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  • Feb 12, 2021, 5:43 PM
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It seemed one can have access to everything in the era of the Internet. However, this is not always so. There are resources that are forbidden in certain areas of the world. For example, Telegram is officially forbidden in Russia. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube, Instagram and other services are banned in China. Iran does not allow using Whatsapp, Viber, VK, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. And this is not the full list of such restrictions.

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms around the globe today with their YouTube video. It allows posting and watching various videos. The most pleasant thing about YouTube videos is that they are free to use. You can find anything there: from a recipe of macaroni and cheese to the instructions on how to fix a broken vehicle. Unfortunately this useful resource is forbidden in:

  • China;
  • South Korea
  • Iran;
  • Turkey;
  • Thailand and others.

Besides, there is a range of countries that allow using videos of YouTube, but restrict access to certain content, for example:

  • Germany;
  • Russia;
  • Morocco;
  • Malaysia etc.

Thus, residents of these countries search for an easy and comfortable way of watching YouTube videos. And this is when mobile residential proxies enter the stage.

There are special YouTube proxy services that allow people from the aforementioned areas watching YouTube. A proxy can be called an intermediate between the user and the destination website. When you are sending a request to a site, it ‘catches’ you halfway through, rotates your IP address and the destination resource sees you with a completely new IP. In such a way your geo location cannot be tracked.

Thankfully to this, people can unblock Youtube videos and many other platforms not leaving their homes or working places for another country.

Why Are There Blocked YouTube Videos?

Having acquainted with the countries that fully block or partly restrict Youtube videos in their area, it is high time to sort out why this happens.

  • The most common reason is public authorities’ demands.
  • Government and law enforcement can decide that certain resources cannot be reached in their country.
  • Besides, there can be certain peculiarities of content licensing.
  • Users who have uploaded a video on YouTube could have restricted access to it on their own.
  • If DNS fails on a computer, then it will not be possible to connect to YouTube's IP.
  • There also can be blocks according to the age.
  • There are special blocks of YouTube Premium.
  • Last, but not least, is that employers can block certain resources (like YouTube) to increase the productivity of work.

As you can see, some of the reasons influence personal / individual YouTube usage. However, the other ones have a strong reflection on companies leading business. If YouTube videos are restricted or blocked in certain areas, businesses lose their audience.

However, there is a smart and easy way to help both. Residential proxies come as a salvage to unblock videos on YouTube.

How to Bypass YouTube Country Blocks

The three most popular ways of bypassing country blocks are VPN, specifically developed browsers and proxies. All of them allow unblocking YouTube videos. However, there are certain differences in their work and certain moments in comfortability of working with them. Get acquainted with all three.

Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network technology is used to change a location of the user’s device. It can also encrypt the user’s traffic. It will be necessary to install certain special software on your device to get in touch with the virtual private network.

VPN can unblock YouTube videos country blocked. There are free and paid VPN services. As practice shows, free VPN services are not worth your attention because they fail all the time. Paid VPNs may be not very cheap, especially if you need to use them all the time.

Special Browsers

Specific browsers can encrypt outgoing traffic, allow visiting websites forbidden in certain areas and watch restricted YouTube videos. It will be necessary to download and install such a browser. Configuring it does take some specific knowledge. Then the user will be able to unblock and watch videos. However, not every person feels comfortable using such browsers due to their specific interface.

Residential Proxies

Proxies can be called a ‘guide’ in the world of the Internet. They meet you halfway to the destination resource and rotate your IP. Your request is transferred to the destination site with a completely new address.

As a rule, proxies are faster than VPN and its connection is more stable. If a user is not very skilled yet, it will be easier to tune a proxy than VPN or a browser.

Residential proxies care about your safety online so that no one can track your current location. That is why they are popular for unblocking YouTube videos (and many other services as well).

The easiest, safest and most comfortable way to unblock Youtube and videos there and other websites is to find a reliable accommodation with residential proxies.

OnlineProxy Residential Proxies

Bypassing regional blocks is most comfortable with an intermediate that will rotate your IP address. If you need to unblock YouTube videos, turn to OnlineProxy residential proxies.

OnlineProxy is a reputable provider that claims to give 99% without ban and CAPTCHA with their mobile proxies. It targets up to the city and can boast a great arsenal of 60 million addresses.

OnlineProxy works with over 200 operators (such as Orange, Sprint, T-Mobile, at&t, MTS, O2 and many others) from over 500 cities in over 100 countries. This allows unblocking Youtube from any point of the world. The global coverage guarantees quick connection. OnlineProxy’s unblock proxies Youtube are fast, you will not experience any delays with videos.

This accommodation guarantees a high anonymity level. Your data will not be transferred to anyone else. In case anything goes wrong, you can always turn to their customer support. In case you did not find all the needed information on how to unblock Youtube videos with OnlineProxy, you can always ask people who are there for you around-the-clock.

Unblocking Youtube videos and other websites with OnlineProxy’s residential proxies you will not feel that your pockets become thinner. You can choose to pay for gigabytes or for unlimited traffic. The great thing is that you can try this accommodation for free before buying it. If you write to OnlineProxy’s bot and pass a quick survey, you will receive a free proxy.

Safeness of YouTube Video Free Unblocking Accommodations

It is always pleasant to receive something for free. However, as experience dictates, free things are not always things of high quality. There are plenty of YouTube unblocking free methods. If you want to unblock YouTube videos for free, it is crucial to pay attention to various things.

First of all you need to check if your safety online is considered. Free services cannot usually state that they will protect your data and this is a great issue, especially if you are using them with business aim. You definitely do not want your data to be caught by some malware or a hacker.

Secondly, you need to find out how fast the connection is. Free proxies feature slow connection very often. Nowadays nobody wants a slow Internet and if its work will be slowed down by a free proxy even more, there will be no pleasure or comfort from using such a proxy. There can be certain glitches while using a free accommodation for Youtube video unblocking.

Thirdly, it is crucial to know which countries are available. Free proxies cannot boast a vast area of coverage, thus, they may be not suitable for you.

Free accommodation is simply not able to furnish these three things at the appropriate level because successful managing of such an accommodation does require time, efforts and money invested. The best option is to find a paid accommodation with free trials. You will receive an opportunity to check everything with your own hands and decide if this accommodation is worth your money.


Many lands forbidden or restrict access to YouTube on their territories. Unblocking YouTube videos is on demand in many countries nowadays. No matter if you are searching ways to unblock Youtube videos for individual or business purposes, residential proxies will become your best helpers with this task.

Proxy-services work faster than specific browsers for unblocking and virtual private networks. Installing and tuning of virtual private networks and specific browsers for unblocking may require certain skills in this area. Proxy-services are oriented on all users. It is possible to use them without special adjusting or with certain tuning for more skilled users.

Choosing a free or purchase residential proxies accommodation depends on your decision. You can always try an OnlineProxy free residential proxy for unblocking YouTube videos before going with the paid options. OnlineProxy proxies do not have delays; they connect you to the destination resource quickly. The connection does not ‘fall of’. OnlineProxy’s proxies rotate every 5 minutes.

The prices are very loyal at OnlineProxy. They start from $17 for 1 Gb for 15 days. However, there are several tariffs to choose from. Besides, you can go with a special tariff PROMO for the beginning. It will give you 100 Mb for 15 days for $2.5.

If you feel like you do not quite understand how residential proxies for YouTube videos unblocking work, do not worry. OnlineProxy website has all the necessary information for understanding. If you do not have much time to spend on this or still have any questions, do not hesitate to contact OnlineProxy’s client support. They are there for you around-the-clock and will gladly answer all your questions.

The information given above proves that residential proxies work best for YouTube video unblocking. See everything on YouTube with OnlineProxy!

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