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  • Jun 1, 2023, 10:54 AM
  • 4 minutes

The Tor browser is a very famous variant for those people who need to stay anonymous on the Internet network. With the Tor browser online proxy, you can easily access any site domain worldwide with minimal effort and cost. Using a proxy server for the Tor browser, you are guaranteed to be able to ensure the anonymity and safety of personal data, as well as hide your online activity from third-party clients. You can set up your browser with a proxy server in minutes.

What is Tor Browser?

Tor Browser has been specially designed for those who care about their privacy and the security of personal data. The project was first launched in 2006, but the very idea of creating a secure HTTPS connection arose at the end of the last century. The Tor browser project is regularly developed with a simple setting, attracting the attention of an increasing number of users.

With the help of a proxy for the Tor browser, you can be sure to protect yourself from being tracked on any device and bypass site domain blocking in different countries. Proxy server versions are available for Windows, Android, Linux, and MacOS, opening up vast customization possibilities.

You can easily connect your Tor browser to the bridge at boot time to get a dedicated IP address and change it dynamically on the fly. A Tor browser proxy setting can be configured with just a few clicks, so there will be no difficulties even if you do not have the appropriate configuration experience. Tor is a browser that guarantees the safety of your data with a secure proxy server when you connect to an anonymous network. 

What type of proxy is best for the Tor browser?

You can use a variety of proxy settings for the Tor browser, depending on your individual preferences. The best is the residential and datacenter proxy servers for the Tor browser, which provide a high speed of data transfer in the anonymous network between different nodes and help to perform online data loading.

Using a datacenter proxy server will improve the efficiency of information processing and interaction with other sources. You can use a residential proxy server at home. Such a Tor browser configuration proxy server is quick to configure and set up and does not have to much effort on the user's part. At the same time, such proxy servers help to completely hide your presence on the anonymous network, providing a secure connection at minimal cost to the user, regardless of geographic location. 

How to set up an OnlineProxy proxy for the Tor browser? 

The procedure of how to set a proxy in the Tor browser itself is very easy for every single person. Tor browser proxy settings on Mac do not differ from similar settings in other operating systems, so you must follow the basic recommendations.

With the help of the OnlineProxy proxy server, you can easily configure the Tor browser proxy according to your individual needs. To set up user settings for the Tor browser, you need to perform a few basic steps:

  1. At the first stage, you should go to your program sock settings for an account for the user with a username and password.
  2. Next, you must go to the advanced anonymous network sock settings by clicking the Configure field.
  3. In the next form that appears, you can write the sock details of your server, including the individual address and port. This data will be used to provide access to the Internet.
  4. If you have to install a proxy server, then you need to select the protocol type in the menu and the current address and port obtained using the OnlineProxy service.
  5. Next, you must configure the work sock protocols by selecting them from the drop-down menu. Choose the protocols that you use to process data on the network.
  6. After setting up the Tor browser socks5 proxy for an account with a unique username and password, you must carefully check all the data. You can check the parameters of the entered sock IP address and change it dynamically if necessary.

If you want to disconnect from the sock proxy server, then you need to click on the appropriate button. Then your HTTPS connection will become insecure. Setting up a proxy server for the Tor browser in any country using OnlineProxy does not require much effort and cost. You can easily use the available service. 

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