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  • Oct 14, 2020, 11:36 AM
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There are lots of reasons why people decide to protect their privacy on the Internet. Somebody afraid that their location, address, or other personal info may become known to anybody. Others prefer to hide only the address of the pages which were visited by them. You'll never know what can address or harm you and open behavior on the network.

If you prefer to stay protected on the Internet, you need to hide your private information and leave no traces at all. For example, always play hide and seek with everybody and switch from time to time, your physical address. But, probably, the best way to protect yourself on the Internet is to hide your IP address, for example, by using a VPN, or any other service or tool, which can effectively hide your address on the Internet.

What Is the IP Address?

Probably, it will be quite reasonable to say that to understand better why it is that so important to hide your address, you need to know what that is in general. So, basically, the IP address is something like your postcard address, which helps other devices on the network to identify your computer correctly, show it on the Internet properly, and exchange information with address.

IP is short for internet protocol, so basically, if you can imagine that somewhere exists a computer, which is not connected to the Internet, and has no installed Internet card, then it didn't have this address either. Nowadays, two main IP address protocols mostly existed in most of the computers. Those protocols are the following:

  • IPv4. Usually looks like this: 533.12.43.12
  • IPv6. Mostly looks like this: 7603:hr1:ga71:12:7683

The IPv4 was created in the late 1983 year when the Internet era was beginning to start. IPv6 showed much more later, only in the 1995 year. The main idea, which makes humanity an acute need to create a new version of internet protocol, is that the IPv4 may only serve only 4,3 billion devices.

And you have probably noticed that there are much more devices, which use web networks, exist now. For example, I had a laptop, a computer, and a mobile phone. Likely for us, we didn't have to be scared of the lack of the IPv6 address, as there are more than 340 undecillion versions of it, which is about 3.4 x 10^28 various combinations.

What Can Potentially Happen If You Will Not Hide Your IP Address?

If you ever wondered why it is essential to hide your IP address, you probably already know how the unsecured Internet can harm you. Many bad things may happen with your data if you do not hide it properly, and you never know how other Internet users or scammers may use it against you. Here are just a few examples of data which may be lost, if you not hide them:

  • Your IP address
  • Numbers and PINs of credit cards
  • Phone numbers
  • Passwords to social media and other websites
  • Internet web search history
  • Physical location and exact address
  • Personal photos, videos, texts, etc.
  • History of physical displacement
  • And any other type of data produced by human

And the key to almost all of this information is in one or other way is your IP address. So, now you probably understand better why you should avoid shoving it everywhere, and even somewhere on the network. Just try to imagine what will happen if somebody wants to harm you will find out where you leave and trace you down, and you even couldn't hide from him. It seems like a bad situation, right? You want to hide it.

Neither good is the situation when somebody will gather all your personal data, like credit cards number, and so on. In this case, even if you will leave your native country, you might lose all your money, and even more, such as reputation, family members' loyalty, and so on. Now, do you understand how it's essential to keep your IP address secured? So, let's find out how scummers can potentially try to get your IP address to start their hunt for the main address that you want to hide.

How Does Scammers May Get Your IP Address And Data?

There are many various methods of getting your IP address and then acquiring multiple types of different kinds of personal data. Lots of those areas haven't changed for more than a few decades, and work since the Internet was first invented. Among them are, for example, the following methods:

  • Using special fishing websites
  • Spam mail sending
  • Various types of hacker attacks
  • Search for vulnerabilities in your antivirus
  • Forcing installing harmful programs
  • Sending files with viruses
  • And many other different ways of stalking and potential harming

If you have become a person of interest for any hacker or organization, you will probably face at least a few of those methods, and at least a few more, that are not listed above. In any case, all you have to do in that case try to protect yourself, your data, your money, and your personal life. All you have to do for that is to hide your IP address to avoid scammers' potential attempts to get you.

Possible Ways To Hide Your IP Address

There are lots of different ways to hide your IP address from various types of ill-wishers. But, in any case, you need to understand that even the greatest of those ways are not the panacea, and if somebody really powerful decided to harm you through your IP address, even the most excellent VPN, proxy, or another service will not save you. Here are a few of the most exciting ways which can help you to avoid your IP address reveal:

  • Use VPN programs
  • Asking your provider to hide your address
  • Using various types of paid proxy services
  • Use exceptionally TOR browser
  • Allow your IP to switch dynamically

You need to know that, in some instances, there is no possibility of changing your IP address. Usually, those happened in those cases when your Internet service provider did not provide such kind of services to any of their clients. Mostly, those ISPs are forcing their customers to change the IP address to another country by using various VPN programs or proxy services. Let's look more precisely at these two main ways of avoiding your IP to be traced.

Using Various Types of VPN Programs

Among the most critical advantages of VPN software is the simplicity of their usage. Usually, those types of IP change show not the best possible results, as potentially lots of them may be encrypted by scammers pretty quickly and easily. Nowadays, the main subtypes of VPN programs are, for example, the following:

  • Different kinds of various browser extensions
  • A full capable computer programs
  • Multiple types of varying mobile add

We need to say that the VPN main idea is connecting your computer through multiple ways with servers and (or) computers in other countries. As a result, everything looks like you are situated in a different country, and your address is to make a change to the local IP. So, for everybody, everything looks like you are located in a foreign country, while, generally, you are sitting in your own room and browsing the Internet.

The main disadvantage of the following method of change of your web address is the significantly lower Internet connection speed with VPN. Usually, that effect occurs for every possible website, app, and resource that requires a network connection. So, if you need a fast response from your work, this is probably not the best way to use those devices.

Proxy - the Best Way to Hide IP Address

Probably, you already understand the main advantages of using that type of change to your web address, if you have ever tried at least one service, which is widely presented on the Internet nowadays. Proxy nowadays exists in a few different forms, each more or less comfortable using different types of Internet users. If you are interested to know more about the existed methods, then here are the main of them:

  • Fully capable computer apps
  • Various types of proxy servers
  • Different kinds of online web services

It's hard to say what way of change of your web address will be better for your protection, but at the same time, it's needless to say that proxy is extremely good in almost any form and shape. It's probably better to use web services if you decide to use any form of web browsing and full apps for different purposes of the computer's various usage in general. But, it's up to you to decide how you will protect yourself. Now let's discuss more precisely that method, as it's the best.

Most Trustful, Error Free, and Safe Method of IP Change and Hide. Look at VPN?

It's straightforward that proxy is the safest method to hide the IP address, as it's technology requires the safest and the strongest protocols of defense of the Internet connection. That makes the proxy, probably, one of the best ways of protecting your web address from potential scammers.

Also, it's much safer than the VPN, even though it uses more people. Proxy sometimes may be harder to install, turn, and adequately incline. But, as the protocol of defense of the proxy usually is much more adequate, it can provide a much greater capability of different protection than the VPN and allow a more significant safety level during usage.

Also, speaking about safety, it is essential to understand that the VPN can potentially harm your computer and hide, as it has lots of vulnerabilities, and often lots of different program instabilities. Hackers may also crush the proxy, but it is much more stable and can potentially provide a lot more safety to the user than a VPN. So, it's definitely better to use a proxy instead of a VPN and hide information.

Using Various Types of Apps

Probably, using apps to hide the IP address is much better in case if you use your computer not to surf various websites, but to work with different programs and software, which requires an Internet connection:

  • Cyber Ghost
  • Private Internet Access
  • Surf Shark
  • Hide My Ass!
  • Hotspot shield
  • Zen mate
  • Ip Vanish

The difference between those programs mostly depends on the number of dedicated servers and countries, where you can become a "fake IP address resident." Also, there are lot's of various minor different options, like the number of redirects before the signal enters your computer, multiple types of other color schemes, additional connection speed boosts, and so on.

Various Types of Proxy Web Services

Among the most critical proxy types suitable for web browsing are various web services, which allows you to get full access to any website through an interface on those sites without any significant troubles. Usually, those services didn't require any additional downloads or added information, but sometimes needed funds and payments.

Among the most popular types of proxy web services nowadays are those which can be generated by the customers or the users by themselves. Usually, developing and creating the proxy web service requires a little bit of coding pieces of knowledge. Still, simultaneously, if you are good enough in Googling, you will probably find all the code parts that you need to hide your web address successfully.

The Best Mobile Proxy Servis Ever Existed

In some cases, you might need a little bit of different mobile telephone numbers, for example, to receive lots of messages for various purposes. If you will create lots of accounts using only one mobile phone, there is a vast probability that you might get lots of attention from the service, and all your accounts might be banned. That is the main reason why you should use mobile proxy services for this purpose and hide want you nide.

Nowadays, one of the best mobile services is OnlineProxy. This service will be beneficial for all those professions on the Internet, who need to get lots of fake mobile numbers and hide their IP address simultaneously. Usually, those professions are somehow connected with various types of different social media marketing. Those professions are, for example, the following:

  • Fake lakers
  • Registrants of accounts
  • Traffic arbitrators
  • Fake followers
  • Multiple individuals who want more anonymously browse the Internet

That service not only allows them to get an excellent mobile proxy, as well as lots of fake mobile numbers but also helps to get lots of various kinds of IP address changes. Nowadays, OnlineProxy allows for anybody to get one of the primary three verification and tariff plans. They are the following:

  • Multiport. That plan is offered for $10 per month for the various number of threads.
  • General. That plan can include up to 5 different users or members and costs $11 per month.
  • Private. This tariff includes lots of benefits and allows you to get an entirely personal channel for $52.5 per month.

The service also provides a few more other similar features and keeps growing every day. That's why you should stop browsing this article and check it up before the whole place on the server will be ended. Probably, you had to work during lot's of various web services, but never hide your web address in such a way.

Some Additional Features and Bits of Advice regarding the hide of IP Address

Remember, whenever you decide to stop and check up what happened in the world by using any type of device, the whole flow of the information passes the special filters. It's now easy to understand the nature of the context and similar problems. If you see anything on the Internet, you probably need to realize that you check it up earlier or talk about it, or make any other kind of different vital features to trigger this particular ad.

The main idea about switching your IP address is to get rid of the context ads, browse the Internet quickly, and with great pleasure and give many thanks to its creator. IP address switching, in any case, might be created by different types of ways, but the most effective of them are various types of proxy web services. So basically, you need to understand that your IP is most often not fixated. It may vary from time to time by itself.

Whether your web address is stable or fluctuating, you should be careful and try to use a proxy or even a different type of various kinds of ways to hide or change it from time to time. You probably understand that a proxy, as well as a VPN, are not the most effective and powerful methods of IP changes, but when they are working in pairs, there are lots of differences, compared to a standard mono usage.

A VPN is pretty expensive and gives a minimal number of different possibilities to change the whole process. At the same time, a proxy is perfect not only for other standard users, but also very popular in the collective of the Internet workers.

Tell us what you think about the "Law of the address changing practice" or other similar laws to get a competent response.

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