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  • Feb 12, 2021, 5:28 PM
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Paid proxy services make every-day life of individuals and business users easier. They help users to visit various platforms and sites anonymously. If you want your IP address not to show up, you should use residential proxies while surfing the Web.

A proxy can be compared with a medium who leads you in the Internet world. It makes your route safe, thus you are staying protected during the time you spend online. Proxies rotate your real IP and the destination site sees a completely new address. In such a way nobody there knows what your real IP is.

Another crucial reason to use proxies is that many services and resources are restricted in certain areas. With the help of proxies one can reach all those restricted platforms.

Best Proxies for Telegram

If your work is connected with marketing or something similar you will not leave such a platform as Telegram without your attention. However, not to get blocked, you should use proxies while connecting. Telegram is known to fight a bit less severe with bots and proxies than, for example, Instagram or Google.

The best solution is using residential proxies for Telegram. It will not take you much time to find out how to use Telegram with proxy, but you will be sure that your staying online is safe and your accounts will not get banned. The main thing is to choose a secure provider.

The best proxy for Telegram is mobile residential proxy. Various services, such as:

  • OnlineProxy.

OnlineProxy is available in more than 100 countries worldwide. Has over 60 million IPs and promises high security level.

  • StormProxies.

This service is presented for the US only. It provides residential and datacenter proxies.

  • Luminati

This provider has locations worldwide. It offers datacenter, mobile and residential proxies.

  • MyPrivateProxy.

It is possible to use it for the US and EU regions. Private proxies are available.

Telegram proxy list can be continued, but to choose the most suitable company for you, you should learn the peculiarities of each provider. Always count on the amount of servers the provider has and their locations around the globe. The stability of connection, response time and security level also matter.

Residential proxies have recommended themselves to be the most reliable ones for such platforms as Telegram.

About the Service

More than 400 million users are registered on Telegram. Definitely you want their attention as a marketer. However, you will not be able to create multiple accounts and send as many messages as you want if you do not use proxies. Telegram will pay attention to such suspicious behavior and block you.

When you are accessing a site your request passes through proxy. Proxy changes your IP address to a new one. Then it sends you to the destination site.

Telegram is restricted in certain countries. That is why you may be losing a great part of your destination audience if you cannot use this platform. The list of the countries includes Iran, India, Russia and other countries. If you are in these countries or are traveling to them, if you try to access Telegram via the usual Internet connection, it will be blocked. It will be necessary to bypass the system.

Proxies will help you with this task. It is needed to change your location (IP) in order to have an opportunity of Telegram usage in these countries. This is what the Telegram unblock proxy is needed for.

What Do Telegram Proxies Do?

You will not have to physically change your location to be able to use Telegram. Proxy will change your virtual location. Moreover, most of the services offer countries up to your choice.

Having chosen a secure proxy service you will be able to experience all the advantages of working in Telegram.

Telegram will not suspect you of being a bot if your IP address will be rotated while using it. Your account will not get blocked.

Proxy service will not only take care of your comfort, but of your security as well. Your real IP will not be revealed to the third parties.

If your work is connected with the points mentioned below, proxies will ease your every-day life:

  • SEO;
  • Web-marketing;
  • analytics;
  • market research;
  • ad networks;
  • parsing and scraping;
  • brand protection;
  • sneaker bots.

Residential proxies will help you to use all the blocked platforms and Telegram is not excluded. You will not experience any difficulties with Telegram if you choose a reputable company that sells secure proxies for Telegram.


Having checked the best proxy list for Telegram presented in this article, you might want to do a deeper research on the providers. While choosing your personal best one, never forget to think of:

  • security level;
  • availability of countries;
  • connection speed;
  • stability of connection;
  • tariffs;
  • possibility of free trials.

To sum up, all these points coalesce into the service called OnlineProxy. The company owns more than 60 million IPs from more than 100 countries. You will not experience any troubles with the connection. It will be speedy and stable. OnlineProxy’s proxies are fast. In case anything does not work properly, you can always turn to client-oriented customer support that works around the clock.

OnlineProxyoffers flexible tariffs; the prices will pleasantly surprise you. It promises up to 99.5% without a ban and high security level. Nobody will be able to track you online. You will stay incognito.

Another pleasant thing about OnlineProxyis that you can also try it for free. Telegram will not ban you if you use proxies of this provider. As to the tariffs, you can either use unlimited gigabytes or pay for them.

Try OnlineProxy for free now and make up your mind regarding which proxy for Telegram provider is currently the best one on the market.

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