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  • May 4, 2023, 4:48 PM
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Price monitoring and aggregation are integral to any company's business strategy that wants to profit more than its competitors.Competent execution of price analysis with proxy provides a deep understanding of market trends, allowing enterprises to make monitoring of effective strategies, develop new markets, and increase profits. An accurate and reliable competitor price tracker is impossible without an efficient proxy.

Some words about price monitoring

Price monitoring is a procedure for constantly tracking, making an analysis, and comparing prices for goods and services offered by competitors on the market with a proxy. Such data allows the business to maintain its market position, optimize and change pricing strategies, and drive sales growth. Monitoring prices and performing analysis with proxy is relevant for various areas, for example, the travel industry, where price changes are commonplace, and customers are sensitive to even minor fluctuations.

Price monitoring takes place using manual and automated systems with proxies. Manual monitoring with proxy involves constantly visiting competitors' websites or physical stores to collect and make an analysis of pricing information. However, such procedures are fraught with inaccuracies and tedious work, especially for large businesses with many competitors on the market. Automatic monitoring with proxy for price sensitivity uses software or automated tools to make monitoring and analysis about competitors from different sources and create an orderly system.

The importance of competitor pricing monitoring

According to a recent survey by RetailMeNot, about 80% of shoppers make an analysis of prices offered by competitors. Businesses that enjoy the highest popularity comprehend all aspects of monitoring and making analysis of information, comparing their potential with competitors, and setting the best prices with proxy. Consider other benefits of competitor price tracker with the proxy:

  • Competitive advantage: analysis of competitors' pricing strategies using a reliable proxy allows you to find gaps in your pricing strategy to eliminate them in time and outperform competitors.
  • Pricing optimization: competitors' price analysis with proxy allows a business to perform monitoring and select an ideal pricing strategy when they identify optimal price categories and price ranges based on tracking competitor price data.
  • Product positioning: a business can identify which procedures need to be improved and adjust its strategy by comparing its offerings with competitors' products.
  • Increasing market share: by monitoring competitors' pricing strategies with proxy, a business can make the analysis of the potential to increase market share by changing its strategy and tracking the most competitive prices.

If you use price monitoring tools without a proxy, there is a risk that websites will figure out your IP address, or ban your profile. Accurate information about competitors' prices is critical to perform an analysis of your advertising strategy, so implementing proxy servers can make your business efficient.

How to use dynamic pricing?

Dynamic pricing, also called real-time pricing, is a flexible approach that helps to identify the price of goods or services of competitors with a proxy. The purpose of dynamic pricing is to allow an organization to make monitoring and quickly change the cost of commodities, considering the price in the market.

Monitoring of changes with proxy is provided by bots. These programs collect information about competitors and use algorithms to change prices per business rules. These standards provide tracking of the client's location, time, demand, and prices offered by competitors. However, as big data has emerged and big data has been analyzed, it has become possible to make business rules as granular as possible. Collecting and making analysis of data about a particular customer after connecting trackers proxy allows the supplier to predict how much he is willing to pay for the product and set the appropriate price.

Some reasons why you should use mobile proxy to track prices

Are you worried about competitors throwing out sales or cutting prices drastically? Not monitoring competitors' marketing strategies with proxy can result in them always being one step ahead of your business. Therefore, experts recommend implementing a fast, reliable, anonymous proxy server. Let's make an analysis of other advantages of tracking with proxy to identify competitor prices:

  • Accuracy of insights: mobile proxies provide more accurate information than other variants of proxies because the stock prices tracker generates real mobile gadget traffic.
  • Using a large pool of IP addresses to improve scalability: having a significant set of proxy service IP addresses allows you to adjust the scope of the project and control and compare competitors' prices without the complexities caused by content geotargeting.
  • Effective forecasts and monitoring competitors at an affordable price with the anonymous proxy: the basis of the trading business is the ability to produce and sell goods cheaply at a higher price. However, this simple strategy can become a complex task when you need to understand how the cost of production will change. With modern proxies, retailers can collect information for tracking market trends related to spending and income. Stores can make monitoring price changes for regional forecasts.

Using private proxies for price tracking allows you to quietly slip into the competitors' domain and perform an analysis of their prices without attracting attention and the ability to block activity. The fact is that proxy users who make data monitoring look the same as standard visitors. It can be done regionally or globally, given proxy coverage and your ambitions on the market.

Tips for selecting a proxy to monitor prices

When a customer is thinking about purchasing proxy servers to ensure effective sales tracking and competitor pricing monitoring, they want to be sure their proxy servers are not blacklisted after they start using systems in major ecommerce systems. Before you begin choosing a proxy server that tracks prices, you need to identify the optimal proxy type:

  • Datacenter proxy servers are used to protect businesses from conducting virtual operations. They function as a standard proxy that maintains the anonymity of monitoring competitors' data.
  • Residential proxies for business allow you to make monitoring of competitors' data without blocking IP addresses. With such a proxy, you can perform an analysis of data without putting yourself at risk.
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