What Are Backconnect Proxies? Pros and Cons

  • Apr 1, 2022, 3:53 PM
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Everyone has heard of proxies nowadays and most of us have already used them for certain aims. Proxies can mask your real Internet Protocol address and provide you with a completely new one. In such a way you can stay incognito while surfing the Web and unblock various resources.

These intermediates between a user and a resource are very helpful for private everyday use if you want to boost your data protection or unblock a website. Speaking of business usage, online companies simply cannot do without them today. Managing various business tasks will simply become impossible without proxies because platforms have severe protection mechanisms.

Thanks to the encryption (masked Internet Protocol address) proxies give you, if anyone is monitoring your activities online or tries to hack you, he will not be able to do it. He will see nothing but static. The resources you visited and interacted with will not be shown anywhere.

What are other tasks you can accomplish with the help of proxies? The other benefits you will receive, are:

  • being calm about your safety;
  • sometimes Internet connection speed increases;
  • protection from malware;
  • comfortable and anonymous work with social networks, sneaker bots, SEO, scraping;
  • unblocking regionally restricted platforms and websites etc.

The main risk you can face while searching for a proxy service is choosing a non-reliable one. Remember that since a proxy server is an intermediate, it sees all your web requests. Make sure you inspect the provider before buying a mobile proxy. You can either get aprivate mobile proxies free or turn to a paid proxy service.

Be very careful with free providers. Your data safety cannot be guaranteed there. Since they are free, they cannot afford to invest big sums of money in software and hardware. That is why their proxies are slow, the connection often fails and the list of locations is usually scarce.

By choosing a paid static residential proxy provider you receive certain guarantees and safety. Check out if the service offers proxy mobile free trials before paying. Ask what probability of ban is there. This is a sign that the provider delivers quality residential proxies. Try them before buying and check the quality of the connection. Do not forget to find out what locations around the globe are available at this provider. The residential proxy pool should also impress you. Last, but not least is how the service’s customer support works. In case any questions or issues arise you should be able to contact them around the clock.

There are various types of proxies:

  • mobile;
  • residential;
  • datacenter;
  • backconnect;
  • public;
  • shared;
  • distorting etc.

This article wants to tell you about backconnect residential proxies and their combination with mobile proxies.

Backconnect Proxies Resume

You already understand what proxies are needed for. Let’s discuss backconnect residential proxies and their peculiarities.

A backconnect proxy is actually a server that uses a pool of Real-Peer or Residential Internet Protocol addresses. These addresses are assigned from an ISP to a user. One can use a backconnect residential proxy for cell phone extracting information in large volumes. It is also useful for accessing platforms that have various blocking mechanisms.

In case with a regular proxy, it usually has one Internet Protocol address assigned to it. Meanwhile, backconnect proxies can have thousands and millions of IPs that they can assign to their users.

So, a backconnect proxy server is not just one server machine. It is a pool of different machines in a network. Since it has lots of Internet Protocol addresses, it rotates the IP that is assigned to a certain user either within a random (or specific) period of time or after every proxy request of the user.

Usually, backconnect proxies are really helpful for protection against Internet Protocol address tracking. If you send too many proxy requests from the same IP you will definitely get blocked. Backconnect proxies help to overcome this problem. The Internet protocol addresses that are assigned to a user are rotated frequently and resources cannot understand this is the same person accessing them.

When you send a request via a backconnect proxy, it will examine its pool and pick one Internet Protocol address from the available ones. Your proxy request will be sent through this address.

Though, it can keep a record of the Internet Protocol addresses it sends your traffic through. This is done in order not to pick the same proxy address at random. Usually, backconnect proxy providers examine their pool in order to avoid bad addresses all the time. However, bad addresses still happen. Backconnect proxies can be adjusted so that a new Internet Protocol address will be reassigned to you after a certain period of time or after your proxy request.

Backconnect proxies work well for web-scraping and crawling. However, if you want to use them for banking or online gaming, you should consider other options as they cannot be used as the main IP address. Activities that require maintaining an Internet Protocol address for a long time should be carried through with a different proxy type.

Mobile Proxies vs Backconnect Proxies

Mobile proxies are another popular type of proxies. Such proxies are assigned to real portable devices, such as tablets or smartphones. These smartphones and tablets access the World Wide Web proxy for mobile data. The devices use Internet Protocols of ISP. This means that they are always seen as real people by platforms.

A cheap mobile proxy network consists of real 3G or 4G connections. They are assigned to real gadgets by a mobile operator. This makes them authentic. In such a way risks of getting blocked while using mobile proxies are minimal. For example, OnlineProxy service offers 99% without ban and this is quite impressive. People who use mobile proxies will always receive real Internet Protocol addresses. They will be undetectable because they will be perceived as residents of a country they have chosen to connect to.

If you have ever met with CAPTCHA, you know how annoying it can be. You have almost reached your destination, but you are stopped by a set of letters, numbers, or pictures that are usually not seen clearly. If you face this while using your gadget that is assigned to the mobile network, this happens because you receive a new Internet Protocol address every time you connect to the 3G or 4G network by proxy. When you disconnect, the address you used goes back to the pool of addresses, and then it is given to a new user.

Unfortunately, not all people use the World Wide Web for a good cause. If the previous person who used your current Internet Protocol address performed any suspicious actions online, Google will flag this IP. When the next person gets it and tries to use it, Google will make this person enter a CAPTCHA.

It is possible to get rid of the annoying CAPTCHA with the help of mobile proxies. They will hide your real Internet Protocol address and assign you a new one. This new address will be clean and not flagged. There are individual mobile proxies that will belong to you and no one else.

If you work with social media, mobile proxies are your savers. While logging between various accounts you will be banned in case your IP will stay the same. This will happen if you are assigned to your wireless or mobile network directly. Social media proxy platforms do not like this and block users with multiple accounts from one Internet Protocol address.

Mobile proxies will change your addresses together with the accounts and the social media protection mechanism will not flag your activities as suspicious. One crucial rule is to always pick the same location for one account. Obviously, it will look different to a proxy resource if the same profile logs in from Egypt at 10 a.m., from California at 11 a.m., from Australia at 3 p.m., from France at 6 p.m., and from China at 9 p.m., for example. Agree, such transfers around the world look strange.

Pros and Cons of Applying in Various Situations

Applying different proxy in different situations may seem to be a good idea.

Speaking of backconnect proxies, the pros are:

  • useful for protection;
  • helpful to avoid blocking.

As to the cons:

you cannot use them when you need a static IP for a long term.

  • Meanwhile, the pros of mobile proxies are:
  • high protection level;
  • unblocking restricted resources;
  • avoiding CAPTCHA;
  • managing multiple accounts;
  • avoiding fraud;
  • advertising capabilities.

As to the cons, there is only one:

  • the price might be high at some providers.

If you check out prices at OnlineProxy, however, you will be pleasantly surprised. Besides, there are free trials so you could make sure that OnlineProxy is the place where quality meets the price in the best proxy ratio.

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