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  • May 31, 2023, 11:43 AM
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World of Warcraft (or WOW for short) is considered the most popular MMO on the planet. Such online entertainment gives gamers a unique chance to forget about the difficulties at home and work and plunge headlong into the fantastic world of WOW with its colorful characters and exciting battles. But frequent freezes, lags, and access problems in-game functionality from various locations can degrade the gaming experience, depriving you of the opportunity to enjoy the game entirely. The World of Warcraft proxy server will help solve this problem.

What is WOW?

World of Warcraft is the most significant and most common MMO, created by Blizzard Entertainment in 2004.

According to experts, the number of World of Warcraft subscribers reaches 116 million people. Every day, about a million users launch WOW online, and the number of monthly players goes to 26 million. World of Warcraft takes place in the fictional universe of Azeroth. Everyone can join the endless online battle between the daring Horde and the brave Alliance because peace is still so far away.

Any user can choose a profession for his hero in WOW and a set of skills so that he can begin to complete the task and complete the quest. Gamers can play online independently or team up with other players to fight together.

Why do we need proxies for World of Warcraft?

The WOW fans are familiar with the situation where they can't launch the online multiplayer game in certain places. For example, company executives sometimes block computer servers so employees are not distracted by World of Warcraft and other games during working hours. If you want to join battles between work, you can use the World of Warcraft browser proxy, which changes the gadget's IP address so that the system cannot track your location and network activities. Consider other advantages of using a residential proxy:

  • The guarantee of a more stable and faster connection for WOW: If you want to be successful against your opponents in World of Warcraft, you will need a reliable connection so the online game does not slow down. One solution to the problem is to add a data center proxy in the exact location you are using as the WOW mod.
  • Ability to play anonymously: playing WOW is considered anonymous because users use images of their characters as avatars. But it would help if you remembered that complete anonymity is unlikely to be achieved since the initial IP address and location are displayed in WOW. The only way to achieve complete confidentiality is to use proxy bypass Warcraft.
  • Completing combat missions with bots: If you want to access higher game levels in WOW, you must complete various tasks that vary in difficulty. Many users implement particular bots to perform such objectives in WOW to reach new levels faster. If you plan to use bots in WOW, you will need a proxy so that the online game does not block your profile due to suspicious activity since bots make an impossible number of requests per minute for a human.
  • Creating multiple accounts to get gold: according to WOW rules, users are not allowed to open a few accounts to get gold or to develop a character, so they can then resell it to other gamers if all profiles use the same IP from one gadget. Use a residential proxy to create different IP addresses to access multiple accounts to prevent blocking WOW profiles.
  • Unlocking geographically restricted mods: users cannot access specific versions of WOW if they live in regions with certain geographic restrictions. Using a server, you can forget about all geographic limits by selecting the game location to the same place as the World of Warcraft mod you plan to play. You also benefit from collaborating with other users outside of your region.

Buying a World of Warcraft proxy means getting a unique IP address for the USA, Great Britain, and other countries with no online game restrictions. Players who buy reliable proxies do not have to worry about the security of personal information. Some users use such systems for brute forcing other people's accounts. If you are planning such manipulations, remember that they are illegal. In addition, without special knowledge and skills, you cannot hack someone else's profile.

What kind of proxy should I choose for World of Warcraft?

As we know, a proxy system acts as a gateway between your device and online entertainment. It gets your requests and sends them to the game server, hiding your IP address. The server has its IP, so World of Warcraft recognizes it as your real IP when you use it. The proxy also receives responses from the game server before sending them to the user. Simply, all traffic to and from WOW goes through a proxy. Today there are different categories of Warcraft 3 proxy; let's look at the main characteristics of each group:

  • Residential proxies: these WOW systems use the IP addresses that ISPs choose for residential users. These proxies are highly anonymous and suitable for various tasks, such as introducing bots or using multiple WOW accounts.
  • Datacenter proxies: these are digital products of choice for data centers because they guarantee instant connections and minimal latency, making these systems the best solution if you want to increase the performance of your World of Warcraft.
  • Dedicated proxies: these systems are designed for a single user, guaranteeing maximum reliability and efficiency, but these proxies are more expensive than other options.
  • Rotating proxies: such solutions automatically change your IP after a certain period, guaranteeing high anonymity. If you use rotating systems, it will be difficult for other users to get access to your data.
  • Shared proxies: these solutions can be used by several World of Warcraft gamers at once, leading to a deterioration in WOW loading speed. However, this is a more cost-effective solution than other groups and a more efficient option than a free proxy server World of Warcraft.

There is no single answer to which World of Warcraft proxy tunnel is better to ensure a stable connection. When choosing a residential proxy for the online game, consider your financial potential, the optimal level of anonymity, and exactly how you plan to use the solution in WWO, for example, to add bots, use multiple profiles, or ensure a fast and reliable connection with the proxy.

Features of proxy settings for World of Warcraft

Now that we have determined how a proxy for World of Warcraft can change the gameplay, it is crucial to understand how to set up a proxy properly. To do this, you do not need to be a computer genius and know all the intricacies of how systems work. If your humble wow character can fight dangerous creatures, don't be afraid to download proxies.

Once you have selected and purchased a proxy, the provider will provide you with basic details, including the IP address, port number, and password. Be sure to save this information, as it will be required when selecting online proxy settings. When using mobile OnlineProxy for the mobile network, the algorithm of connection is as follows:

  • Choose Settings in your gadget, then Network and Internet, there find the Internet item.
  • Tap your mobile operator properties and select Access Point Names (APNs).
  • Select the hotspot you are currently using to configure the Android proxy settings.
  • In the Port, Username, and Password columns, enter the data that the provider gave you.
  • Click on the three vertical bars in the top right corner and select Save.
  • Restart the network for the changes to take effect. To do this, turn off the connection and turn it on again.
  • Open a browser, enter your credentials, and click Sign in. Now you can successfully use your proxy.

Setting up a mobile proxy for a Wi-Fi network follows the following algorithm:

  • Select Settings on your device, then Network and Internet; find the Internet item there.
  • Locate your current Wi-Fi network and click the gear icon to access the Network Details section.
  • Find the edit button in the upper right corner and open the Advanced options section.
  • In the Proxy section, select Manual and enter the credentials received from the ISP. You can use the Bypass Proxy for the feature to create a list of websites that can ignore your proxy.
  • Open a browser and go through another authentication. Everything is ready; now you can use Wi-Fi with the new IP addresses.

Remember to add a proxy configuration for each Wi-Fi network, even if you switch between different frequencies on the same system.

The proxy allows you to improve your WoW experience and enjoy the online multiplayer game, regardless of the restrictions associated with your location or Internet service provider. The right choice of digital solution and its correct settings will make the gaming experience unforgettable, ensuring high performance, security, and anonymity.

If you responsibly approach the proxy installation by following the steps described in this guide, you can unleash the full potential of WOW gaming. Invite your friends and prepare for a unique journey through the universe of Azeroth.

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