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  • Sep 6, 2023, 12:40 PM
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The proxy for Selenium has been created to empower users to securely test applications without compromising precision or quality. This enables developers and testers to interact with their applications in a simulated environment as though they were connected directly to an active server. Let's explore configuring a Selenium proxy using OnlineProxy.

What is Selenium?

Selenium is a powerful open-source automation testing tool used for automating web application testing. It supports dynamic web pages and can be integrated with various programming languages such as Java, Python, C#, etc.

Selenium provides various features like cross-browser compatibility, easy-to-use API for test case creation and execution, support for running tests in parallel on different browsers and platforms, and integration with CI/CD tools.

Why should you use proxies for application testing?

There are several reasons why proxies should be used for application testing:

  • Proxies can provide an additional layer of security by masking the IP address of your device. This ensures that sensitive information remains anonymous and protected from potential cyberattacks or data theft. 
  • Proxies allow testers to access geo-restricted content and test how applications behave in different regions. 
  • Proxies provide the ability to scale up testing, allowing testers to process data and generate accurate results quickly. 
  • Proxies can help load balancing during peak times, ensuring that applications remain responsive even when demand is high. 
  • Proxy servers also help maintain a consistent connection during long test sessions, preventing disruptions that might cause errors. 
  • Proxies enable testers to simulate different types of connections, allowing them to test the performance and reliability of applications under various network conditions.

How to set up a proxy for Selenium? Step-by-step

If you've signed up for a proxy service such as OnlineProxy, you will likely need to authenticate your proxies before utilizing them. Otherwise, you won't be able to employ them in Selenium. Depending on the project's size, you can use Selenium with either a standard browser or a headless one.

  1. Go to the OnlineProxy and create an account.
  2. Once you have created an account, you must purchase some proxies. You can choose from various proxies, such as residential proxies, datacenter proxies, and mobile proxies.
  3. Once you have purchased some proxies, you will need to get the IP addresses and ports of the proxies. You can find this information in your OnlineProxy account.
  4. Open the Selenium IDE and go to the "Preferences" tab.
  5. In the "Proxy" section, select the "Manual proxy configuration" option.
  6. Enter the IP addresses and ports of the proxies you purchased from OnlineProxy.
  7. Make sure that the "Use proxy" checkbox is checked.
  8. Click on the "Save" button.

Once you have configured Selenium to use proxies, you can start scraping websites. When you scrape a website, Selenium will use the proxies you have configured to hide your IP address. This will help you avoid CAPTCHAs, temporary blocks, and permanent IP bans.

To extend and add proxy to Selenium python capabilities, you'll have to install Selenium Wire. Regarding proxy authentication, the default Selenium module can make the process unnecessarily complex.

How to set up a Selenium HTTPS proxy with authentication

Step 1. To authenticate your proxies, you should include your username and password in the URL.

options = {

    'proxy': {

        'https': 'https://USER:PASSWORD@ENDPOINT',



Step 2. Alternatively, you can configure your proxy settings using environment variables. This way, you won't need to specify your proxies in the code. $ export HTTP_PROXY="http://ENDPOINT" $ export HTTPS_PROXY="https://ENDPOINT" $ export NO_PROXY="LOCALHOST,ENDPOINT" How to set up a SOCKS5 proxy with authentication Authenticate your Selenium SOCKS5 proxy by including your username and password in the URL.

options = {

    'proxy': {

        'http': 'socks5://USER:PASSWORD@ENDPOINT',

        'https': 'socks5://USER:PASSWORD@ENDPOINT',

        'no_proxy': 'localhost,ENDPOINT'



driver = webdriver.Chrome(seleniumwire_options=options)

Replace 'USER', 'PASSWORD', and 'ENDPOINT' with your actual SOCKS5 Selenium rotate proxy credentials and endpoint.

How to use Selenium Chrome proxy

The first step is to install the Selenium IDE extension in Chrome. To do this, open up your browser and go to the Chrome Web Store. From there, search for "Selenium IDE" and click the "Add to Chrome" button on the extension page. Once it's installed, you can access Selenium commands by clicking on the extension icon.

In addition to recording and playing back scripts, you can also use Selenium commands to perform automated tasks in Chrome. These commands allow you to do things such as open new pages, fill out forms, click buttons, and navigate through web pages. To access these commands, simply click on the Selenium IDE extension in your browser. From there, you can browse through the various commands and select which one to use.

How to use Selenium Firefox proxy python

You can install and Selenium set proxy in just a few simple clicks. Once installed, open Firefox, and from the main menu bar click “Tools” and then “Selenium IDE.” This will launch the Selenium IDE, where you can begin writing your automation scripts. 

When using Selenium in Firefox, you can write scripts in different languages such as Java or Python to help with testing and other web development tasks. You also have access to a wide variety of commands to help you better control the behavior of your scripts. With Selenium, you can simulate user events such as pressing buttons, entering text into a form field, and performing various other tasks on a webpage.

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