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  • May 31, 2023, 9:24 PM
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The proxy area contains many valuable utilities from different providers, making setting up a solution easier. Practical examples of such utilities are services for managing proxy servers, including unlimited FoxyProxy. In this article, we will discuss the system's capabilities in geo-targeting and how to change proxy using FoxyProxy in different browsers and countries.

Some words about FoxyProxy Extension

FoxyProxy is a free extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that simplifies browser proxy settings. It is one of the most popular SOCKS proxy switchers for different providers because it has a lot of functionality that other systems don't have.

An essential advantage of using such a plugin is that the SOCKS proxy FoxyProxy setting is relevant only to the browser environment. In most cases, if you plan to configure a proxy for a free trial, it must be configured at the system level; that is, other browsers and applications also access the network through the proxies used.

However, if you use unlimited FoxyProxy, your settings only apply to the selected browser, not the entire system. It is because the program uses the browser's proxy API instead of the system's settings.

The app also supports automatic URL switching and importing and exporting proxies from different providers. If you frequently use SOCKS proxy, FoxyProxy should be in your system for a trial.

The free service also has minor downsides. For example, it takes time to find proxies based on location quickly. The customization options may also be too complex for some users.

The app from a famous provider has several versions: Basic and Standard; you can use any option for a trial. Both modifications have almost identical functionality:

  • proxy FoxyProxy profiles,
  • instant switching of proxy servers,
  • proxy import.

The main difference is in a feature of the Standard Patterns that is missing from the base FoxyProxy. Instead of activating anonymous SOCKS proxies for all websites, Patterns allows you to monitor servers and blacklist or whitelist them for one session or permanently geo-targeting. Unlimited FoxyProxy is in high demand in countries with many banned websites and restricted content.

The extension itself is free, but you need to buy SOCKS proxies from a reliable provider, which vary in price. Many providers offer a free trial so that you can evaluate the functionality.

What type of proxy to choose for FoxyProxy Extension

Today there are many proxy groups that you can use to work with FoxyProxy. Most users select these types of anonymous proxy FoxyProxy:

  • Datacenter proxies: their name explains how such systems are obtained. Their IP addresses are not associated with Internet service providers. Datacenter servers use IP addresses that belong to local Internet registries, such as web hosting services. When performing intensive tasks with traffic and geo-targeting, the system can blacklist the Datacenter services since IP addresses do not belong to actual locations in different countries. The popularity of such systems from various providers is associated with their significant speed, high efficiency, and loyal price. You can test them for a trial.
  • Residential FoxyProxy proxies: these solutions use IP addresses provided directly by Internet service providers and are therefore associated with real locations and gadgets in different countries. It makes residential SOCKS proxies indistinguishable from real users, making it harder to identify and block users. Since these IP addresses must be bought from providers, their price is higher, but you can try a trial.
  • Rotary SOCKS proxies: these solutions, with a free trial and affordable prices, assign their users a different address than the address of the device that was previously connected to it.

Today, mobile proxies are also very popular because of their excellent prices. These are IP addresses assigned by mobile network providers (MNOs). They provide users with dynamic IP addresses that change each time the user sends a request. The benefits of a mobile solution from the OnlineProxy provider:

privacy: you get 100% channel and personal IP address,

Unlimited traffic: no need to worry about turning off the SOCKS proxy after reaching the limit.

System reliability: the provider controls the quality of the residential proxy and is ready to return the money if something goes wrong.

The OnlineProxy service offers a choice by the desired country, mobile operator, and proxy type for loyal prices. You can try a free trial to evaluate the service's functionality.

How to set up an OnlineProxy proxy for FoxyProxy Google Chrome?

To apply the system from the provider OnlineProxy, you must configure it using your gadget's browser app. Consider how to set up and use proxies for FoxyProxy in Chrome:

  • Download and install the free digital product from the Google Web Store.
  • Click on the fox icon and select Options.
  • Click Add new proxy.
  • On the General tab, enter the name of your profile.
  • On the Proxy Details tab, click Manual proxy settings and enter basic information about your system (address and port). Remember, the name can be a URL or an IP address, depending on your provider. If you are using SOCKS proxies with the free trial, you will need to specify a number of other parameters. After entering all the data, click Save.
  • Next, the system will return you to the section with a list of installed solutions from various providers. At the top of the Proxy Mode tab, select whether to use a SOCKS proxy for all URL addresses.
  • When you have completed the setup and know FoxyProxy how to add another proxy, click Save. Click on the program icon and the icon for your new account. Now all your Internet traffic will be routed through this connection.

Several authorization options exist when using unlimited free proxies in different countries: whitelist IP addresses or usernames and passwords. When the provider allows the whitelist, the toolbar must specify this option. If the system requires authorization with a username and password, you must provide this data when you start using the solution with a free trial.

How to set up OnlineProxy proxy для FoxyProxy Firefox?

Unlike Chrome, Firefox allows its users to set up FoxyProxy proxies out of the box. Despite some differences, the setup procedure is almost the same for any provider:

  • Open the add-on store, point to FoxyProxy, and wait for the installation to complete.
  • Click on the extension icon and select Options.
  • You will notice that the Firefox version looks different and has several additional features. Click Add to start setting up a new SOCKS proxy from a reliable provider.
  • Unlike the Chrome modification, this extension version has all the settings, usernames, and passwords in one place, so you don't have to switch between tabs. You can use this window to enter username credentials, proxy server FoxyProxy, password from the provider, IP address and type, and to create template shortcuts. You can generate multiple profiles for a trial without constantly returning to the main UI window.

Click on the app icon and select the profile you just created. FoxyProxy has a built-in button that allows you to check IP addresses with Mozilla. Remember to use it to test that everything works correctly in your country.

If you are, because reliable developers offer low prices. Use the unlimited network from provider OnlineProxy with a trial and get a different IP address for each new connection request. Our advanced SOCKS proxies successfully hide your location and never reveal insights about your real IP. Experts are also ready to tell how to add tor proxy to FoxyProxy. Choose a system in any country for a reasonable price, and generate a username and password for unlimited website access.

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