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Web scraping is extracting particular public data from multiple websites and combining it into one format so that it may be assessed. You will choose the specifications of your website data collecting tool for the kind of data, such as product pricing, that you wish to extract. When you launch the best tools for web scraping, it will then automatically search the web for the needed public data, extract it, and perform an analysis to make it understandable. Today, we will compare the best web scraping tools for websites.

What is Scraping, and Why Do You Need It

Scraping with the help of the best web scraping software is an automated procedure for extracting much data from the Internet. Essentially, this is a scaled-up version of a typical Internet search for specific information. The main tasks of tools include:

  • Study the market, its main players' offers, and competitors' prices.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of posts in social networks and blogs.
  • Modernization of web resources.

From a single IP address, scrapers send thousands of queries to websites. As a result, anti-fraud systems block the IP. It is feasible to hide the extent of this activity using a resident proxy.  Individual dynamic proxy with rotation are necessary for this. These rotation servers pass web service inspections and change their IP addresses automatically. To avoid these tests, use a resident proxy with these tools.

You can scrape websites using the best web scraping services or a self-written script (the programs often describe the list of data they may extract and how much of it). Making the correct settings in the best free web scrapers to locate pertinent information is crucial.

Tip 10 Scraping Tools

Now that the best web scraper free is available, you may automate many of your processes. The best web data scraping tools are available, and they all have advantages and disadvantages.

Bright Data

Bright Data tool’s users may effortlessly and swiftly extract data from any page using the tool. Various functionalities are available in the Bright Data Scraping Browser to support scale web scraping. Principal benefits:

  • Management of the website can automate unblocking processes.
  • Compatible with Playwright (Node.js) and Puppeteer (Python).
  • The tool is extremely scalable.
  • Managing website filtering is one of the main obstacles to large-scale data collection. For all website unblocking procedures, Scraping Browser is in charge automatically.

The pricing structure for Bright Data Scraping Browser is intended to be adaptable and economical for companies of all sizes, from tiny start-ups to enormous conglomerates. To cater to the demands of various consumers, the firm provides four price tiers: Pay As You Go, Growth, Business, and Enterprise.


The ease of use and lack of requirement for writing program code makes the Octoparse tool stand out among other web scraping technologies. It offers cloud storage for retrieved data and enables IP address rotation to stop them from being block listed. Octoparse provides the option of unlimited page scrolling. Results are available for download in CSV, Excel, and API formats.

For non-developers searching for a simple user interface to control data extraction procedures, Octoparse with a proxy is the go-to deal. There is a free plan with fewer features available. Paid packages begin at $75 per month.


Users may extract data from websites using Apify's web scraping tool and automate processes. Here are some of the more important pros and cons of the tool:


  • It is capable of handling complex web scraping and automate tasks. It is an excellent option for companies collecting data from multiple sources because it can simultaneously harvest data from different websites.
  • Apify enables customers to adapt their scraping and automate projects to meet their unique requirements. Users can extract specific data fields, create filters to omit certain data, and more.
  • Zapier, Google Sheets, and Slack are just a few of the multiple tools with proxy and services that Apify interacts with.


  • Although the tool is simple, more complicated web scraping or automated applications may not be appropriate since they need sophisticated capabilities or bespoke scripting.

One of the price tiers that Apify offers is free, allowing users to scrape up to 10,000 pages monthly. Paid subscriptions begin at $49 per month for a maximum of 100,000 pages and increase dependent on use beyond that.

It is a practical online scraping and automation application with multiple advantages, especially for people new to web scraping or needing to collect data from multiple websites simultaneously.


AvesAPI is a web scraping solution that enables users to rapidly and efficiently scrape data from websites. Here are some of the more critical benefits and drawbacks:


  • It is capable of handling complicated web scraping tasks. It is an excellent option for companies collecting data from multiple sources.
  • Users may tailor their scraping projects using this service to meet their unique requirements. Users can extract specific data fields, create filters to omit certain data, and more.
  • A free plan that permits customers to scrape up to 100 pages per month is one of the price tiers that the service provides. Because of this, it is a viable alternative for companies of all sizes.


  • Despite being simple, the tool with proxy may not be appropriate for more complex web scraping applications that call for cutting-edge capabilities or customized code.
  • It has multiple price tiers, one free and allowing customers to scrape up to 100 pages monthly. Paid plans begin at $9 monthly for a maximum of 1,000 pages and increase dependent on use beyond that.


ParseHub is a parser with an easy-to-use interface that runs on Mac, Linux, and Windows. It is the best web scraper Mac. The software is simple to learn and requires no programming knowledge. The parser employs artificial intelligence. The latter allows extracting data from pages with complex HTML syntax. The extracted data is output to CSV or JSON files.

The software has a wide range of features. Along with ordinary texts, the program handles calendars, drop-down menu links, forms for data submission, and maps. It supports infinite page scrolling along with authentication and a parser. The program's free version can parse 200 pages in roughly 40 minutes. The storage of data is for a maximum of two weeks.


Another tool for extracting data from websites is Diffbot. One of the most excellent content extraction tools with a proxy available is this data scraper. The Analyze API function enables you to automatically determine the web page's content type and retrieve product information, articles, debates, videos, and photographs. Product API (an API for automatically extracting all the data from a product page in any online store) is one of the unique features:

  • Thanks to structured search, the user only gets results that are relevant to his search.
  • Visual data processing makes it possible to get information from most online sites.
  • The solution is entirely cloud-based.

A flaw in the tool with proxy is that the plans start at $299/month, which is rather expensive. However, you must determine whether you require this tool's extra functions with proxy offers.


Scrape-It.Cloud scraping API streamlines online scraping operations for businesses of all sizes. It eliminates the need to manage expensive infrastructure, proxy rotation, headless browsers, and other challenges while scraping complex websites. Enterprise plans cost $200 per month, but individual plans cost $30. Some of the benefits:

  • It can deal with sophisticated web scraping apps.
  • Scrape-It.Cloud users may modify their scraping projects to meet their unique needs.
  • It offers a free package enabling users to scrape up to 500 pages monthly. There are multiple subscription options for the service.

The drawback is that even while Scrape-It.Cloud is easy to use; more complex web scraping apps for rotation that need specialized code or additional features may not suit it.


Grepsr is a data scraping tool with proxy that may assist you with lead-generating campaigns, competitive data collecting, news aggregation, and financial data collection. You may retrieve email addresses using web scraping to create or extract leads. Let's examine this tool's significant characteristics. Some of the benefits:

  • The tool is simple, even for individuals with little or no web scraping knowledge.
  • This tool is capable of handling complicated web scraping tasks. It is an excellent option for companies collecting data from multiple sources because it can simultaneously harvest data from different websites.
  • By checking the extracted data's accuracy and formatting, Grepsr provides high data quality assurance.


  • The tool is simple but might not be appropriate for more difficult web scraping tasks that call for advanced functions or bespoke scripting.
  • Grepsr might be pricey for enterprises or large-scale projects with lots of users.

Plans begin at $199 for each data source. The tool's pricing could be more pricey, which can be a drawback. But it all depends on what your firm requires.

Scraper API

It is one of the best web scraping apps. With the help of an API request, you may use this application to handle the proxy, browsers, and captchas and obtain the HTML markup of any website.

The most significant benefit of the tool is the ability to use a full-featured parser without limitations from the browser and without paying a penny. Furthermore, it is easy to use, straightforward, and convenient due to the absence of adjustable options. The use of this service is for parsing highly protected websites. Nevertheless, its use necessitates programming knowledge.

The software handles the captcha and separately repeats rejected queries. Additionally, the program can render items that need JavaScript rendering. PHP, Ruby, and Python all support the Scraper API. It offers 1,000 free API calls, while monthly plans range from $29 to $249.


Scrapy is a free, open-source platform for extracting information from websites. It is a web scraping library for Python programmers who wish to build scalable web scraping robots. The asynchronous processing of requests is one of the tool’s features. You can issue a command before the one that came before it has finished. Here are some of the more important benefits:

  • Scrapy is a web scraping framework that handles even the most challenging tasks.
  • It is an excellent option for organizations that need to extract information from multiple sources since it can easily manage large-scale web scraping initiatives.
  • Since the tool is an open-source framework, users can alter and personalize it.

The drawback is that Python coding knowledge is required for this tool, which might be a hurdle for users unfamiliar with the language.

To cap it all, scraping is a convenient way to automate the collection of large volumes of information from the Internet. Web scraping is a crucial tool with a proxy for tracking trading platforms, extracting pricing information, and compiling a list of competitor businesses. It is essential to protect the data-extracting process and automate the data collection. Individual proxy provides confidence in getting a trustworthy and quick outcome. You can compare and choose the best web scraper Chrome

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