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  • Jul 12, 2021, 11:54 AM
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Chances are you've already heard about proxy servers. However, if you don't know much about them, this article will help you catch up with this popular web tech and appreciate all its advantages.

A web proxy is something that is in between people using the internet and the websites they visit. While visiting a website, users send their web requests with their data like the type of their devices, location, browsing history, and so forth. After that, based on the information provided, a website displays the content needed.

The Advantages of Using Proxies from Different Areas

A proxy server is not like a direct connection; it redirects your web request to some other IP address. In this way, websites seem to consider that you come from some other geo.

This technology allows you to hide your real location and other data from websites that gather information and filter any areas they don't want people from. So, in this way, you protect your privacy while surfing the internet.

The upshot is that proxies allow you to bypass any restrictions made by websites and internet service providers; they won't block you from accessing specific content, which otherwise might not be accessible in some regions.

Frequently, online users seek information on how to change their dedicated IP address and make it look like they're coming from some other location to surf the web anonymously and privately.

When booking a flight online from a different country, you might have already known that a different price is applied, even if it's the same flight. And it makes no difference whether the departure time and location remain the same.

Oftentimes, booking websites would look at your IP address displayed, and in case it's the address of a country with a higher GDP, the ticket price might be higher than that of the other countries with lower GDP.

If booking sites have stored cookies in your browser, they might use it to get access to your browsing history. And when you've already searched for some flights, you'll probably get a higher price for your flight compared to the people checking the flight price for the first time.

When checking for ticket prices, change your IP beforehand so it'd look like you're from some other country. This thing might also come in handy when buying some stuff online.

You can use proxies for a variety of purposes. Another example is limited-edition sneakers. Many sneaker companies like Nike or Adidas offer early sneaker releases for some regions such as L.A., S.F., New York, Moscow, etc. By using residential proxies, you can access these sites that sell sneakers and get your pair of fresh Air Max, React, or Yeezy. It's all done by using an appropriate regional IP.

Often, sneakerheads come empty-handed — or it would be more appropriate to say bare-footed — after each new sneaker launch. And the reason is that they don't have a designated server and specific sneaker proxies. Sneaker bot is another reason they have to deal with. This kind of software automates the purchases of new sneaker releases. And yes, robots work faster than people.

The Basics of Proxies linked to Different Geo and the Features of Such Solutions

You can find various types of proxies available on the internet. Here are the most popular types.

Shared Proxy. This is a public proxy that any person on the web can get access to. Usually, this kind of proxy server is free, with no strings attached. So, there won't be any restrictions on the number of users who can use the server.

Frequently, these servers get overloaded by thousands of people, which slows down the internet connection and often results in lags and/or server crashes.

One more thing, when using this kind of proxies, you'll need to wait a couple of minutes to get your server loaded. So, frankly speaking, surfing the web with this kind of tool is not easy.

Dedicated Proxy. Dedicated proxies make it possible for you to surf the web privately. It's a proxy designed for individual users. So, you almost get complete anonymity in terms of the load speed of the websites you visit.

Forward Proxy Server. Online networks mostly use this type of proxy. It works like this: when the customers send a request trying to connect to some website, the request goes through a Forward Proxy Server, which then decides not to allow the customer to approach the website.

If the decision is favorable, the connection request is redirected to the external server that cannot get the information about the customer's IP. It only gets the information about the connection request received from Forward Proxy Server, which controls the local networks.

Reverse Proxy Server. This kind of proxy works on a website's side and hides IPs from people using the internal network —this proxy filters users who can see online content.

This thing is good protection from hackers. It also acts as a load reducer distributing data between the internal servers and preventing overload. Service providers are the leading target group of this type of server.

Using proxies comes with many advantages: encrypting data, hiding your actual location, or bypassing network restrictions without a hitch. One of the most important features is that the server you are sending your request to cannot get your real IP or any other data. So, you minimize the risks of being hacked and other cybercrimes.

By using proxies, you can access any website on the web. If you need to visit a site that restricts its content to only particular countries or YouTube channels doing the same, you can always change your real IP address with a bit of help from a proxy server and get what you want. Proxies allow access to almost any site. So, proxy server unblock websites.

For instance, when you need to log in to your Netflix account, use some US proxy service.

By the way, you protect your privacy, making your online connection more secure. You have settings to set and modify so the websites you visit will identify you as coming from a particular area or country and grant you access to the geo-restricted content. A proxy server is a sort of firewall designed to protect your mobile or desktop devices. It does it by filtering the websites that have malware in them.

You can also improve your performance. A proxy that you use saves the website you visit in the cache, and the next time you visit that particular website, it can load it much quicker than before. So, you save your time loading sites that have been seen before. That's a valuable feature for online businesses.

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The targeting can be set up to the city level. You get more than 60 million IP addresses, including a United States proxy IP address. You can even change proxy to India or contact the UK proxy services, either way.

The proxies of OnlineProxy are connected to mobile carriers, which get you the highest level of anonymity and trust. The IP is changed at any request or at a particular time. You can set yourself the way you want it to be rotated.

You get no captchas, no bans. Using mobile carriers' IP addresses minimizes the risk of being banned, for websites identify you as a natural person.

You can get free proxies on the OnlineProxy website, but paid ones are much more reliable.

Residential proxy is a proxy type with one or more IP addresses. And those IPs are provided by regional mobile carriers. So, residential proxies are more trustworthy compared to other types of this technology. And the reason is that your IP address looks similar to that of a regular user. You can surf the web much faster with residential proxy servers, with minimal connection errors or blocks.

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