How to Rotate an IP Address in Rotating Proxy? |

  • Nov 4, 2020, 1:50 PM
  • 3 minutes

In some cases, even when you use a proxy, sometimes, you need to rotate it. Service OnlineProxy, which provides various mobile proxy types, allows us to rotate it as many times and with any quantity you need to change. Now let's discuss the rotate process of IP addresses more precisely.

How Does the Process of IP Address in Proxy Services Works?

A proxy rotate main idea is connected with switching the central server, which masks your real IP address. Usually, those processes involve a little bit of time and may end in a temporary disconnection in some cases.

In any case, all the user should do is to make a few clicks with his mouth in the user-interface of his proxy program, service, or add. Also, the IP address rotation process occurs when you switch the country when your current proxy server is situated.

A Few Words About the Best Rotating IP Address Software

As you already probably heard, OnlineProxy is one of the fastest, easy to use, and safest mobile proxy services across the whole Internet. And there are a few options of fast IP changer, which this platform delivers. They are:

  • Rotate by request;
  • Rotate automatically.

Automatic rotation of the IP address happens every 10 minutes by default, but only after pressing a special button in the personal account (see the attached screenshots). This function also works only for those types of plans, which requires payment for each used MB.

Activation of the automatic rotation

Rotate by request function is implemented like a standard button of IP changing, which switches after you press a special button in the personal cabinet. This function works for all types of plans, including unlimited.

Why Should You Use a Rotate Mobile Proxy?

Using rotating proxy service is exceptionally comfortable, easy, and improves your anonymity on the Internet. Among the most important reasons to use that type of proxy, for example, are the following:

  • Easy system of switching the IP address with only one button;
  • A possibility to do a rotate automatically;
  • No need to enter massive passwords and logins each time when you need to change the IP address.

Who Might Benefit the Most From a Mobile Proxy?

Mobile proxy, especially rotatable, is the best way to do lots of important Internet functions. This type of proxy can potentially be beneficial for the following categories of Internet users:

  • Fake followers;
  • Users who'd like to keep their anonymity;
  • Trafic arbiters;
  • Fake likers.

Basically, every Internet user who needs for some reason at least a few mobile numbers for various Internet purposes finds mobile proxy services extremely useful. And don't hesitate to try a real, and the only true "king" among those services - OnlineProxy.

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