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  • May 13, 2021, 1:43 PM
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Privacy is something that is desired by everyone who is surfing the Web. Sites and applications constantly gather our data and it is not an option to stay invisible if you are not familiar with certain accommodations helping to stay undetected online.

However, people who lead businesses have to act similarly (meaning have to gather data) in order to boost their performance. In other words, they have to scrape and parse websites. Web-scraping is the process of data extraction obtained from crawling. Meanwhile web-parsing is separating this data into pieces, segments or constituting parts. In combination this special computer software technique allows gathering various data as well as analyzing it.

On one hand, if a business that leads its activities online does not use this technique, it cannot adequately orient itself at the online market. On the other hand, websites and applications do not want anybody to gather data about them. They simply appoint blocks if they see suspicious or repetitive actions coming from the same IP address.

An IP is a special numerical address. It is assigned to every device that is connected to the Internet. The IP gives an outstanding identity to each device.

Getting blocked is a great tragedy for a business account. It takes much time, knowledge and effort to build up an efficient business account. Losing such is not an option. This is when proxies come to help. Life of a business account becomes easy and comfortable with proxies.

To put it simple, proxies are safety ‘guides’ into the world of the Internet. They are intermediates between you and your destination resource. When you put in a request, a proxy meets your IP address hallway to the destination website. It hides your real IP and gives you a new one. Then it channels your request with the new IP to your destination resource. In the end result your real IP and your data stay undetected by your destination resource.

In such a way you can scrape and parse websites anonymously and without any blocks.

Invisible Website Parsing. Peculiarities

Scraping and parsing various Internet resources businesses gather information that can improve marketing strategies and increase business performance.

The most spread and painful problem while conducting these activities is getting into the black list of a website.


First of all, let’s clarify what parsing is. Parsing is an automated process of data gathering, its reorganization and further output in a structured guise. In reality, every self-respecting business conducts parsing; however, mostly nobody wants to admit it.

The aims that are persecuted by parsing are various. The first and most crucial one is price “detecting detachment”. Parsing of your rival’s assortment answers 3 most important questions:

  • Who sells?
  • What does he sell?
  • How much does he sell for?

Besides, it is possible to determine merchandise turnover of a website thankfully to parsing. You can see the quantity of goods that is available today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and so on during the month. In such a way it is possible to detect the traffic and item’s quantity change dynamics. The higher is the dynamics, the higher is the merchandise turnover. You can also find out the sales volume of a website.

Another sphere where you can use parsing is content retrieval. It is possible to collect links to the images, descriptions of goods etc. However, be careful and do not parse watermarked data in order not to violate author rights.

One more way to use the process under consideration is “self-parsing”. This can be understood as monitoring what happens with your own website, for example, search for:

  • lack of the description;
  • broken links;
  • missing illustrations;
  • repetition of goods etc.

Moreover, you can detect the odds on your website and compare them with the odds in your storage.

It is also possible to parse advertisements with the aim to get telephone numbers and emails. With their help you can create a database for messaging or calling new target audiences.

To clarify, parsing excludes any hacking actions. With its help you only collect data that has been already granted and is still available. Any person can manually collect this data. The only issue is that then this process will take much time and most likely will be saved with mistakes. Meanwhile parsers (special accommodations or scripts) conduct everything quickly and eliminate any mistakes.


It is crucial to stay undetected while parsing websites, otherwise you will get a ban from them. Proxies are the best tool to make you invisible while surfing the Web. They can be compared with an invisibility cloak which covers your presence by masking your IP address.

Having changed your address, proxy channels your request further on to your destination resource. The website cannot identify your real IP and allows you to conduct all the actions you need. It does not see you as somebody suspicious every time you access it because you do it every time with a new IP.

If you do not use proxies your real IP address will be visible to everyone and you will not be able to conduct repetitive actions from it. Thus, parsing will not be possible for your business. As a result you will not know the accurate data about what is currently happening at the market. This will lead to material and client losses.

Being able to retrieve all the needed data and staying invisible you can boost your business and increase its performance. You will be able to provide a more quality service to your clients.

Proxies & Website Parsing

Website parsing is the best method of data collection and saving. Let’s dig in to understand better why we need to buy mobile proxy for a successful parsing process. Here are some of the main reasons why your business needs using proxies while site parsing.

  • Proxies allow parsing websites more safely.
  • Using proxies you can send requests from a specific location, region or even device (for example, from a mobile proxy server). With proxy unblock websites is easy, you can watch all the blocked content. This is very significant while parsing E-commerce. For example, you can choose Japan IP address proxy or free proxy IP list India.
  • A proxy server allows bypassing general IP blocks that are used by certain websites.
  • Connecting via a proxy service you can conduct an infinite number of simultaneous sessions on one or multiple sites.

To parse successfully you need to use a proxy pool as using only one proxy server while parsing is identical to using your own IP address which is useless. You should create a pool of your proxy servers and send your requests through it.

The Essence of Proxies in Website Parsing

Proxies play a significant role in site parsing. Moreover, one will not be able to parse sites successfully without proxy services. There are free and paid proxy services. Choosing from the list of free proxy services you risk to experience low speed, connection “fall offs” and low security level. Paid accommodations promise proper work of servers, stable connection, high security level and fast proxy work.

Besides, paid proxy accommodations can offer a large proxy pool. As it was specified before only one proxy server cannot offer you much. Using a single proxy server means that you will be limited in:

  • the quantity of simultaneous requests;
  • security of your scanning;
  • geo-targeting parameters.

During website parsing proxy services help you to:

  • make the parsing process automatic;
  • fasten the statistic data handling;
  • eliminate the ban probability (for example, OnlineProxy proxy service offers up to 99,5% without ban);
  • provide yourself with a secure and anonymous web-surfing;
  • work without endless CAPTCHA entering;
  • bypass various regional restrictions and blocks etc.

As you can see, proxies are a must have for every business. It is easy to monitor the market, make its analysis, learn about your competitors, work with advertising networks, create multiple accounts on social media, mass-like, mass-follow and mass-post with them.

Having chosen a reliable proxy service you will be able to gather all the significant data without getting blocked. To choose a reputable accommodation always remember to pay attention at the next things.

  1. The connection speed this service offers.
  2. The quantity of proxies in its pool.
  3. The protection level of its clients.
  4. Global coverage.
  5. Geo-targeting up to the country and up to the city.
  6. The type of proxies the provider offers.
  7. Ban probability it promises.
  8. The possibility of trying the service for free.
  9. Price policy and availability of different tariff options.
  10. Around-the-clock customer support work.

If you count on these points while choosing a proxy accommodation you will get a bargain. Since there are various proxy types (for example: datacenter, shared, residential, mobile proxies etc.) it is crucial to understand which exact type suits best for your parsing needs.

Mobile proxies are assigned to real devices. Thus, they are perceived as real people by websites. This proxy type guarantees you a low ban probability and comfortable parsing.

To conclude everything that has been written about, a successful and comfortable website parsing is not possible without paid proxy services. You can pay your attention at OnlineProxy as your proxy provider.

With more than 60 million IP addresses in its pool OnlineProxy offers up to 99.5% of uptime without being blocked. It is possible to target up to the country and even up to the city because OnlineProxy’s proxies come from more than 150 countries and more than 500 cities around the globe. You will be protected as OnlineProxy gives a high security level to its clients. Its client support works 24/7. You can try this accommodation for free; choose paying for Gb or unlimited traffic. Experience a comfortable parsing process with OnlineProxy proxies!

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