What is a Private Proxy?

  • Dec 11, 2020, 1:34 PM
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What private proxies do

Suppose you live in Belgium intend to get access to an Australian website on the Internet to watch some documentaries that are location restricted for Aussies only. If you try to access that website without any additional utility like VPN or proxy server, you won't succeed. All you might see on the web page is a message saying that web filters have blocked your location for whatever reason.

Web platforms use online mechanisms that might easily find the residential addresses of users. But with a little help from a proxy server, you'll be able to bypass the filtering system of a given website and access it as you were a regular resident of the required location.

A private proxy is a go-between residential IP address that allows users to connect to their target web address on the Internet bypassing any geo-restrictions. It is a kind of server that is exclusively used by a user at a time. So, you can easily hide your residential IP address and don't leave traces.

Usually, private proxy come from real devices or data centers. Proxies open up various uses, like enabling remote work and protecting from malicious content, freely torrenting or streaming online content from abroad.

A private proxy is a middleman enabling the connection between users and the Internet. When users apply private proxies, they use a specific IP address, and all the web requests are made via a proxy server cloaking the real residential IP address of them. And only after that, they connect to the website in question.

At the moment of connecting to the Internet, any website can track a user's browser activity. So, the upshot is If you want to keep browsing anonymously, use a proxy.

There are various types of proxies, like residential, data center, shared, or private ones.

Some providers on the Internet offer mixed types of proxies. The best private proxies don't come cheap since it involves maintaining a personal proxy server and other costs.

Why would you need to use proxies?

You may say, 'Why would I have to use it, and what would I do with my private proxy anyway?'. Let's figure out who and why needs private proxies in the first place. Private proxies guarantee the highest anonymity level. You can use a proxy both for your personal and business needs on the Internet. It's enough for you to install some Chrome extension; however, for business, you need a more advanced proxy tool.

Companies that check ads use private proxies for an anonymous examination of advertisers' landers. The work of travel aggregators heavily relies on private proxies, which automatically gather data of Airlines, travel agencies, or some other online sources, in this way eluding geoblocking.

Private proxies allow us to gather pricing data and purchase rare products. Online marketers, SEO specialists, media buyers, and advertisers, with personal proxies, manage accounts on social media websites, Facebook, and Twitter alike.

Private proxies vs. datacenter ones

There are two kinds of the most used proxies: residential proxies and datacenter proxies. The latter are generated by hosting virtual machines that rely on powerful servers; each of them hosts a vast number of proxies. But the shortcoming of datacenter proxies is that they all originate from the same subnet. And bot detection systems of web platforms can identify scenarios when a vast number of similar IPs use their website.

But on the flip side, residential proxies are generated by Internet Service Providers, who usually have a private proxy list, and their proxies are hosted on real devices that provide dedicated IP addresses. Such dedicated private IPs are the most suitable for data parsing and ad checking.

When making a purchasing decision about whether to buy private proxies, you should know the difference between these most used proxy types. If you want to buy private proxies, look at all pros and cons.

Pros and cons of private proxy servers

One of the most important benefits of using private proxies is that they are truly personal. After you've bought them, there won't be a third party accessing them.

  • Protection. There's a minimal risk of your data leaking. So the level of security is relatively high. Premium proxy is always displayed as a different IP next to your real residential IP address on the Internet. An additional advantage is that website security algorithms see private proxy as a real one.
  • Various locations. As a rule, companies that provide their clients with private proxies allow different areas to be used. So, it goes like this: you may stay in the UK while your IP address is displayed as New Zealand. That's a kind of a two-edged sword since you can avoid geo-blocking and at the same time get a local search result page on the Internet, in Google page.
  • Private proxies are fast enough. You can visit residential websites using private Internet access proxy without affecting your page load speed because a private proxy is only assigned to one user. So, you get an advantage of unlimited bandwidth when no other people are using it besides you.
  • More expensive. The most visible drawback of private proxies is that they are more expensive compared to other types. But at the same time, they provide you with various benefits. It's the best option currently available on the market.

But whether you're a streaming or torrenting platform user, an online advertiser, an SMM/SEO specialist, or just a regular online business owner who'd like to expand its online presence, proxies will come in handy for you. Using proxies, you can perform different tasks that you might not be able to do otherwise.

An elite private proxy allows it to circumvent any restrictions laid by online platform policies or government censorship targeting people from specific locations.

How to check whether a proxy you've purchased is private?

When choosing a private proxy company, you'd better verify it as well. Companies that provide private proxies offer an authentication system. There are two kinds of authentication system:

  • Password and Username. That's a widespread method that's used by the majority of people, and also an easy-to-use way. You have to provide login data, namely your username and password.
  • Whitelist IP authentication. You can also get your proxy verified by IP. Proxy residential companies assign IP addresses to every user ordering proxy. And you can use such IP addresses for authentication purposes.

OnlineProxy is one of the most reliable companies on the Internet market, offering lots of residential tools related to premium proxy services. They are primarily used for registering on various online services and social media like Facebook or Instagram. OnlineProxy offers many residential mobile carriers' phones, providing you with anonymity and protecting your privacy on the Internet with proxy.

With OnlineProxy, you can individually configure IP rotation frequency. Using the best-paid proxy, you won't be blocked by online platforms since the whole web sees you as a real person, but not as a bot. You increase the page load and enjoy unlimited bandwidth using proxy for Facebook, Pinterest, and the like.

These web service developers used cutting-edge tech to deliver you the best possible performance with proxy servers located in many counties.

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