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  • Dec 11, 2020, 1:24 PM
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Frequently, online marketers, affiliates, SMM managers, or advertisers work with multiple accounts on social media at the risk of being banned by the system since media platforms could label such activity as suspicious, bot-like, or like. But there's a way out. You can go and buy a new SIM card, top it up, and get the other IP address. For every account, you'll have to get a new SIM and spend money on the internet, and every time switching to a new profile, you should use a new SIM, fiddling with your phone and inserting a SIMcard.

Mobile proxies for online marketing

It's ok when you need another personal account on Facebook or Twitter. Still, it's a big deal for online marketers, particularly for affiliate marketers, who carefully farm accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. To run their ads without bans, they usually create several dozen accounts on social media to get them verified as trustworthy by the ad platform in question.

However, with a little help from the OnlineProxy service, you can safely outsource this tedious manual work. Relying on residential proxies, you no longer need to buy new SIM cards and then switch tens or even hundreds of them. So, you'd better purchase residential IPs.

Why do you need mobile proxies for multiple social media account management?

In a browser, you have to create multiple profiles for each social media account and assign different proxies. This thing works perfectly in the majority of cases. You create profiles. After that, you'll need to manage them with the social media managment tools or direct Google spreadsheet, a tried and tested method for keeping tabs on profiles assigned with appropriate proxies.

You can do this either on your device or on your desktop. It's useful because there's still no proper desktop app created for Instagram that would allow you to manage accounts, upload images, and add captions correctly.

For example, OnlineProxy proxy Instagram or proxies for Facebook allows you to access profile 1 in one tab of the browser, and then log into profile 2 of the same social platform in another tab without a hitch.

You will be blocked if you try to register social media accounts in bulk using the same IP address. Facebook and other platforms will leave some account for you but remove them shortly.

Mobile proxies is a foolproof method of getting anonymity, and it makes no difference as to whether you access a website several times.

It is allow you to:

  • Log in to multiple account on different social media websites;
  • Bypass spam restrictions for your advertising and marketing needs;
  • Get anonymity on the internet plagued by perpetrators;
  • Avoid Google's verifications, such as Captchas.

But developers of premium proxy services are meant to hide users' real IPs with mobile proxies in the first place, making it possible to circumvent policies of the likes of Google, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, or Snapchat, which backlist the same IPs logins like crazy.

Datacenter proxies are not up to par with residential proxies

Datacenter proxies are not linked to Internet Service Providers. Some third-party companies generate them for you to browse the web anonymously. But there's one catch, these kinds of proxies are stored on cloud storage of services, and several people might use them simultaneously. That's why complete safety and data protection is not an option with datacenter proxies.

Such IPs are generated by the same companies, meaning they'll be detected one day because of their similar IDs. And yes, when an algorithm of Google or Facebook identifies one such IP address of yours, you'll be seeing a domino effect with all of your other accounts getting blacklisted one by one. So, you'll be on the receiving end of your marketing game.

Residential proxies fit the bill:

  • Illegal. Using datacenter proxies is not legal. This helps you shield your IP address, but it's not a big riddle for websites to tell if a data center proxies provide your IP.
  • Legal. On the other hand, residential proxies are entirely legal; real network providers provide them. Datacenter proxies are mass generated by cloud servers, which means Facebook or different network algorithms can identify them in no time, consequently blocking your account.
  • Difficult to detect. As compared to data center proxies, residential proxies are less liable to detection and blacklisting, though they are more expensive, as a rule. Companies that provide them think that anonymity costs money and people should pay for opportunities to avoid blocking.

The mobile proxy tool of OnlineProxy

Mobile proxies are the best solution for multiple account management, as it currently stands. For online marketers, affiliate marketers, advertisers, or just regular users that seek anonymity and value their privacy, mobile proxies deliver.

If you intend to hide your real IP or your mobile phone number from others, use an SMS accommodation feature of the OnlineProxy service. For it would be reasonable for you to protect your social media account from blocking and mask your real IP before it's too late.

When used for phones, the residential proxies tool of OnlineProxy gets you an IP rotation feature, a high level of anonymity, and, most importantly, for your social media account management, fewer chances of being detected. Social media platforms will identify your account as real, for instance, as an account of some company, allowing all your remote staff to use them regardless of their actual location safely.

The bottom line

Each subscriber is valuable in the marketing world. No brainer, losing your audiences, which you might have gathered for years, and access to the ad platform will be harmful to your business.

The best-paid proxies will provide your brand with protection. A peeping web crawler won't penalize your business. And the ad networks will still be available for your employees. An SMM or SEO specialist will be able to access all the social platforms from anywhere, and your market research will be done with increased efficiency.

Your social media accounts won't get penalized, as well as you'll forget about entering annoying captchas each time you log in because you are a real person for all the web services. Moreover, you can rotate your IP address.

Choose a service plan, unlimited traffic, or paid gigabytes that fits your needs; by doing so, you'll also have a 24/7 support team ready to answer your questions if any arise. There is a trial version of our service, which you can try for free. So the upshot is, OnlineProxy makes your accounts live longer.

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