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  • Oct 29, 2020, 9:36 PM
  • 2 minutes

​If you want to use residential UK proxies, this is not a problem. Such service is affordable to everyone, including miners or journalists. To use the tool you just need to install a plugin. With such an application, people can hide IP, bypass blocking, and create multiple accounts on one site. Installing the plugin or add-ons is a legal method which is preferred by people not only in the UK.
Any UK proxy list includes several thousand IP addresses. If you prefer such technology, you are unlikely to worry about losing access to wallets or accounts. This often happens in European countries, where the government blocks some resources. Such drastic measures are associated with fake news, financial pyramids, extremism and others.

2325178 UK proxies — Why is it Safe? ​

As in the case when you are using an anonymous browser, a UK proxy is not associated with sending personal information. Your record of surfing the Internet will not be tracked. This feature is useful in case of family access and inability to use a firewall. Parents who have installed UK website proxy add-ons will be able to turn them off if necessary. Other advantages of the service:

  • The ability to hide IP address
  • Fast response
  • City-level targeting
  • Legality of the program

Many users do not want their browser activity to be tracked. We are talking about millions of people around the world. These are the British, the French, the Poles and residents of other countries. For each of these categories, you can find regional proxies. Country & ASN filtering is the ability to eliminate cybercrime with minimal restriction on users.

Why Residential Better Than Free UK Proxy List?

The world is becoming more global every day. This is an impeccable fact that hardly anyone would deny. But the implementation of innovations in public administration and trade is also a risk. This is because hackers constantly try to influence government resources, independent bloggers and other websites.
Restrictions are forced measures that a state has to take. But you shouldn't worry about it. Using a UK proxy list, you can select additional IP addresses. This is legal and will not affect your reputation as a user in any way. This service is not free. But this is a justified expense, given the additional features and guarantees of data integrity. You should definitely try such a tool to see how it works for you. This is unlikely to cause any disappointment.

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