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  • Nov 4, 2020, 8:27 AM
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Social media is popular not only for communicating with friends, but also for doing business. If a company does not interact with the audience through media, it is losing a large segment of its potential clients. Learn about social media management tools to help your business succeed on the Web.

The World Wide Web allows hiring remote social media managers. This means that a remote social media worker can stay at any place of the world (where there is access to the network, of course) and manage a company’s network accounts with the help of a proxy.

When the remote workers follow the workflow, access or log in, it is necessary that their IP address be the same. Many businesses experience difficulties with this because they do not use proxy features. Thus, accessing their Twitter, Tinder, WhatsApp and other accounts takes too much time. Besides, pages can be blocked by the network.

How and Why the Accounts Get Banned During Social Media Managing​

What is the worst thing that can be found in your inbox while managing social media? Obviously, it is a message from the administration that your page is blocked.

Social media’s administration sends you a message explaining reasons for blocking your page. You should know that there are temporary and life-time bans.

If social media sees any suspicious activity from a page, then the account receives a warning about blocking. The administration fights with spammers and automatic external services in such a way. This kind of blocking is temporary because any user can fall under suspicion. A temporary ban on a social network can be active from 24 hours to seven days (if the user does not repeat the mistake). Without using a proxy accommodation a user can be temporarily banned for:

  • Frequent IP change
  • Frequent action in a short time period (for example, same-type comments, too many likes and publications per day, too many subscriptions);
  • Malicious software or virus;
  • Mild abuse of regulations.

A lifetime ban means that a user will not be able to use their page on the social network anymore. It is applied due to serious violations of the network’s norms:

  • Discrimination;
  • Fraud;
  • Law violation (including violation of author’s rights and false data);
  • Numerous complaints from other users;
  • Politically active users trying to influence elections;
  • Large quantity of users abusing the network’s regulations.

Obviously, loss of your business account will lead to the loss of your advertising data, images, subscribers, statistics and clients. Your remote social media manager should use a proxy benefit to secure your business from this.

A proxy tool works by hiding the real IP address of a user. In this way, a proxy server’s IP will be shown while using social media. If you have, for example, several remote social media managers, the best thing about all this is that one proxy can be reached by many users located in different places.

How Does Proxy Work For Social Media?

Managing your social network pages by different people and from different places becomes as easy as plain sailing with the help of a proxy service. Social networks will see only one IP address accessing and your pages will not be blocked. Since there are restrictions on each network, it is crucial to get acquainted with them and memorize all of them before using.

Proxy offers lots of advantages for networks. Using a residential proxy, your workers will get access to:

  • Managing multiple social media accounts;
  • Managing multiple pages from different locations;
  • Constant posting;
  • Tagging, sharing and commenting on groups;
  • Market research;
  • Conducting marketing activities;
  • Protection and safety;
  • Restricted (in certain areas) networks.

Web proxy features will make managing of your business comfortable, successful and safe. You will avoid unnecessary risk of social media blocks.

Top Account-Blocking Social Networks

A good thing is that social networks do not interfere with each other. For example, if your Tinder account has been banned (heaven forbid!), this does not mean that your Twitter page will be banned too (if you don’t violate its terms of course).

Blocked and banned accounts are a norm for all social networks as they want to secure their users from false information and frauds. Blocking on Instagram and Facebook is one of the vastest issues the companies face. Who does not have their pages nowadays? Many businesses have faced bans on these extremely popular networks and not all of them know how not to get banned.

And that is where an Instagram proxy and Facebook unblock proxy service come to help. Obtaining a secure mobile proxy is a must-have for all business-owners. In order to avoid loss of your working account, it is crucial to abide by the regulations established by each network. It is also necessary to establish your own rules based on these regulations to your remote workers. You should explain what risk your business can be posed to because of social media account block.

Another issue is that there are countries where certain kinds of networks are not available! That is why proxy accommodations are essential for online business operations.

Best Proxy for Social Media Managing Without Ban​

There are various types of proxy features. To determine which kind works best for social media, you need to think how the registration happens. The 2 easiest ways are:

  • To register with the help of your other social media account;
  • To receive a message with verification on your phone.

In both cases a mobile proxy works best for this. In case you don’t want to share your other account or your mobile phone number, you can use an SMS accommodation. Now, when you are registered on all the networks, it is high time to think how you can secure your pages from being unavailable.

Our residential proxy feature used on mobile phones (on the contrary to data centres, for example) provides IP rotation, high anonymity level and, what is the main thing for your social media, low ban probability. Social networks will see your accounts as accounts of a real company and all your remote workers will be able to work from them no matter where they are located.

Why is it so important not to be banned by a social media managing it? Managing a network page is hard work. The material and image or video illustrations are being thoroughly gathered, sorted and posted for years. Each subscriber is valuable. Loosing your client base and platform for advertisement will definitely do no good to your business.

Our residential proxy feature will help your company to conduct Web scrapping and parsing. Your brand will be protected. It will secure your business from sneaker bots. Your employees will have an opportunity to work with all advertisement networks. SEO specialists will have access to all social media networks from any location. You will be able to research the market with better efficiency.

Your pages will not be blocked with our accommodation. Surprise! You will be free from entering captcha each time because networks and websites will always consider you a real person. Besides, it will be possible to change your IP address independently.

You can choose a tariff (unlimited traffic or paid gigabytes) that meets your needs best and also have a round-the-clock access to our customer support team in case of any questions. And the best thing is that you can try our feature for free to make a positive and thought-out decision.

Internet proxy service will help your social accounts to succeed and live long.

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