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  • May 4, 2023, 4:08 PM
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To safely switch between profiles, having several browsers is unnecessary. You can install Incogniton to manage multiple accounts from one device. The anti-detect browser allows you to easily switch between personal pages, create posts and increase traffic flow to the page. It is an excellent tool for those who develop social networks and are concerned about data privacy.

What is Incogniton?

Incogniton is a browser that will help you keep your Internet activities completely authorless. With it, you can keep your actions secret and use several profiles in one browser simultaneously. The peculiarity of Incogniton is that each tab is considered a separate browser. The social media you visit read traffic from different addresses. If you additionally enable a proxy, the connection security will increase several times. It allows:

  • log in to multiple profiles;
  • collect more data from the social site;
  • test server load;
  • avoid data leakage.

The Incogniton browser uses multi-level anti-detect protection. Thanks to it, you can easily stay online and not worry that the server will consider you a bot and block access. Plus, there is no need to spend time confirming the entry and passing authentication. Just click the button, create a new Incogniton browser window, and get to work.

The Incogniton browser does not store information in the cloud and does not sync profiles. Several team members can be online and perform all the necessary actions. A few clicks in anti-detect browser will allow you to perform teamwork and not interfere with other participants easily.

Why You Need Anonymous Browser?

The main reason to use an Incogniton proxy is to keep your online activities private. Even if you use the most secure connection option, information about which resources you visited. Thanks to the anti-detect system, the anonymous browser hides all your activities. You need to click on the browser and open the required help.

With Incogniton, you can:

  • login to multiple social media pages;
  • get information from closed sites;
  • work online on data collection;
  • integrate additional features in the browser;
  • create original content.

The Incogniton browser proxy is most often active on multiple social media. Servers do not allow such activity, and to enter another profile, you need to click on the exit button from the first profile. It is an additional waste of time. With Incogniton you can open as many profiles as you like in a few clicks. At the same time, each profile can be active, leave comments, post content, and communicate with subscribers.

Managing an safe browser Incogniton is very easy. It is no different from other online anti-detect browsers for accessing the 4g Internet. You only need to click on the icon, open the address of social networks and go to your page. To open another profile, click on the new window.

Who is Interested in Using the Anonymous Browser Incogniton?

The Incogniton browser is a great assistant for those involved in managing and developing social networks. You don't need to constantly log into your profile to post content and get more traffic. All this can be done by opening a new window in the Incogniton browser.

 Incogniton browser is suitable for management companies that need to perform many actions in one account. The system does not synchronize different participants' activities, allowing each user to work on their part of the project.

The Incogniton browser can be used from a computer or laptop and a mobile phone. With stable 4g, browsing will be straightforward. The system reliably protects user information so that you can use mobile Internet and public networks.

Internet anonymous browsing is suitable for testing social sites. Using the Incogniton browser, you can send multiple requests for one resource. It lets you understand how the servers cope with the load and withstand various attacks.

The Incogniton browser is elementary to use. Intuitive control lets you click the desired icon and quickly switch to another page. Incogniton is suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

Why use a Proxy for Incogniton?

Web browsing anonymously will help increase traffic to the site and conveniently work with multiple profiles from one device. It is a safe browser that guarantees relatively high information protection.

Incogniton browser allows you to run multiple pages on one site from one device. It is worth knowing that the same IP address will be used for all logins. The server will see you logging and click in from the same computer under different names. Therefore, using a proxy anonymous browser is worth increasing security.

Using an Incogniton browser proxy allows you to:

  • increase the level of privacy of actions on the Internet;
  • create different IP for traffic inflow;
  • avoid blocking or ban;
  • gain access to prohibited resources.

A Incogniton proxy connection allows you to bypass blocking and open sites prohibited in your country. With the help of a high anonymous proxy browser Incogniton, you can easily ignore all prohibitions and click others. You will not worry that your personal or corporate IP will be on the block list.

How to Choose the Best Proxy for Incogniton

Mobile proxies can be used to strengthen anti-detect in browser Incogniton. It is the easiest option to hide your address and open multiple profiles. This type of proxy masks your actual address, guaranteeing the maximum protection level.

With the help of a mobile proxy from OnlineProxy, you will get access to all the necessary resources and servers. An unlimited proxy will help you work on social networks and collect the necessary information. The connection allows you to create as many tabs as you like in the Incogniton browser and use the traffic safely.

OnlineProxy controls all operations and connections. You can test a proxy, click on the website, before you buy it. Thus, you can ensure that Incogniton anonymous proxy web browser provides a high level of protection and allows you to create the required number of accounts.

You can buy a local proxy that points to your address in a specific geolocation or use a private connection that guarantees your browser's maximum level of protection. With OnlineProxy and Incogniton Browser, you can click and create the required number of pages and not worry that the social network will block you.

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