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  • Nov 26, 2019, 8:52 AM
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Social networks, including Instagram, have firmly and reliably entered our daily lives. Here, many people, paradoxically, spend most of their time, which often exceeds the total duration of even a dream.

For this reason, mobile proxies for Instagram cause such interest not only among young people, but also among the older generation. For a simple layman, mobile proxies are needed primarily to ensure complete anonymity. A person fears, often, not unreasonably, the actions of hooligans, intruders, and a change in IP helps to level this problem.

Why is this needed?

But more often professionals try to buy mobile proxies for Instagram. For them, this is an opportunity:

  • Create a large number of different accounts, often diverse, both manually and with the involvement of bots. Arbitration of traffic using this technique allows you to solve many pressing problems and achieve the results.
  • Wind up likes and dislikes, moreover, on the same object, for example, a photograph. At the same time, changing the IP address allows the system to think that all different visitors do it. This technique can probably not be called "ethical", but from a legal point of view there is nothing to complain about. By the way, recently the social network has been actively struggling with this phenomenon not technically, but psychologically, as an option, by prohibiting other users from viewing the number of likes.
  • Leave comments from different accounts, creating the appearance of discussion. Often, people just need to see the beginning of the conversation to join her. In general, this feature of the human character (herd instinct) is emphasized.
  • Stream scrolling filtered notes with the ability to respond to them.

Why mobile proxies?

Indeed, there are many providers who offer the services of stationary proxy servers. One could assume that they would be more convenient for long-term work. In fact, mobile proxies proved to be more practical. This is due to the fact that users most often use smartphones and tablets to enter Instagram. Naturally, the IP addresses of mobile operators will look more natural for controlling systems.

The second, too quick change of address looks like a person is traveling in public transport and is gradually moving from one station connecting a mobile phone to another. In this case, the IP address changes quite quickly - literally every couple of minutes, like a mobile proxy. In general, calculating a bot and distinguishing it from a real visitor can be extremely difficult, and sometimes frankly impossible.

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