Request Speed & Proxy Usage — How does it Work

  • Apr 2, 2023, 11:24 PM
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A proxy server is a good solution for people who need temporary protection without losing the speed of sending a request, especially when running a regionally blocked website or connecting without sharing IP addresses. In this regard, a free proxy server will be more than enough. We are talking about equipment with which people can definitely increase the speed of sending a request.

It is best to choose services provided by reputable companies with positive reviews from other users. Let's see how the elite proxy service works. A few tips will be useful for enthusiasts whose activities are related to the development of web tools and the creation of mobile applications. The same goes for marketers, who will benefit from finding out the proxy measure meaning. For all such specialists, the speed of sending and receiving a request is a key parameter.

What Proxy Parameters Determine the Query Speed?

When a browser sends a request to access a web page, the proxy server facilitates the loading of the website with its own IP address, so the user remains anonymous. This cannot but affect the network throughput and request sending speed. Sometimes using a slow proxy server people have problems opening web pages. So, if they are looking for a high-speed proxy, they should pay attention to the following:

  • Server localization. It is very important that the proxy provider offers several alternative IP addresses. Only in this case, the user prevents incidents when they have no access to the content or content loading speed is slow. 
  • Encryption options for proxy service. Top companies guarantee the use of SSL certificates. This means that the user's personal data is protected. This is especially true when the request is sent via a Wi-Fi network and proxy.
  • Network throughput. This measure depends on the performance(speed) of the equipment. When looking for the best proxy service, people should consider the type of content. For video hosting and messengers, the requirements are not the same. This means that if your smartphone is not a flagship device, the content will load slowly. Proxy speed often determines this parameter.

Any good proxy server helps people to hide their online activity and speed up request sending. It's the best solution for getting access to suspicious websites, avoiding internet censorship in a specific country or office/school network. But this is not the only purpose of the tool. No less important are other functions for the proxy checker tool. In other words, it is tracking user activity and monitors network failures and speed. 

If people prefer a paid proxy, they don't have problems with slowing page loading speed and can set up additional tools. The most requested service is monitoring and applying filters. This means that each proxy request will be checked for compliance with the company's security policy.

Proxy Service Assignment

When people surf the Internet, their IP address becomes available. Site owners can save it and provide data to third parties. Such cases should be excluded. So, people order a proxy service. This tool helps keep surfing safe and at a stable speed. Ordinary users do not understand how it works. Tech-savvy enthusiasts are often trying to find out does proxy slows down the Internet. In order to answer this question, people should consider the following nuances: 

  • Equipment performance
  • Proxy server localization 
  • Number of requests for any tool

Proxy post request is a phrase used in the everyday life of developers. The same goes for traders and marketers. With a web proxy, ordinary users can unblock YouTube, Google, Facebook, and any website that is unavailable according to corporate rules. The same goes for regional restrictions. Such proxy service works on any device including a computer, mobile, or tablet without having to install any application. 

How to Increase Proxy Speed

People can use proxies services in different ways. Basically, servers are added to increase anonymity when surfing. Sometimes it makes sense when they want to increase network bandwidth. When you think that you have chosen a fast internet proxy, but the site pages open slowly, you should do the following:

  • Free up the hard drive if it is overloaded. Delete temporary (and unnecessary) files in the C:\Windows\Temp and C:\TEMP folders. After that, the speed of sending the request will increase.
  • Fix the Windows registry. Use a special tool for this procedure. This service is free for most operating systems.
  • Open the Startup list (Win + R) and remove programs that are infrequently used.

System administrators can use paid and free proxies. For free available servers, problems with data transfer speed are common. This is because several users can use such IPs at the same time. A public proxy differs from a paid proxy by a minimum level of anonymity. With a weak Internet signal, the equipment does not function at all. So, professionals prefer paid tariffs with a stable speed of sending a request. When ordering such a service, people will not have the problem of slow page loading.


Buying a proxy to speed up the Internet is a good idea for most system administrators. The optimal request speed is 100-150 Mbps. But, even with an optimal measure, some websites can be loaded for a long time. With a free proxy, downloading files takes more than 10 minutes. There are many reasons for slow data loading. But if people have successfully chosen a tariff, they will not have such problems. This is one of the reasons why you should be meticulous when choosing a proxy provider.

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