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  • Aug 10, 2021, 11:58 AM
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Regional blocking is a proven method to prevent pirate media use. Having received the right to royalties, in every possible way, companies are fighting with such sites. We're talking about brand-created video games, movies, and other digital products. Such companies do their best to track content and even restrict access from devices such as game consoles. This is annoying for users as well as the unlocking procedure but for companies producing and distributing media, it is a tool that allows them to control profits and fight media piracy. This also applies to Soundcloud service.

Soundcloud Service Specific

There aren't many proven resources these days that musicians can use to expand their audience. For beginners, such tasks can be overwhelming. This is because the show business market is oversaturated with new products and it is not so easy to offer something truly original and impressive. SoundCloud is a long-established online platform that musicians can use to build communities and monitor their fans' activity. It’s a popular and respected music service. Here are the key advantages of this platform:

  1. People prioritize SoundCloud for its user-friendly interface, different ways to communicate with customers, and ample opportunities for account customization. You can also complete playlists to share tracks with subscribers. In this case, any change and activity can be monitored through the SoundCloud server. It is a convenient and effective service, no matter which country your registered label.
  2. If musicians do not perform at concerts and do not earn money for any reason, SoundCloud suggests adding a donation button. Such functionality is especially relevant in the post-coronavirus period.
  3. When people open a SoundCloud account, they automatically activate the free version of the platform. With such service tariffs, artists keep in touch with customers commenting on songs and communicating directly with other show business stars. The profile displays all information about the activity, except for private messages. In this regard, users should not worry, because each SoundCloud server is reliably protected from hacker attacks.
  4. If music lovers have a SoundCloud Go/Go+ subscription, they can log in using 3 devices in any country. All AAC audio available on Go+ is 256kbps. It’s an equivalent of 320kbps MP3. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of SoundCloud services in the EU and the US, where music lovers are very meticulous when choosing a server.

Regardless of who you are, what your hobbies and preferences are in music, you will definitely find relaxation audio on SoundCloud. Of course, this platform occasionally streams annoying ads, but such principles are nothing new. Plus, it can be eliminated by activating the paid service. Some music lovers do not like the restriction of access by a number of devices, but this is also a solvable problem. Just use top proxy services. Such tools are also free and will help expand the opportunity for users who often visit SoundCloud for a variety of reasons. Plus, any VPN server is not only about a bypass of blocking, but also additional protection of personal data of SoundCloud accounts and prevention of activity monitoring.

Restricting Reasons & How to Bypass it and Change a Country with VPN Server

Specific licensing conditions and the desire to get rich are the main reasons for restricting access to content. SoundCloud is a platform that also applies a variety of traffic filtering algorithms and people have to look for alternative ways to unblock access through a third-party server. This service is essential for artists. But ordinary users, even those who are willing to pay, are not always in favorable conditions. SoundCloud customers are trying to find a mobile proxy server in order to bypass such algorithms. This is because songs are not available in different countries. Of course, it’s really a disappointment for the fans and this incident happens through no fault of the producer or SoundCloud. Very often, companies that have royalty use a variety of marketing tricks in order to earn as much as possible, provoking a stir in the market. Although music lovers should not be discouraged, they can use the following algorithm to gain access to blocked content:

  1. Install a browser add-on that can unblock any server like SoundCloud. This is a versatile tool that comes in handy not only when opening accounts on streaming platforms. Many users have to unblock blocked websites and this is due to police, marketing, and other reasons. So, by installing such an add-on, people solve several problems. In most cases, this service is free of charge.
  2. Connect to the server and change the region. Any user can select a country where platforms like SoundCloud are not restricted. This is a universal way to unblock any server. People just turn off restrictions on access to their SoundCloud account or any other website in 1 click.
  3. Sign up for the site with a VPN. Connect to the server and select the region where the well-known platform is available. However, sometimes, when accessing a SoundCloud, a proxy site is used simultaneously by several users, which is defined as suspicious activity. Although this is not a problem because people can choose another country from the list to unblock it. If they connect to a VPN server and still see the message "Sorry! For your country, this new song is not yet available!", they should just select a different server and try again.

Skeptics are confident that blocking regions does not stop piracy and does not give production studios an advantage with SoundCloud. Such tools are used to drive excitement in the market. Of course, by publishing content for a limited countries list, companies get extra profit. Ordinary users are often ready to do anything to unblock it and be the first to watch a movie or listen to the next track. Therefore, so many music lovers are looking for the right VPN server for Soundcloud.

Soundcloud Proxy Server to Bypass Blocking in Specific Country

Popular music services such as Spotify accumulate all monthly revenues and then split those royalties ratably to performers based on an agreed percentage. But it's not the case for SoundCloud, a fan-centric system. This website owners are ready to pay a flat rate per stream, which will allow the ad royalties to be redirected directly and only to those artists whose tracks are listening. Such specificity will allow SoundCloud server to outstrip its competitors in terms of the number of daily visitors. However, there are common drawbacks for Apple Music, SoundCloud and Spotify. We're talking about access restriction algorithms. SoundCloud users also want to know how to unblock access.

Initially, content blocking in a specific region was applied due to the price difference. The producers didn't want anyone to get a DVD of a movie in one country and then sell it with subtitles. The same principles applied to games, especially the PC and console versions. Today, it poses a lot of problems for the average users who have to look for ways to unblock and restore access to the server like SoundCloud. This is because people who are willing to pay have to wait months for a release. So, many music lovers and connoisseurs of the high-quality film industry are wondering how to change IP to different countries for the SoundCloud server. Let's see how it works using a specific case example.

Using a Resident Proxy to Change a Country, IP Address, and Unblock SoundCloud Server

Streaming services are increasingly associated with location restrictions and the need to use a third-party server to unblock access to the channel. Distributors claim that this is due to the desire to fight audio piracy. It really works for SoundCloud and royalty should be regulated by providers and the state. Although such tricks can be easily circumvented with a proxy server. People just need to download and install a simple browser add-on for SoundCloud and other sites that they want to unblock. It's a good way to give the system the impression that users are in any country. There are a few specific factors to consider when choosing the right VPN server. The most important are the following:

  1. Website loading speed and Internet connection reliability for a specific VPN server that is chosen to unblock SoundCloud. When people listen to music on SoundCloud, it requires 3-5 Mbps to stream in HD. For this reason, first of all, you should look for a VPN server that is capable of such speed rates and has the appropriate performance. If people prefer Resident Proxy, disconnection problems are excluded.
  2. The number of servers available. To successfully avoid geo-blocking, users need to have a wide list of servers in different regions. It is worth choosing such a service so that you can always access the SoundCloud server and unblock the streaming platform through multiple options. For people who are interested in multi-account, it’s a key parameter.
  3. Server security. People should only choose sites that offer 256-bit encryption. The principles of 100% zero trackings for the SoundCloud server are also important. On top of that, the best security features provide DNS leak protection. People must be meticulous even if they are using streaming services and want to unblock it. Otherwise, their personal data may be disclosed. There are hackers in every country who would like to change registration details and benefit from it. This also applies to the personal data of people who use the SoundCloud secure server.
  4. Server anonymity. Protect your personal data even when you want to unblock broadcasts through SoundCloud. Security/privacy are key aspects of any VPN server. People must use such a tool to protect their personal and financial information. They should make sure that no data falls into the wrong hands when they use a third-party server to unblock accounts on SoundCloud. With VPN, people can change such parameters as IP addresses and country, so it will not be easy for ill-wishers to track activity.

People prefer user-friendly software. This means that the right VPN is not only associated with additional features for those who want to unblock SoundCloud but also is easy to use. Ideally, people are looking for cross-platform versions and apps that can be quickly activated and deactivated without overly complicated guides. These criteria are fully met by the OnlineProxy. With this service, people have no problems with access to any website, including streaming services, online casinos, cryptocurrency platforms, and so on. They will be able to unblock it with minimal effort.

Can SoundCloud Website Detect a VPN?

SoundCloud is a well-known website that people use for streaming. In every country, music lovers are aware of such a platform, and they know that this website restricts access. However, as with other resources such as Netflix, Spotify, and Disney+, this service is not available in some regions. It’s mainly due to specific licensing guidelines. But ordinary users are not used to the restriction. They have long understood how unblocking a blocked website works. So, bypassing any restriction will not be a problem for them.

SoundCloud, like other streaming web resources which are available in any European country, can’t recognize if you are using a VPN. So, such a tool is an alternative for thousands of people. SoundCloud users can unblock access regardless of the country of residence. If you've had any problems in the past and you see the message “Access restricted” when trying to register SoundCloud, don't be upset. This shouldn't be a problem if you choose a paid VPN service. Every newbie can use the free version but, in this case, there will be a limited number of options in the list of countries.

In Summary

Do you want to change your country so that SoundCloud restrictions don't apply to you? If so, then there is no better way to unblock it than using VPN. This service is not new for a long time and in every country, there are thousands of people who use it. Of course, any VPN is an extremely useful SoundCloud unblocking tool. Although this is not the only benefit of this simple application. With this add-on in the browser, users can unblock other streaming services, as well as get access to sites blocked for political and other reasons.

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