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  • Apr 13, 2021, 3:26 PM
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Today’s world cannot be imagined without various technologies. The Internet has sneaked into the most remote parts of our world. With all the unlimited access to everything we have nowadays, there are some pitfalls on the Web. Not every person of the common run knows about them, but people dealing with business simply must be acquainted with various technologies that will help to boost their performance.

There are many useful activities for businesses that can be performed online. Residential proxy is one of such helpful tools. You will learn about them in this article. Which business does not want to boost its performance? This desire will be easily fulfilled with residential proxies; obviously, if it chooses a reputable residential proxy provider. You will find some lifehacks on this here.

First of all, it is necessary to have a crystal clear understanding of what proxies are and where to apply them. You will be surprised with the variety of efficient functions proxies offer to make your business thrive.

Usage of Residential Proxies

Proxies can be called mediums between the user and the destination resource of this user. When a user tries to access the desired site, the proxy meets his IP address halfway and changes it into an absolutely new IP. After this the destination resource cannot determine the real IP address of this user. The user’s identity stays anonymous for the destination site.

To choose a reputable residential proxy provider it is crucial to find out the next things about the provider before buying it:

  • the security level of clients;
  • provides stable connection without ‘fall offs’;
  • has high connection speed;
  • offers a large coverage map;
  • gives you free trials;
  • has suitable tariffs;
  • is ready to contact you back right away and at any time.

With all these components included you can be assured that the residential proxy provider is a reputable and secure one.

Proxies can be used for various needs. Also, there are different kinds of proxies. For example, if you decide to buy proxy accommodation, proxies can be:

This is obvious that each kind of proxy works better for certain needs. Residential proxies supply you with a specific IP address that belongs to a specific physical device. This means that all the requests are passed through a specific device. And this is the main benefit of the kind because no one will have suspicions of an unreal person sending requests. In other words, it is not possible to differentiate the requests of users with real IPs from requests from residential proxy IPs.

To explain even better, you can compare an IP to a residential address definition.

This situation is very convenient for ordinary people who do not want to show their real identity online. However, it is even more convenient for businesses as they require many more tasks done besides the possibility of staying anonymous online. Actually, staying anonymous online, businesses can boost their performance. Getting acquainted with the text below will help you to understand how.

Efficient Usage of Proxies for Different Aims

Proxies play a crucial role in every-day life of both ordinary people and business owners. They help with bypassing certain restrictions. Without proxies many online resources and options would not have been available.

With today’s technologies it is possible to use automated proxy providers in order to be able to choose even a country you are supposedly staying at. This means that premium proxies have developed to a stage where you can even pick a specific IP address that belongs to a specific country.

Metaphorically, you are able to choose any address around the globe, but comfortably stay at your place. This is an extremely efficient technology for both businesses and users suffering from regional blocks. Besides, this is extremely convenient for traveling individuals or workers that used to or have to visit certain resources.

It is high time to discuss how it is necessary to use residential proxies for different necessities.

Masking IP

If you want to preserve your anonymity while surfing the Web, residential proxies can become your best helpers in this task. They will change your virtual address so any resource will be able to identify you.


Believe it or not, but trusting your safety to a residential proxy is usually very reasonable. Since your virtual address will be hidden and only the proxy’s address will be shown, no frauds and no hackers will be able to detect your activities online. All they will see is an absolutely other IP which means all your data will be kept safe.

Bypassing Regional Restrictions

Even though today’s Internet seems to offer everything for every person, there still are many pitfalls out there. Not everybody knows that certain resources are restricted in certain areas. For example, some of the YouTube videos are restricted in some countries. Also, certain Netflix series will not be available in some regions. Specific web-sites will be forbidden in certain lands. Moreover, certain messaging applications are not allowed in certain areas.

However, all these regional restrictions can be easily bypassed with the help of residential proxies. Since you are able to choose an exact country, these issues will not influence your freedom of visiting the desired web-sites, communicating with your friends and family as you wish to or watching the desired videos on YouTube or films on Netflix.

Boosting Business

There is another and very specific branch of using proxies in the business sphere. The issue is that businesses usually need multiple accounts in order to give prominence to their wares and services. Platforms that allow promoting wares and services are not usually satisfied with the same IP address. That is why many large and small businesses get blocks from various websites, messaging applications and social media.

An easy and comfortable way of leading business online is using residential proxies. If you feel that you are trying hard, but the efforts of others look more efficient, turn to residential proxy accommodations. You will be surprised with the speed and efficiency of a somewhat automated service that will bring clarity in your business life (and not only this part of it, by the way).

5 Efficient Ways to Integrate Residential Proxies in Business

Having read up to this moment, you will already know some advantages of the residential proxies. However, if you are in the business sphere, there is a pleasant surprise for you: these advantages will be described below.

1. Protection of your Company’s Name in front of the Buyers

One of the main things for an online company is to stay protected from various counterfeits. It usually happens that maleficent dealers try to copy the site and photos of reputable companies and sell their own non-quality goods in the guise of these reputable companies.

With the help of residential proxies it will be possible to get a virtual address from the same state. Then, you will be able to find out which website is trying to present them as you and collect all the needed information.

2. Monitoring the Real Market

Many sellers do everything to hide their real data from their competitors. With the hidden IP none of your rivals will be able to monitor your activities on their retail pages. That is why residential proxies are perfect for monitoring the market.

3. Advertising and Marketing

Boost performance is always a key to the best outcome. Thus, residential proxies help to create numerous advertisements within multiple accounts. In order to advertise properly, you should choose the best private proxy service for you. You will be able to check various SEO tasks with the help of residential proxies. Among them are:

  • ranking of the site’s targets;
  • the changes in ranking etc.

Since search engines are gathering info about everything, proxies work best to bypass their strict eye.

4. Aggregation

This is another crucial part of business life. Aggregation of content from various resources and presenting the outcome on your platform will not be easy without residential proxies. In order to keep a database of the aggregated content, rotating proxy are crucial. Just an example of a benefit: the cost of certain ware on various e-commerce sites will not be adequate if not to use residential proxies.

5. Testing

Residential proxies help to see how your product or service actually looks online for your customers. You can check if your advertisements are displayed as a search at all or if they are displayed in certain locations. With this type of accommodation you will have an opportunity to see how your offer actually looks to your clients without being blocked by any of the platforms.

Since authentication during registration is an obligatory thing on all the popular platforms nowadays, using proxies and virtual directories will save you from having your hard-worked account blocked.

In Conclusion

With all that said above, you should already know how to choose a reputable residential proxy provider. This article revealed all the secrets on how not to catch your feet in a trap of mystique residential proxy accommodations. Where to buy mobile proxies?

It will be reasonable to take a closer look at such a provider. For example, OnlineProxy offers premium rotating proxies from over 100 countries. Moreover, this accommodation has targeting up to the city (actually, up to more than 500 cities). OnlineProxy works with more than 200 mobile operators (which means that its proxies are residential).

OnlineProxy residential proxies are suitable for both individual and business needs. They provide secure and stable work for any business. You will not be disappointed with the connection ‘fall offs’. The network with OnlineProxy residential proxies will work stable.

No worries about your brand protection as you will be able to freely detect any counterfeits. Detecting them will not take much time with this online accommodation.

Advertising networks will not be able to block your accounts because of OnlineProxy’s rotating proxies. You can automate your or your personal’s work with these residential accommodations. Since your virtual address will be masked no application will detect your real IP.

Research of the market will not take much time and effort from you if you buy rotating OnlineProxy’s residential proxies. This accommodation offers fast proxies for any business needs.

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