts every day.

Thanks to the use of a proxy, you can automate many actions, monitor subscribers and switch between different proxy addresses in time. Technically, you get a powerful tool that will simplify any action and allow you to avoid blockages. Proxies simplify the process of revealing your real ip-address so you remain incognito.

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