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  • Mar 19, 2021, 7:18 PM
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Today’s world seems to be free and unconstrained. The era of the Internet looks free from any restriction. One should be freely accessing any information that is needed. However, this is only at the first sight. Unfortunately the Internet era has lots of hidden resources from our eyes and you will never know if proxies do not show.

Everybody knows that Hollywood cinematography has harsh restrictions for regional film showing. Each new film will be shown at a certain date. This date depends on the region of launching. For example, Netflix and other large video platforms have launches for separate regional versions for different countries.

Proxies are used to change one’s IP. They act like a medium between an Internet user and his destination site. When a user sends a request to the desired resource, this accommodation meets the request half-way and masks the user’s real IP address. The address that the destination resource receives is a completely new address.

In such a way no one can see the user’s real data and the user stays incognito while surfing the Web. This is a quite useful ability to have an ‘invisibility cloak’ while being online. Both ordinary people, small and large businesses are in need of this ‘invisibility cloak’ and there are many reasons why.

The most popular reasons include:

  • boosting the users safety up;
  • protection of data from hackers and frauds;
  • monitoring rivaling businesses activities and prices;
  • web-parsing and web-scraping;
  • complete anonymity;
  • a possibility to register multiple accounts and marketing e-mails;
  • advertisement verification access;
  • easy way to promote social media accounts and make PR publications;
  • bypassing various regional blocks and accessing the blocked resources.

The value of proxy-servers nowadays cannot be lessened; especially they are valuable for reaching the geo-restricted content.

This is not a secret that many resources are completely blocked in certain countries. For example:

  • VK is blocked in Ukraine.
  • Telegram and LinkedIn are blocked in Russia.
  • Twitter is not available in Egypt.
  • Facebook cannot be accessed in Iran.
  • YouTube, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Facebook and many other services are blocked in China.

Obviously, none of the countries can compete in blocks with South Korea where people cannot use the Internet at all. They only have an inner network for data exchange.

Issues Ordinary People Face with

Ordinary people do not want to feel themselves ‘cut off’ from the other world. They want to watch videos and comfortably communicate with friends. They also want to have access to new premieres of their favourite films on Netflix and other platforms as soon as possible. Nobody enjoys waiting. Besides, the choices in Netflix catalogues can vary from region to region which is also quite frustrating.

Having the ability to unblock the geo-restricted content gives you more knowledge of what is happening around the globe. Along with that you will not be detected by anyone as your IP address will be masked.

Issues Businesses Face With

Businesses also do not want to lose their audience that uses platforms with geo-restrictions. It is obvious that businesses need to have the ability of reaching their audience at any time and at any place.

Reputable providers have servers with targeting not up to the country only, but even up to the city. Thus, leading a business in a certain area is easy and comfortable if you are using proxies. You will be able to make promotions, upload video material and reach your audience in any way that is necessary for you.

If you are travelling a lot you will have to deal with proxies a lot because the same platforms or content that is restricted for the country’s residents will be restricted for you. However, if you are using proxies, you do not have to worry where in the world you are. You simply need to make sure the platforms see you in the place they want to see you.

Netflix Regional Policy

Netflix is one of the most favourite services not in the US only, but around the globe. It is available in over 190 countries of our world. It is a subscription-based service with the help of which one can watch TV shows and films without advertisements on a device that is connected to the World Wide Web. One can also download Netflix shows and films to a device in order to watch them without the Internet connection.

However, Netflix content varies from country to country. For example, if you are travelling, you will see that the content you usually watch at home may be not available in your current country.

Since movie makers invest so much money annually they do their best in order to protect copyrights and turn back the money they have invested with some profit, of course. Different markets have different demands or restrictions for specific content. For example, Netflix content that is hit in Great Britain may be unpopular in the United States. Netflixshows that are popular in the United States may not receive good reviews in Brasilia.

Here is a small example: if staying in the US you are able to watch around 4,000 Netflix films, then staying for a vacation in Italy, only 2,500 Netflix films will be available to you. The same is applied to different services.

The best way to avoid such problems is using a Netflix USA proxy or a UK proxy server. Since these accommodations mask your real IP address and assign you to a completely new IP, Netflix will see that you are from the United States, for example, and show you all the content that is restricted in other parts of the world.

It is legal to use a proxy for Netflix, so no worries about that. Besides Netflix, it is legal to use them for any platform. Even in case Netflix detects proxy servers, it will not shut down the accounts. Connecting from the other countries the users still spend money on Netflix subscription and this would simply have been unprofitable to Netflix.

Netflix Issues in Different Regions

Netflix overtakes a big number of countries globally. Since each country has its own policies, Netflix has to develop different tactics to certain specific regions.

Certain services are blocked in certain regions. However, there is even more to know about. Even certain specific content (for example, videos) can be blocked in certain regions. Proxy-servers are your guide in such regions. They will meet you half-way to your destination resource, rotate your IP address and unblock the desired resource.

If you make sure you choose a reputable provider with reliable servers, all the hidden data will be unblocked for you. You will not have to worry about your safety online as you will stay incognito. Nobody will be able to track your actions online.

On one hand, not counting the United States residents, Puerto-Rico and Equatorial Guinea residents have the largest Netflix access. They have up to 93% of the whole American Netflix content. These countries got luckier with Netflix restrictions, but the other ones have not. For example:

  • Albania gets only 2,85% of Netflix TV shows and 4,35% of Netflix films.
  • Morocco can watch 3,37% of Netflix shows and 2,57% of Netflix movies.
  • Russia received 9,77% of Netflix shows and 11,09% of Netflix films.
  • Israel has access to 12,36% of unblocked Netflix shows and 9,54% of unblocked Netflix films.

On the other hand, if an American resident leaves his country in business affairs or to travel, he will face the same Netflix restrictions as the residents of his destination country face every day.

Bypassing Regional Netflix Restrictions with Proxy

If you want to have access to everything on the Internet, using proxy servers is the best solution for you. As specified earlier, proxies are your safety guides to the geo-restricted resources including Netflix. Here is a schematic plan of how proxies work to unblock Netflix:

The User -> the User’s IP address -> Proxy Server -> the proxy server’s IP address -> Netflix.

Netflix will not be able to see your real geo-location from your real address because the proxy server will send it a completely new IP.

How This Works

The process of using proxy-servers is actually very easy.

  1. First of all, you need to be subscribed to Netflix.
  2. Then, it is necessary to choose a reputable provider with reliable proxy servers that avoids Netflix proxy block.
  3. Thirdly, you need to register on the company’s site and buy proxies that are suitable for your needs.
  4. Enter Netflix URL and see that it is unblocked for you!

However, while choosing a reliable server provider, there are certain moments you need to pay attention at.

How to Choose

Choosing a reputable Netflix proxy service you should always take interest in its protection level. Your data must be safe from leakages, hackers and frauds. Nobody should be able to detect your real IP address while you are surfing Netflix online.

The time of connection is also crucial. You definitely do not want to fall asleep while your Netflix film is uploading. Neither you want to get frustrated every time when your Netflix film is interrupted because the speed fell down. Your Netflix accommodation service should have high speed. There should be no disconnections.

The previous issues happen very often with free accommodations. Managing and operating all those proxy servers does require time, efforts and money. That is why free services that do not receive enough investments simply cannot guarantee:

  • a high safety level;
  • fast connection speed;
  • absence of disconnection;
  • a large choice of servers in various countries around the globe.

To continue with, it is crucial to pay attention to the countries that your proxy-server provider offers. The more countries and servers the accommodation has around the globe, the better. There should be all the necessary software and hardware in every country the accommodation offers.

The Netflix proxy accommodation should also specify their ban probability. Obviously you are looking for something that offers nearly 100% without ban.

The other important nuance is free trials or promos of the provider. Since it was specified earlier that free accommodations are not quite suitable for Netflix and other restricted platforms, it is necessary to check if your online service offers such things. It is always better to try something before paying for it.

Lots of services have a money-back guarantee. It can be a 3-day or a week-money back guarantee. This also can be an option. Besides, there are promo-tariffs, where you pay some small sum for a certain volume and period of usage. All these trial options suit perfectly-well for making a conclusion about a service judging from your own experience.

Tariffs are also important. The price should balance between the volume and time in a smart correspondence. The more tariff options the service offers, the more possibilities it gives for your Netflix activities online.

Having chosen a reputable proxy provider that has reliable servers will make your Netflix experience easy and pleasant. You will be able to unblock Netflix in a matter of seconds and Netflix will not be able to detect your current location.

Best Accommodations To Bypass Regional Netflix Restrictions

You will not be food for fishes in the ocean of Netflix proxy services if you got acquainted with this article. Now you know how to bypass Netflix region restrictions and how to choose a reputable online service with reliable servers in order not to be detected by Netflix.

It is high time to overlook some of the most popular Netflix unblocking services in order to make up a decision. You can use these unblock proxy online services for comfortable Netflix usage in various countries.


This accommodation’s servers host more than 70 million IP addresses around the globe. It is suitable for many resources and Netflix is among them.

Luminati states it has 99,9% of uptime and fast connection speed. The pricing mechanism at this company is quite complicated, it will be necessary to state your specific needs for yourself before choosing the most suitable package.


Oxylabs can boast global coverage, what is already suitable for Netflix. Its pool counts over 70 million IPs.

The cost starts from $300 per month for 20 Gb. The beginners might face certain issues with settings. This accommodation has back-connect gateway servers. This means that the users will have to manually modify the IP address and specify the targeting details.


Smartproxy is another online accommodation suitable for Netflix unblocking. It can boast only 40 million IP addresses, but covers 195 countries globally.

You can buy SmartProxy’s service starting at $63.5 for the first month. This accommodation is compatible with Chrome and Firefox. You can be restricted in geo-targeting for other resources, but this should not be the problem with Netflix.


This accommodation has its servers in more than 100 countries and more than 500 cities around the globe. Its pool counts more than 60 million IP addresses. It works with all popular platforms including Netflix and states up to 99,5% of cases without ban.

OnlineProxy has a high protection level and a low detection level. This unblock proxy online service offers a promo tariff where you can get 100Mb for 15 days for $2,5. Then you can choose paying for gigabytes or paying for unlimited traffic. The prices start at $21.65 for 1 Gb for 15 days.

Having all this knowledge as a fundament for your proxy experience with Netflix, your choice will be fast and easy.

To sum up, almost every country has certain regional restrictions for using the Internet. Certain countries have too many resources blocked. Even though special equipment tries to detect the IPs and block curious users, it is still possible to unblock the resources that you need.

Proxies should become your best friends in unblocking anything that is regionally restricted. Netflix has many regional restrictions and its users from different countries do not see the same content. Netflix content varies from country to country. This is not convenient, but there is a way to bypass such restrictions.

Online proxy services play a great role in opening the Internet horizons. Having chosen an online provider with safe and reliable servers you will forget that any Netflix restrictions exist. It will be possible to unblock and watch any Netflix TV shows and Netflix films without any geo-restrictions.

This connection between proxies and geo-restrictions is obvious. Check out the most popular companies for Netflix unblocking represented in this article to make your choice easier. Sometimes large companies have too many complicated things to offer while smaller companies have everything precise and clear, do not forget about this. Besides, smaller companies often have more acceptable prices than the larger companies do.

Hopefully, your life became easier when you have found out that it is possible to bypass Netflix geo-restrictions with the help of proxy accommodations. Take the advantage of free trials to check the quality of the providers. Reputable companies will not allow Netflix to find out that you are situated in a country that should not have access to their certain content.

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