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  • Mar 19, 2021, 8:24 PM
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Freedom of speech on the Internet has been declining for several years in a row. Such a dynamic is inherent in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and other countries. According to the American non-governmental organization Freedom House, the largest restrictions are in Iran, Syria and China. People are increasingly using additional applications to unblock a server of a specific website. This is because almost 15% of content is filtered and not displayed on users' devices. Our experts tried to find out the reasons for such problems. Let's see what conclusions they made.

Blocking Website — Causes and Consequences

People are increasingly using an Internet proxies server these days. The reasons for such statistics are associated with geopolitics and other factors. We say that the world is becoming more and more global and the governments of some states, especially in regions with stable democracies, are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with world challenges. This is about hacking attacks, extremism, spreading fakes and so on. These are the most common reasons why the server may be unavailable. But don't worry, because the content of a specific website can be unblocked.

Often, in order to solve such a problem, preventive steps are needed. We are talking not only about websites promoting violence and extremism, but also about bookmaker and casino platforms, crypto projects, and more. Unfortunately, the authorities choose the easiest way. It’s about blocking someone's web server and the use of Google filters. Plus, social networks and instant messengers, for example, WhatsApp, Telegram or any other app/website are increasingly censored. Leaders of IT companies are increasingly collaborating with the police of a particular state, which cannot but worry users. This is because website visits are no longer so anonymous.

Free Mobile Proxy vs Blocking Web Resources

How can using a cheap mobile proxy server help users access censored websites and unblock Google filters? This issue worries many people. Our experts tried to understand the methods of resuming access to the platform with important content. In order to figure out such issues, we need to talk about basic terms.

When people use the internet connected to a network, a mobile device or PC is assigned an individual address (IP). It's the identifier of a computer network node. IP addresses can be dynamic or static. With such a tool, system administrators can track any user, block access to some resources. This has become a common practice in recent years as well as the fact that for unblock websites proxy is used more and more often. People do not want their actions on the network to be limited in any way, even if it is not safe to visit some resources.

Most often, access to the server is limited by the so-called DNS blocking. With such a tool, the page name is converted into a technical address (IP address), which is a combination of numbers. DNS blocking prevents the browser from translating letters to numbers, and as a result, the page is unavailable or the search query redirects the user to another address. Even Google uses such filters.

Your website or server can be blocked due to incorrect Google’s content filters. The provider may also add to blacklist an acceptable website that needs to be accessed in order to conduct research or purchase restricted items. Therefore, if people decide to unblock proxy sites, this does not mean a violation of the law. Such tools are completely legal and are used by developers and marketers.

On the Internet, people can find many programs that allow them to change IP and thus gain access to certain web resources that are limited within a particular country. For example, anyone wants to watch a movie on the website that has already been released in the United States, but not yet in Germany. This can be done using one of the following methods:

  1. By downloading the browser add-on. No matter which browser people prefer, they can use the VPN. Such technology allows anyone to visit any website from the IP address of another country. In most cases, this service is free, the traffic is unlimited.
  2. By using a program that does not monitor browsing history. Many users who frequently visit a specific website prefer Tor. This is an anonymous browser that uses several encryption methods and, thus, completely hides data about the operating system, session time, and more. Tor also constantly changes the user's IP address, therefore, access to blocked sites remains open. You can also find the mobile version of this browser.
  3. By downloading and installing VPN. This application makes it possible to detect users in different countries during each session. Such a simple program hides your IP address and encrypts all your online activities. But it is not always a safe tool for corporate equipment.
  4. By purchasing residential proxies. This is the way corporate clients choose. To bypass the blocking of a specific resource and Google filters, people can use special intermediary servers. Such equipment creates encrypted communication channels with servers located abroad and redirect all traffic through them. Unlike VPN, you don't have to install an app for every user. Plus, the proxy allows not only to bypass the blocking, but also to filter the content. This means that you do not have to worry about the security of data when you unblock Google filters.

With proxies content is filtered in the workplace because employers believe certain platforms are affecting the productivity of the employees. But this is not the only use of such a tool. Access to the Internet in educational institutions may be limited, as the administration may believe that a certain website or social media platforms are distracting to students. In this case, teachers try to do everything possible to make it as difficult for students to unblock such platforms.

Mobile Proxy: Benefits & Website Unblocking Methods

You want to access blocked platforms without downloading applications? If so, you should use additional servers. Such simple tools are available for free. For those who want to unblock proxy websites video instructions will be very helpful. People can find such materials for their PC and mobile device. If you are using a smartphone or tablet, the developers guarantee the following benefits:

  • Easy to set up. You do not have to open additional windows on the website in order to set additional parameters for the application. As a rule, the IP change occurs automatically.
  • No problems with traffic whether you use Google or another search engine. You will not have a drop in network bandwidth. People using VPNs often have such problems.
  • Versions available for all OS. People can download such files from Google Play Market or App Store without worrying about viruses.

Any proxy server is an intermediary that helps users to ensure anonymity on someone's website. Many people use this service. In internet marketing, this tool has a different use. We're not just talking about unlocking resources, but also creating multiple accounts. Very often, the owners of trading platforms do not provide for such actions from the same IP. Therefore, proxies have been and will be popular. It is the most effective tool for unblock Google filters.

Free vs Fee Proxies for Unblock Website

It is easy to find a list of free proxies, but in reality, such tools are not so good for the average user. A free open server poses a threat to your personal data and online privacy, which is not often warned about by companies providing services to unblock a certain website. This is often the cause of frustration. But if you decide to unblock google proxy server, be sure of the following benefits:

  • Surfing the website Anonymously. People can keep their search privacy or hide online privacy. This is not always possible for those who use VPN for unblocking.
  • People can unblock censorship in any category. Users who prefer fee services can bypass any blocking. If you prefer the free option, the number of sessions or IP addresses may be limited. This way of bypassing the blocking is not suitable for those who sell products online and visit a certain website 10 times a day.
  • You can change IP address constantly. With such a tool, your activity cannot be determined. Even if someone wants to check the IP or blacklist it, this will not be a problem for the user who uses the proxy.


The problem of unblocking online platforms will be relevant in the future. Some websites are blocked in particular countries for cultural, political or religious reasons. This applies to Google and other platforms. For example, a government may believe that certain websites contain materials that could mischief society or harm the religious feelings of citizens. But such actions should not create problems for law-abiding citizens. An internet proxy service has been created for this category of people. You can use such a tool to unblock content without worrying about data confidentiality if it is a paid service.

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