Patchy proxy connection: general problem/exeption?

  • Apr 1, 2022, 5:17 PM
  • 5 minutes

Quite often, many PC users who are somehow connected to the Internet and gamers who connect to game portals observe the appearance of errors of connection with proxies and servers.

As you know, the firewall at the default settings can block many web resources, considering them dangerous or containing potentially unwanted data. This is very common when connecting to online multiplayer game servers.

Timeout operation completes the connection waiting time when using or misconfiguration of the proxy server. In this case, we are talking about proxy settings in the system, and the use of anonymous proxy servers, when the user wants to remain in the World Wide Web unrecognized, and in other words, to hide the valid IP address of his computer terminal.

Features and causes of unstable proxy connection

"Proxy server does not respond" - this error occurs to most "users" when trying to go to various portals in the browser. The error is quite simple to fix, and the main thing is to understand the causes and choose the right way to solve the problem.

In many situations, access to the Internet is provided automatically. What is a proxy connection? The user only needs to configure the connection once and does not have to configure anything. However, there are cases when an error message appears on the monitor, indicating that the connection is impossible: "Server does not respond."

There are several reasons for the proxies, for market research:

  • An incorrect address (IP or domain) is specified.
  • Antivirus is blocking outgoing requests to that address.
  • Presence of viruses or the result of not destroyed malicious code.

It should be noted that the work with the Internet will be saved. However, accessing the network via a browser and working with files online will be suspended. If you try to go online, an error will appear on the screen saying that the proxy cannot respond.

Preventing unstable connections: general manual

Let's look at a few options on how to fix unstable connections.

Change proxy server settings

The proxy settings are a bit more complicated in the system. How to configure proxy settings in Firefox? Let's take the standard browser as an example. Use the "Internet Options" section and the "Connections" tab in the browser.

At the bottom, there is a button "Network Setting" after clicking on it, and you will enter the local network settings window. Here, uncheck the "Use proxy server" box and save the changes (sometimes, you can disable proxies for provincial addresses).

But if the connection is made using a proxy, it is better to contact your ISP to set the correct setting proxy.

Configure the proxy settings

The Patch Manager administrator console and the application server must have an Internet connection to work correctly. When you want a component to be connected to the proxy on Internet, thanks to a proxy server, you must enter the proxy server details in the dialog boxes.

Configure the console proxy settings

Follow these steps to configure proxy settings by connecting from the Patch Manager console.

  1. Go to the navigation menu and click on Administration and Reporting.
  2. Go to the central panel to click on General Settings - Automatic Proxy Configuration.
  3. Now select the Console Proxy Settings window and choose Use proxy in synchronization.
  4. Fill in the other options as you see fit.
  5. Click OK.

Configure the server proxy settings

Follow these steps to configure proxy settings to connect to a server through the Patch Manager application.

It is recommended to use an Active Directory account for the EminentWare Data Grid Server Service. After changing the proxy server settings in this configuration, you should also update the GPOs that apply to the Active Directory service account, stop the service, and clean up the Windows profile.

  1. Go to the navigation menu and expand Administration and Reporting, where you select Software Publish.
  2. Go to the Actions pane and click Synchronization Settings.
  3. The Third-Party Update Settings window will show the Proxy Settings tab, which you must select.
  4. Go to Use proxy server during synchronization.
  5. Fill in other parameters at your discretion.
  6. Click OK.

Choosing an ISP as the key to the successful proxy operation

Knowing how to test proxies will help you avoid various problems while using them. However, to make the area of your search for a perfect service match narrower, let's discuss how to choose a reputable provider before testing it. This will save your time and anonymity efforts.

There are free and paid accommodations. Free providers cannot afford to buy and operate quality hardware and software. That is why the speed and quality of their proxies always suffer. Their uptime is low, and the number of locations is poor. If you do not want to get banned, do not use free proxy accommodations for your business and even personal anonymity needs like proxy Colombia.

Paid proxy services give you certain guarantees, and you can receive a refund if their proxies fail. Check out if the chosen service offers free trials or promo tariffs. If yes, this is a sign of a reputable service. Each customer should have an opportunity to try the service before spending money on it.

Always pay attention to the quantity of proxies checker in the provider's pool. Inquire about the availability and variety of locations around the globe. The more places there are available, the better. Your service should offer decent uptime (at least 99.5%).

The anonymity proxies level should be high. It would help if you were sure your data would not leak to third parties. The proxies should be quick as speed is essential for many business tasks. Go to the website for the proxy service!

Ensure the provider has a responsive customer support service that works 24/7 to resolve any possible issues. If you want to test proxies that deliver on promises, try the OnlineProxy service that works 24/7. You can try them for free manual proxy setting by taking a short survey. There are more than 130 million IP addresses in OnlineProxy's pool. More than 150 countries are at your disposal, and you can target even up to the city. These proxies are fast and anonymous.

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