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  • Jun 1, 2023, 12:53 PM
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AliExpress offers more than just content and shopping opportunities. It's a source of valuable market information if you know how to retrieve data. This article covers the topic of scraping AliExpress data safely through proxies. 

Understanding The Process Of Scraping Data From AliExpress

Scraping data from AliExpress or any other website similar to AliExpress entails a number of procedures. But before we dive into the topic, it's worth mentioning that scraping AliExpress or any other website without permission may get you banned. 

If AliExpress forbids this process (and it does), then it's best to use a proxy. But more on that further in the article. Still, before beginning data scraping, it is best to review the legal and ethical norms of websites similar to AliExpress.

This is a standard way to start scraping data from AliExpress (we recommend using a proxy):

  • Learn about the AliExpress website's structure. Familiarize yourself with the website's structure, including the pages, URLs, and how the needed data is organized within the HTML code. Determine the data items you wish to extract, such as product names, prices, descriptions, photos, and so on.
  • Select a scraping tool for AliExpress. Depending on your programming language preference, choose a suitable scraping tool or package. Some examples include Puppeteer (JavaScript)  and BeautifulSoup (Python). These programs allow you to fetch web pages, parse HTML, and extract data on AliExpress through a proxy.
  • Retrieve the web pages. Send HTTP queries to AliExpress's website using the scraping tool to retrieve the HTML content of the desired AliExpress web pages. Use a proxy server. You can scrape specific product pages or category pages.
  • Parse the HTML code. Once you have the HTML text, you can use the scraping tool to parse and extract the desired data pieces from the HTML structure. 
  • Clean up and organize the data. Remove all undesired elements from extracted data. For further analysis or storage, organize the data into a structured format, such as a CSV file, JSON, or database.
  • Protect yourself from anti-scraping measures (use a proxy). AliExpress often uses anti-scraping procedures to avoid automated data extraction. Some examples of such measures include CAPTCHA difficulties, IP filtering, etc. Ensure that your scraping code handles these measures correctly and adheres to the website's regulations. The best and safest option is to use a proxy server. 

AliExpress can give valuable insights to various businesses, including ecommerce and dropshipping companies. It provides users with a valuable source of data to analyze. However, AliExpress users should be careful and use proxy servers. That's how they can protect their AliExpress accounts while scraping valuable data.

Parsing Price Data From AliExpress 

The extraction and analysis of pricing information from websites is price parsing. It entails obtaining price data from online marketplaces such as AliExpress, including regular prices, discounted prices, and any pricing fluctuations.

Price parsing is useful because it allows consumers and businesses (ecommerce or dropshipping) to compare prices from many sellers, watch price movements, locate discounts, and make informed purchasing decisions. 

The parsing process gives market insights, assists dropshipping businesses in understanding prices and trends, and enables consumers to locate the best deals. Price parsing is critical in market research and competitive analysis for dropshipping businesses. 

Here's the type of data you can expect to parse through proxy servers:

  • Information about prices. Parsing product prices on AliExpress allows you to acquire pricing dynamics information, locate discounts or promotions, and compare prices. This information can be used to evaluate product market value for dropshipping and ecommerce businesses.
  • Product characteristics. Product data such as product names, descriptions, categories, specifications, and qualities can provide significant insights into AliExpress's products. This information can be utilized for market research to understand consumer trends.
  • Seller data. Data extraction about vendors. It may include sellers' names, their ratings, and reviews, shipping information, etc. It can assist buyers in making informed decisions when selecting suppliers on AliExpress for dropshipping.
  • Ratings and reviews. You can examine client feedback by parsing product reviews and ratings. This information helps understand customer preferences for dropshipping.

Parsing AliExpress prices, descriptions, product ratings, and other data offers invaluable insights for businesses (dropshipping and ecommerce), researchers, and buyers. However, it's critical to conduct this process as an anonymous user to avoid bans. Thus, use proxy servers when you scrape or parse data. 

AliExpress Research Via Mobile Proxies

The usage of mobile proxies to research AliExpress and its opportunities offers valuable insight for businesses. Here's what you may expect to get via mobile online proxies:

  • Marketing research. Mobile proxies let you browse AliExpress as if you were in a different region, state, or country. This solution by proxies enables you to investigate regionalized marketing strategies, promotions, and product availability. You can acquire significant insights into market trends, regional customer preferences, and marketing strategies by evaluating how AliExpress (and vendors) tailors their marketing efforts to diverse audiences.
  • Comparison of competitors. Proxu services enable you to simulate browsing AliExpress from multiple places. This proxy approach allows you to examine how competitors position themselves in different markets. You can learn about the competitive landscape by gathering product offerings, pricing information, and customer feedback. This proxy research can assist dropshipping and ecommerce businesses in analyzing rival strategies, identifying market trends, and making informed decisions to remain competitive.
  • User experience analysis. Mobile proxies simulate the surfing experience of visitors from different geographic areas. This proxy opportunity is invaluable for user experience analysis because it allows you to compare website page load times and general browsing experience across countries. Understanding the user experience in several locations can assist businesses in identifying possible problems. It's possible through proxies since they change your location. 
  • Market research. You can collect data on prices, product availability, customer reviews, and rating from AliExpress in several areas by using mobile proxies. This information provided by proxy assistance helps with market research. It allows ecommerce and dropshipping businesses to discover popular market trends and assess demand for specific products.

The usage of mobile proxies for AliExpress opens up a world of research possibilities. You can analyze the market and its participants, evaluate competitors in that area to see if you have any possibilities to expand your business to that area, etc. 

A reliable proxy server enables access to and analysis of AliExpress as though browsing from other areas, providing insights into regional strategy, consumer preferences, and market dynamics.

Scrape Data Safely On AliExpress

The easiest solution is to use a proxy service to avoid getting banned. Getting a few IPs via proxies is easy and cost-effective. Thanks to proxy services, users can safely scrape and parse data on AliExpress. However, there are other solutions that you can use independently of proxies or combined with proxies. These are:

  • Avoid spamming and excessive requests. Ensure your scraping manipulations are focused and don't make too many queries. Spamming the website with a large number of requests can raise suspicions and result in a blocked AliExpress account. Avoid repetitive scraping by focusing on collecting important data. Use a proxy, and don't forget to switch IP addresses. 
  • Proxy Services. Use proxy services to send your scrape requests via various IP addresses. Proxy servers work as go-betweens between your computer and the destination website, disguising your true IP address. You can avoid triggering rate limits or being discovered as a single source of traffic by cycling IP addresses via proxy services. Use trusted proxy providers that give a varied range of IP addresses. For instance, OnlineProxy is a reliable proxy service provider with reasonable prices. 
  • Use several AliExpress accounts. Consider using several AliExpress accounts if scraping requires authenticated access. Use separate AliExpress accounts for different scraping sessions, or divide scraping activities among several AliExpress accounts. This approach reduces the risk of getting blocked by avoiding too much activity from a single AliExpress account. You can also use proxies for several AliExpress accounts. 
  • Use rotating IPs. Include IP rotation in your scraping code. You can achieve it through proxy services. When scraping, move between different IP addresses regularly by using a proxy. By cycling IP addresses through proxies, you disperse queries across various addresses. Thus, IP rotating proxies lower the likelihood of being blocked by AliExpress. This can be accomplished by using proxy pools or rotating proxy libraries that offer IP rotation automation on AliExpress.

That's how you can successfully scrape or parse data on AliExpress. As you see, the usage f proxies offers more than just insights into various markets across countries. Proxies also protect you from getting blocked. Thus, proxies are great tools for businesses that want to stay competitive.

However, it's crucial to choose a reliable proxy service for AliExpress scraping. One suh option is OnlineProxy. 

Configure OnlineProxy Proxy For AliExpress

Here's what to do to set up OnlineProxy for AliExpress:

  • Register an OnlineProxy account and sign in to the dashboard to get access to proxy services.
  • Go to the Proxy Manager section and click on "Create Proxy."
  • Choose a proxy type.
  • Select the country (region, state, etc.) for the proxy server that meets your research needs.
  • Create the proxy credentials, which include the IP address and port number supplied by OnlineProxy.
  • Configure your scraping code or browser settings to use the OnlineProxy proxy server by specifying the generated IP address and port number.
  • Test the connection to see if everything works properly. 

OnlineProxy is one of the best proxy servers for AliExpress out there. Rest assured that you can get valuable insights into chosen markets without getting your AliExpress account or IP address banned!

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