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  • May 31, 2023, 12:33 PM
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Maxthon is such a browser that has many attractive features. There are many extensions and settings here. Via using cloud technologies, there is a chance to provide high browser functionality on almost all modern devices. You can store texts, pictures, and other information in the cloud. You can set up a Maxthon proxy to get a completely secure and anonymous browser. Everything is configured automatically, and you get access to extensive functionality. You can use the built-in Maxthon proxy extension or install it separately with a few clicks.

What is Maxthon Web Browser?

Maxthon is a secure cloud-based web browser. This allows for seamless transfer of data and settings between different devices from the same account, simplifying the use task for each user. Maxthon web proxy is an excellent opportunity to make sure the anonymity and security of user information. There is an ad blocker that removes all unnecessary details when working with the portal. Maxthon proxy settings do not cause any difficulties. You can choose the parameters according to individual tasks.

Why use a proxy for Maxthon?

Using the Maxthon proxy addon is a great opportunity to ensure personal security, keep an anonymous IP address, and reduce the risk of hacking personal data. To perform Maxthon proxy setup, you need to pay attention to the following features:

  • for full-fledged work and access to cloud services, you need to download a browser and create a single account;
  • next, you should use the settings and configure the basic proxy settings;
  • you can create an individual socks proxy and specify your settings.

Proxy management is done as simply as possible so that each user can cope with all the subtleties. 

You can use many socks Maxthon proxy servers to change the IP address quickly. Add as many proxies in the settings as you need to work and bypass blocking in different countries. If necessary, the user can independently select the socks configuration of the IP address. For example, in America.

How to set up an OnlineProxy proxy for Maxthon?

OnlineProxy is the best solution for those who want to keep their browser safe and hide their location and countries. You can install the Maxthon proxy plugin explorer with minimal effort. To do this, follow the configuration instructions:

  1. At this stage, you should create a unique user account on the official website. It takes little time. Then you can make authorization.
  2. After authorization via account, you must choose a payment option. You can select all the parameters and options of a proxy server for free.
  3. Choose the correct server in different countries. For example, it could be America.
  4. Add an individual proxy server with a unique IP-address to the Maxthon browser explorer. To do this, go to the proxy management settings.
  5. Be sure to fill out the form specifying the server settings.
  6. It remains to start the configured Maxthon proxy server.

So you can see that configuring a proxy server with a unique IP-address is quite simple and intuitive, so you can use the simple instructions. OnlineProxy is your reliable assistant in ensuring anonymity and security on the network. 

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