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  • May 4, 2023, 4:20 PM
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A proxy is an Internet connection that allows you to bypass blocking and access prohibited sites. With it, you can hide the actual address of the computer and send several requests to the server. Even if you are using the best proxy, errors are possible.

If you see an error code when connecting with a proxy, do not panic. Most server errors can be solved on your own. Let's look at the most widespread problems when connecting a proxy and figure out what to do with them.

Causes of Proxy Error?

First, it is worth understanding what proxy server errors are. Issues when using a proxy appear if the request you send is not answered. The server determines the error code, thanks to which you can understand the problem with the proxy connection and how it can be fixed.

 It should be understood that there are five types of proxy problem response errors. Codes that start with 1 and 2 do not require any action from the user. It says that the server is processing a request on a proxy connection. Since it takes a little longer, you only need to wait until the system gives a response that the connection is established.

Proxy server issues appear due to:

  • unstable network connection;
  • error bad proxy response;
  • local bans on visiting the site;
  • high resource utilization;
  • incorrect address.

Proxy issues and problems can occur either because of the user or because the server cannot process the request. It is essential to understand the basic codes to correct the error.

Client Error Responses

If you see proxy error code 400 on the screen, the problem is due to the user. Perhaps the reason is an unstable Internet connection or browser, not with the server. To understand how to fix this problem correctly, you should pay attention to the digital designation.

400 — Bad Request

A code 400 proxy error means that the server cannot process your request, which is returned. Likely, the proxy cannot analyze the route to the site, and the resource has been returned to another address.

 To fix this code problem, carefully study the response route. It is possible that the server is not responding due to errors in the request or incorrect or outdated information.

Also, to get a response to a proxy problem, it is worth checking the spelling of the server and removing capital letters. It is also worth clearing the browser cookies. It will help you get rid of the error and access the server.

403 — Forbidden

If the remote server returned an error 403 forbidden c proxy, you are trying to access only information available to service administrators. This code problem connection with proxy error often appears when performing unauthorized actions. In this case, the site simply cannot process the request.

Solving this code error is real. Try accessing the server using a different proxy. Likely, there have already been attempts to access and block the server from your address. Also, the code error may be in the location. Therefore, it is worth trying other types of proxy connections. To avoid such errors, you should use a proxy with many gateways to connect. This way, you can fix this problem

407 — Authentication Failure

Code 407 error proxy https disabled connection for your request if the system cannot identify you. It is due to incorrect user information. For the system to process your request, check the correctness of the login and password. This code error can also occur if you have already submitted a request and the system has blocked you.

To fix this problem, you must authorize the connection and wait for a response. You should try another proxy if the screen still shows a 407 error code.

429 — Too Many Requests

When scraping information, you send a huge number of requests to the server. Most returned because the site just can't take that much traffic. The same code error can appear when you simply send many requests to the server. As a result, the system may consider you a bot and will return all your requests. This status indicates that the server is unable to handle the load.

To fix this code error, you should use another proxy connection. It is also worth changing the time interval between requests to the server. This way, you can bypass a forbidden connection and access the necessary information.

Server Error Responses

Errors with a code that starts with 5 are server errors when connecting a proxy. They also occur quite often. Most problems you can fix. The main thing is to pay attention to the code to understand why the server does not respond to the proxy connection.

500 — Internal Server Error

A status 500 connection proxy error occurs if the server cannot process the user's request. She says the traffic is back, and you can't access the information. This code appears no matter what type of connection you are using. Code 500 can be accessed through a proxy and with a standard connection.

The only way to fix this status error is to wait. It is also worth checking proxies on other addresses. If the servers process the request usually, and the server you need shows the code 500, then just wait. After a while, the system will definitely let you through.

502 — Bad Gateway

The 502 code says that your request was returned due to an incorrectly chosen proxy. You are likely using a reverse connection. Because of this, the status server to which you want to connect through a proxy is unavailable.

To fix this code error, you should try to access the server without a proxy. If the system processes typically your request, test another proxy connection. Carefully choose the gateway so as not to use the forbidden connection type.

You must clear the cookies and browser files if the error is not in the proxy. If cleaning and changing the DNS proxy did not help, the server is likely unavailable or under attack. Try setting up a proxy connection a little later.

503 — Service Unavailable

Sometimes the server may send the received request back due to repair or maintenance work. It is indicated by the code 503. The page is likely quarantined, or the developers are changing the server's functionality. In this case, you will not be able to log in through a proxy connection, or through a VPN, or simply a browser.

A temporary error code can occur if users send many requests to the server. A similar error can occur during peak hours or during scraping when you send a lot of traffic to one server.

You cannot fix the error with the 503 code. The only option, try connecting through the proxy later.

Code 503 proxy error the proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server can occur if you are using a connection with bad status. If you buy a proxy in unverified places, it could already send requests to the server. If you still see an error after a while, try changing the proxy address from which you send requests.

504 — Gateway Timeout

If your proxy connection did not receive a response to the request, then you will see a code 504 error. It may be because the system is processing traffic for a long time, and your proxy status cannot wait that long.

You can fix this error code by changing the proxy. It is worth choosing the option with a long response time to get a response to the sent request. You should also check your network connection speed. The error 504 code may appear if you are using public and unsecured networks. Usually, they are slow to process requests for a proxy connection.

How to choose the right proxy to avoid Proxy Errors?

Fixing proxy errors is easier than it seems at first glance. But the appearance of the code on the screen makes you nervous and wait until the server processes the requests. Therefore, it is worth selecting trusted providers to avoid worrying about the connection.

A proxy connection without code errors allows you to safely connect to all the necessary servers, quickly load pages, and at the same time remain anonymous on the Internet. Proxies are used to:

  • get access to blocked resources;
  • bypass the limit on the number of sent requests;
  • collect information for the semantic core;
  • work with multiple accounts for promotion;
  • maintain anonymity and confidentiality.

Therefore, choosing a proxy connection with good status is extremely important so as not to see the error code at the most inopportune moment. It is best to use a private connection type. This way, you will be sure that no one uses the address except you. Plus, it greatly reduces the likelihood of any error codes appearing.

That is why it is better not to use free proxies. Yes, this tempting option gives you access to the servers you need. But it is worth understanding that many people have already used such a proxy connection for different servers. The system has already blacklisted the proxy address for sure, and you are unlikely to be able to bypass the blocking.

If you are looking for an excellent proxy to access a particular service, perform scraping, or stay anonymous online, check out OnlineProxy. You will get a private connection that will give you access to all the necessary servers. Unlimited plans allow you to use as much traffic as you need. Thus, you do not need to count the requests the proxy sends. You can safely work with the necessary server and resources.

Depending on your needs and goals, you can choose any proxy connection. OnlineProxy offers solutions with a different number of connection gateways. You do not have to enter a captcha and come check that you get to the right server.

OnlineProxy quickly connects to the network, which allows you to create a secure and anonymous connection. Servers have more trust in such requests, and you will be able to send requests efficiently. Using verified proxies, you do not have to think about how to fix proxy errors, look for alternative options, and wait for a response from the server. If you have problems with the proxy server, contact OnlineProxy support. The specialist will tell you how to fix a specific error code and recommend how to avoid future errors.

You can use the free trial version to evaluate the received proxy's features. Testing the connection and seeing how quickly requests are returned is a great option. Thus, you can choose the best choice for your purposes.

Investing in a secure proxy server is what will help you be sure that your connection is secure. It is an excellent option for both business and private use.

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