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  • Mar 23, 2023, 5:06 PM
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Our world loves labeling everything and everybody. Just like, vehicles have VINs, smartphones have EMEIs, people have Social Security Numbers, all Internet-connected devices have Internet Protocol addresses (commonly called IP addresses).

It is possible to find out certain information about the user with the help of his IP address. This article will show you what an IP is, how it is assigned to a user and how one can protect his data from being disclosed to third parties with the help of mobile proxies.

IP: Definition and How it is Tied Up to an Internet User

An IP address looks like a string of numbers separated with dots. It is assigned to a device (smartphone, tablet, PC, router, laptop) that is connected to the World Wide Web. It is possible to compare it with your home address. User’s computer proxy network uses the Internet Protocol address to communicate with other devices, websites etc.

Thus, computers on the Internet can recognize each other with the help of IP. ISP (your Internet Service Provider) assigns this virtual address to your proxy devices that are connected to the World Wide Web website. Every Internet Protocol address is unique. In such a way there are billions of IP addresses in cyberspace.

This form of identification is compulsory for you to interact with different proxy computer networks and websites. This digital address shows your geolocation and the Internet delivers you website content that is relevant to you.

If you want to see your proxy digital address, type in Google something like “what is my IP” and you will receive your actual address. Yes, the Internet knows your unlimited IPs since it is assigned to the device you are surfing the website with.

Your Internet Protocol address rotates when you connect to another router or Wi-Fi network from a new proxy location. This rotation will not influence the user. Moreover, he will not even notice it. However, it is crucial to understand for the user what website data the IP address can disclose.

Personal Data and IP Address. What are the risks?

The Internet Protocol address contains precious information about your geolocation. It is possible to find out your city, the name of your ISP, ZIP code or area code of your ISP, in other words, the place you are going to proxy online. However, if you look at the online activities associated with a separate IP address like Canada proxy online, it is possible to combine lots of facts and website data together.

Actually, anyone can find your IP as our digital footprints are left everywhere on the proxy cyberspace. Every time you visit a resource online the resource receives your digital address. It is necessary to browse carefully as there are tons of cybercriminals out there hunting for your IP.

Obviously you want to know if it is risky that someone can see your IP and who can do it.

  • People who want to cross-check your geolocation and your payment method’s mailing address. Those are retailers.
  • Employers who want to get an idea where their employees spend time during working hours.
  • Subscription services to forbid you access to certain content.
  • Authorities can be interested in monitoring illegal activities.
  • Malware installing can be possible for hackers.
  • Blocking of inappropriate users will be easy for chat rooms.
  • You will be targeted with relevant services and goods by advertisers.
  • Blacklist databases will block access from spam.
  • Cybercriminals can conduct Denial of Service proxy attacks.

This is not the full list, but, as you can see, some cases work for the greater good and some absolutely do not. The risks prevail. Thus, it is high time to take corresponding measures to keep your digital website address safe.

How to Protect your Data and Minimize Leakages while Surfing the Web

Speaking of protection, proxy servers are the easiest way to keep your IP safe. When you send a request to a website or app a proxy server meets it halfway and changes to a new one proxy. In such a way websites and apps will not be able to detect your real proxy address.

There are many accommodations available today, but if you need a reputable IP proxy service always pay attention at:

  • the quantity of proxies in the service’s pool;
  • the availability of locations to choose from;
  • the response time;
  • ban probability;
  • prices.

Since there are different types of proxies, it is crucial to figure out which proxy type meets your requirements best of all. OnlineSIM offers high-end mobile proxies. What does a mobile proxy mean? It is assigned to a real device (like a tablet or smartphone) that connects to the World Wide Web via a proxy mobile operator. In such a way the websites and apps always perceive mobile proxies as real people and never block them.

OnlineSIM promises up to 99.5% without ban while using their mobile proxies. There are over 60 million digital addresses in the company’s pool and they work incredibly fast. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to take a short survey and receive a free proxy! Also, there is a special PROMO tariff for those who want to try OnlineSIM proxies before going with full proxy tariffs.

Mobile proxies from OnlineSIM feature a high anonymity level and care about your proxy protection. In case you have any questions a friendly customer support service will answer them. It is available online around-the-clock.

The functionality of OnlineSIM mobile proxies is vast. You can use them to parse and scrape, protect brand and personal data, research the market, proxy sites unblock websites, unblock Youtube server and many other servers that are restricted due to the area, work with advertising networks and mask your, for example, Netherlands proxy IP address for any reasons you need.

Take care about your personal information and protect it with reliable mobile proxies from OnlineSIM. The combination of prices and proxy quality will make your eyes round.

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