Mobile Proxy Technology And Cloud Security Protection |

  • Jul 12, 2021, 2:33 PM
  • 2 minutes

With the development of technologies for online usage many of them began to interact. This article will tell you about mobile proxies and cloud security so you could fulfill your knowledge in these technologies.

Mobile Proxies and Cloud Security: The Basis

Let’s sort out what is a mobile proxy and what is cloud security.

Mobile Proxies

A mobile proxy is a portable device. It can be a tablet or a smartphone that is connected to the Internet via mobile data. If you connect to such a proxy, your IP address will be changed to the address of the device.

Mobile proxy network consists of 4g lte mobile proxies and 3G connections. They are assigned to specific portable devices by a cell operator. This kind of proxies is always authentic. Having chosen the desired country you are seen as its resident and your real address cannot be detected.

Cloud Security

Unlike mobile proxies, cloud proxies do not use hardware. They are based on clouds. They receive, verify and forward your request to other resources.

The cloud proxy must be aware of the user’s identity, where he is aiming to, if this access is allowed by company policies and if the traffic is clean and safe.

As you can see, the main difference is that mobile proxies are assigned to hardware and cloud proxies are assigned to clouds.

Interaction Between the Technologies

Global proxy networks cooperate with cloud security providers. The first helps the second to position their customers more strategically to be prepared for any kinds of emergencies.

In such a way the systems and algorithms are ready to cyberattacks from various gadgets, service providers and locations from all over the world.

OnlineProxy Service

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The main advantages of these proxies are:

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The convenience of this provider is that you can choose to pay for gigabytes or for unlimited traffic. You can try their free proxies first, check their quality and then buy mobile proxy from the needed tariff.

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OnlineProxy proxies are suitable for both personal and business usage. You can bypass blocks, manage multiple accounts, analyze the market, discover closed content, monitor prices and do many other useful things.

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