How to Choose the Right Settings for Proxy?

  • Dec 23, 2021, 3:51 PM
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Proxies are great helpers in today's world. They allow staying anonymous while surfing the Web. People use them for both personal and business needs. How does a proxy work? When a user makes a request to a resource, proxy tool changes his real IP and transfers the request with an absolutely new IP address. In such a way the resource cannot trace the real user’s IP.

However, many people do not know that it is possible to set this comfortable tool in a special way that will bring more use for them. Knowing your proxy server limits and choosing the proper tool settings will make your life easier.

Proxies are irreplaceable tools for businesses. Proxy servers help to save bandwidth. They help to:

  • cache web pages and files tool;
  • compress traffic;
  • strip advertisements from websites tool before they pop up on your computer;
  • avoid tool blocking;
  • bypass regional restrictions and access blocked resources;
  • stay anonymous and boost your tool privacy.

When a company needs thousands of workers to access the same websites, proxy servers allow saving bandwidth. Proxy tools allow adjusting their work according to the specific needs of a server customer.

Knowing your proxy limits will make your work with it more efficient. Do not be afraid, there is nothing hard with proxy server settings. You do not need to be a tech ninja tool to sort out how to adjust a proxy according to your tasks. This article will help you to understand how to choose the proper settings for your tool needs.

Peculiarity of Proxy Settings

Most users choose automatically configured scripts of proxy servers. For example, Windows 10 is set to detect proxy settings automatically. Though, this may fail if you are using your company’s business network. It is possible to specify a script address provided by the company’s IP department or the network tool administrator. With a configuration script your proxy server’s address will look similar to the address of a website, a URL in other words.

Proxy servers can also be set manually. Obviously it is easier to use automatic configurations, but if you are using proxies for business tasks, it is crucial to take time and use the available proxy tools.

It is necessary to enter the proxy’s IP and port number. In this case the proxy’s address will look like the address of any computer that is connected to the World Wide Web or the network. It will be a string of numbers separated by dots. The address and port of your company’s proxy server are provided by the company’s IT department or by the network tool administrator.

Knowing how to tune your proxy server according to your tool needs will help you to fulfill the needed tasks quickly and easily.

Proxy Settings for Different Tasks

There are paid and free proxy Canada accommodations. While choosing a paid accommodation supposes you have certain guarantees of its work and tool service, choosing a free provider absolutely does not offer you guarantees.

There are tons of free proxy server accommodations on the Web, but, unfortunately, since they are free, they cannot afford investing enough money to obtain high-end hardware and software. That is why their proxies often fail. The connection is not stable and users get blocked by tool websites. If this might be not a very big issue for private usage, companies cannot afford themselves having such troubles.

If you are using reputable paid proxy servers, these issues should not happen. Obtaining a paid proxy server you receive:

  • a possibility to choose characteristics by yourself (for example, such characteristics as speed, the server’s response time; anonymity and so on);
  • a very low percentage of ban probability (search for accommodations that promise at least 99% of time without ban);
  • a possibility of choosing the needed location / region without being afraid that the proxy will let you down;
  • support (if there are any issues or questions you can always contact customer and technical support and they will resolve everything).

Private usage may not require diving into the details of the proxy server settings, but business usage demands it. Besides, there are different kinds of proxies tools, so it is also crucial to understand which kind of proxy works best for your business tasks.

Mobile proxies are perceived as real addresses because they are assigned to real devices. Depending which kind of activities you are going to perform, the settings of your tool proxy may differ. For example, if you simply need to stay anonymous and if you want to parse and scrape a website will require different tool settings. Adjusting your proxy server system in correspondence with your tasks will make your work more efficient.

Proxy Testing from the Chosen Provider. Tool List

To choose a reputable proxy accommodation you need to check certain points. These points can vary depending on your tasks, but there are some general points you need to consider in any case. It is possible to use special software for proxy check, but you can test the chosen provider on your own as well.

First of all, always check the security level the chosen company offers. Obviously, it must be high. The provider has to give you certain guarantees that your personal data will not be available for the third parties. You should be sure that your online activities stay anonymous.

Secondly, check the percentage of uptime without a ban. Today websites are smart and can detect proxies. If a platform detects a proxy, you will get banned. This might be not a serious issue for a private user, but it definitely is if a business account is blocked. Accounts that are created for business usage are not easy to form. It takes check time and effort to gather the target client base and the content that will be interesting for this base. A reliable proxy provider should promise at least 99% without ban.

Next, a crucial thing is to check the list of the countries / locations the provider offers. It should be large (the bigger this list is the better). You should have check a decent choice of locations around the globe. Proxy providers that use smartphones and tablets usually can boast an impressive country list. Such providers use mobile operators and their proxies are assigned to real devices (by the way this also helps to avoid blocking).

Also mind the proxy quantity in the company’s pool. The number of available proxies should impress you too. Free providers cannot boast big proxy quantities in their pools, but paid accommodations can check. The proxies you buy should be used by you only.

Then, do not forget to find out if the connection is stable and the speed is fast. Mobile proxy servers are usually fast. Check out if the chosen server provider offers free trials. One more tip, every self-respecting proxy server provider will give you a chance to try their proxies for free. Sometimes companies offer special promo tariffs with a certain quantity of megabytes for a lower server price. Such an option is also useful to check. Testing the system will help you to make your final decision on the server provider.

Check out the working hours of the service’s customer support as some of them work in business hours only. Ideally, the customer server support should work around the clock.

There are tons of proxy providers out there; however, young companies do not always provide quality service while mastodons of this sphere have high prices. OnlineProxy is a virtual proxy accommodation that has reliable and speedy servers. Checking out the site you will find out that OnlineProxy promises 99.5% of cases without ban and without CAPTCHa. These proxies are mobile that means they are attached to real devices like smartphones and tablets. This fact makes them undetectable for special systems that search and ban fake IPs.

There are more than 130 million IP addresses in the pool of this provider. You can choose from more than 150 locations around the globe and target even up to the city or check mobile operator. Platforms will see that the IP address comes from a real device and will not block it. You will be able to surf the Web and unblock websites anonymously. OnlineProxy works with O2, Beeline, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and other mobile operators that are available around the globe. In such a way you can buy United States anonymous proxy, Australia proxy IP and so on. Not all proxy server accommodations can offer so many locations to choose from.

OnlineProxy proxies are highly anonymous. This company does care about your protection and safety. Also it cares to show you the transparency of their services as you can try OnlineProxy proxies for free. You can receive a free proxy after writing to a SIM-bot and passing a short survey on the site. The prices are quite moderate here. It is possible to pay for gigabytes or to choose unlimited check traffic.

OnlineProxy proxies can be used for:

  • SEO tasks;
  • parsing and scraping websites;
  • anonymity;
  • work with social networks;
  • sneaker bots etc.

The website server is user-friendly and intuitive. There is a detailed FAQ-section. If any questions arise, you can always contact the attentive customer support service. It works around the clock and answers promptly.

As you can see, master of information, master of situation! Check out which tools are available at your proxy accommodation and simply choose the ones that correspond with your tasks. In case you are confused with anything, simply contact people who work there for you and they will help you with the right settings.

It is not obligatory to use special software to test lte proxies of the check provider. Having read this article you already know which tools are available to make your work with proxies easy and comfortable. Get the most out of your proxies!

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