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  • Feb 12, 2021, 4:50 PM
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Facebook is the largest multilingual social network around the globe. Facebook proxies allow using several accounts in this social network anonymously. This excludes risk of being blocked by the system. The skill to be able to use Facebook proxies is crucial for marketing specialists and people dealing with traffic arbitrage.

Everyone has the Internet on their computers, tablets or smartphones. Almost every person spends time on Facebook every day. It has as many subscribers as 2 most inhabited lands of the world have citizens. Those are India and China, if you forgot. This platform has integrated in our every-day life so strongly that we have it on every device we own.

Leading business via the Internet is very comfortable nowadays. Facebook possesses a large and smart audience that is ready to make purchases of goods and services. Moreover, this platform allows you to receive access to advertisements in other lands.

However, there are certain restrictions since Facebook sees many actions that are useful for leading business as suspicious ones and often blocks the accounts. A blocked account means loss of all the cultivated content, data and audience. It will be necessary to start everything from the very beginning in order to build up a new account on Facebook.

To avoid such situations you will have to get acquainted with proxies and find a Facebook proxy that works best for you. Using Facebook proxies does not require any specific skills, especially if you find the best paid proxy service for you.

This article will help you to get acquainted with Facebook proxies. You will find out how to create multiple accounts on this platform and which kinds of proxies for Facebook exist. You will learn how it is possible to avoid ban with FB proxies and how to unblock FB through proxies. You will know which proxies are most suitable for your needs in Facebook usage.

Get Acquainted with FB Proxy

Mobile proxies work as intermediates between you and the website you are going to visit. They meet your request halfway and rotate your real IP address to a new one. In such a way the destination site sees a completely new IP address. What is this necessary for?

  • A rotated IP address gives you confidentiality. Websites will not know who is visiting them.
  • Proxies secure your entering the network. In case of attacks, they will be redirected on the proxy.
  • These accommodations give you access to blocked resources. Some websites can be blocked in certain areas and it will become possible to visit them.
  • Proxies give a speed up access to certain Internet resources.

Who actually needs proxies? Lots of individuals prefer using proxies for these reasons. However, businesses also benefit from such accommodations. Proxies are helpful for people who:

  • work with social networks (such as Facebook, Instagram etc.);
  • promote resources on the Web;
  • gamble online;
  • arbitrage traffic;
  • Web specialists;
  • use bookmakers;
  • make multiple posts on different resources etc.

Such activities will pass safely with cheap mobile proxies. Since they are intermediaries, your visits and searches will stay confidential. You will feel more comfort and protection while using proxies.

FB Proxies

Proxies are used for anonymous work floating around the network. SMM-specialists have to use special software, bots and accommodations to:

  • promote account;
  • enlist subscribers;
  • automatize the process of data collection.

Speaking of Facebook, there is special software for quick multiple messaging. It even can work in a multi-account regime. People who want to use all the possibilities at maximum need proxies for each account because Facebook has severe restrictions for actions of similar type.

Facebook proxy will help you to:

  • create multiple Facebook pages and successfully manage them;
  • unblock the site;
  • scrape Facebook.

Several FB Accounts Creation

Sometimes individuals do not want to share their personal data with Facebook or want to create another anonymous page (as Facebook already knows about you too much). Meanwhile businesses simply must have multiple Facebook accounts in order to succeed (especially if the business has lots of rivals on the market).

So, it is possible to operate Facebook in both social and business ways. The stumbling-block is that you can have only one of a kind. If this is not a problem for an individual usage, businesses cannot agree with this.

How is Facebook able to determine that the same person has created several pages? The answer is simple: the IP address! If the accounts are created from the same address, they will be blocked by FB right away. What to do, if you own several businesses and want to promote all of them?

You need to make friends with Facebook proxy providers. Make sure your accommodation is a reputable one. If you have doubts, check if your accommodation:

  • has high protection level;
  • offers fast connection speed;
  • features no failures;
  • has global covering;
  • provides free trials;
  • has suitable price policy;
  • oriented to address any issues you may have right away.

There is one hint though. You should be able to choose the locations you are reaching Facebook from on your own.

Proxy Type for FB Accounts

It is crucial to have an opportunity to choose locations your IP address will be from in order to create multiple FBaccounts without any issues. The addresses will come to the site from the same place. If Facebook sees that someone is trying to reach one account from all over the country, it will find this suspicious and decide that the account has been attacked by hackers.

Do you know what this will end with? You probably do: the account in consideration will get blocked. Nobody wants a blocked account. Definitely no one does.

Several types of proxies exist, for example: datacenter proxies, public proxies, residential proxies, dedicated and shared proxies etc.. If you got puzzled now which type is the most suitable for your needs on Facebook, this article has got an answer for you. You need residential proxies.

If you check your IP address now, you will see that it consists of a certain set of numbers, country and even city. You will also find your Internet provider data, data about browsers etc.. This information proves Facebook that you are a real person.

If you go with residential proxies, Facebook will see the same kind of information about you, except that this information will not be about you. Proxies will take care of this. Fecebook residential proxies will be ‘tied up’ with a specific Internet provider, city, country etc.. This proxy Facebook kind guarantees full anonymity.

The Advantages of Residential Proxies for Facebook Usage:

  1. You will face a very low percentage of being blacklisted by Facebook.
  2. Reliability and stable work.
  3. High level of trust from online resources.
  4. The ability of choosing the specific place for each account.

What is the point of creating multiple Facebook pages and being blacklisted all the time? Successful business operating does not work like this. You need to have stable pages to all your Facebook pages. Great effort is put in promoting an account and losing an account is definitely not for you.

No Ban with FB Proxy

Facebook proxies have recommended themselves as great fighters with Facebook ban. This platform is very attentive to any suspicious activities and this is one of the reasons why it has recommended itself as a reliable place to market on. The reliable ways to avoid ban with proxy on Facebook are as follows.

  • Private messages are not the best way to interact with unknown people. This is simple logic. Obviously, Facebook will mark you as a spammer if you send messages to people you do not know. Moreover, if it will unwind all the snarls of your activities, it will shut down all your pages. Having seen a message from a person someone is not acquainted with, he will most likely mark you as a spammer.
  • Everybody likes uniqueness. That is why if you repeat yourself many times with your multiple accounts, no one will be interested in your offers. Then all the efforts with Facebook pages creation will be in vain. If your multiple pages will sell identical things and send identical texts, Facebook will not like this. It is necessary to develop a unique strategy for each Facebook page to avoid ban.
  • Post and like within reasonable limits. Likes are crucial to lead your business to the top. Facebook will not enjoy if you like tons of pages within a short time period. It will put a huge dislike to you (blacklist your account). You will be perceived as a bot. The same can be applied to posts that appear each second.
  • Pages connection is not the best idea. Sooner or later your activities will be tracked because of the connected pages. This will lead to ban and all the time you spent on creation of pages, masking your address, filling those pages with content, gathering audience, like and other hard work will be lost.

As you can see, proxies allow creation of as many Facebook accounts as you need. However, it is necessary to make smart use of proxies, otherwise your efforts and time can be spent in vain. Facebook technologies are very smart, but your and proxy tandem can be smarter!

Proxy Ways to Unblock Facebook

Issues that may lead to blacklisting your account have already been named in this article. And it is highly recommended to remember them and avoid the aforementioned issues by all means. However, what to do if for any of the reasons your page has been blocked?

Have you already thrown up your hands and sunk into despair? Have you simply buried your efforts that have been banned by Facebook? There is no time for this! This article has an answer to such a situation as well. This answer supposes using proxies, by the way.

Do not delete your blacklisted page in any case. You have not worked so hard just to press the ‘delete’ button in the end result. And no, setting up a new Facebook page is not what you are aimed at now. You should not simply create a new one, as usually, with the address rotating accommodation. You should use unblocker proxy Facebook.

This is not something hard and special, even if it sounds so. Here are the directions for you to unblock Facebook mobile proxy.

Step 1

You need to log out of your banned Facebook page.

Step 2

Then set up your proxy.

Step 3

Log back in.

Do you believe this is THAT easy? If you are using proxy sites unblocking Facebook, then yes, it is. The platform will simply not recognize your address. Due to this it will not pay attention to the fact that this account is being accessed.

However, there are some rules that are necessary to be followed to escape you from trouble.

Your proxy change-overs should not take place while your activities on Facebook. Diversion from this rule can have deplorable consequences. Use only one location while unblocking your page with Facebook proxy online.

The other crucial thing is to have a reliable proxy. There are free and paid services. The infirmity of free accommodations lies in several things. Their connection is not stable. There are many connection ‘fall offs’. Your safety is under a big question while you are using a free proxy. The location can be rotated at any moment and Facebook will see you are jumping from city to city, from country to country. Free proxy accommodations are sooner your enemies than friends while working with FB.

Paid proxy accommodations usually feature higher level of service and give guarantees. You can always ask for a refund in case something went wrong. However, this will not be needed if you have chosen a reputable proxy accommodation. Do not forget that it must have an opportunity to choose a location on your own. Paid proxy accommodations are more trusted when it is needed to unblock FB.

Various FB Proxies and What They Do Best for FB

The Proxy market offers tons of providers nowadays. You already know that free proxies are not workable for Facebook. They will be disguised very quickly and your time and work will be counted for nothing. They are not good neither for FB account creation, nor for unblocking FB accounts. They cannot be called ‘reliable’ during your work with FB either.

That is why choosing from the two proxy types (free and paid), it is safe to use paid ones. Get acquainted with top proxy accommodations for Facebook and learn what they can do for this platform best of all.


Microleaves owns more than 31 million residential addresses. Their IPs are refreshed on a regular basis. You can obtain a proxy for 5 minutes before another proxy will be assigned to your account, make sure this is sufficient for your needs on Facebook. You can work with 130 lands of our world. They offer SOCKS and HTTP compatible proxies that support various social networks.


This is another monster in the proxy world. Luminati possesses more than 7 million addresses from 130 places in the world. Their addresses are ASN or specific location targeting. The prices at this company are not very cheap. Actually, they even can be too heavy to lift for small businesses or individuals.


This is a champion in the number of locations. SmartProxy counts 195 lands around the globe. 10 million addresses are at your disposal. The rates of detection are really low here. It features a specific evasion set-up to bypass Facebook Restrictions. The prices for these proxies cannot be called cheap.


OnlineProxy offers over 60 million addresses. This accommodation has a high safety level, global coverage, stable connection and loyal tariffs. You can create FB accounts using its fake addresses as many times as you need. SurfingFB, posting and placing likes will not be spoiled by connection failure. If you will need to unblock your account, OnlineProxy proxies will not let you down.

As you can see, there are many types of proxies. Each proxy type has benefits and drawbacks for certain tasks. Depending on your task, choose the type that works best specifically for you. It is possible to bypass Facebookrestrictions with reliable proxy providers.

Having chosen the right proxy accommodation, you will not notice any difficulties with FB account creation. You will be able to web scrape and market via FB. Promotion of your accounts will be successful if you choose a specific strategy for each account. Do not go a bridge too far with the quantity of posts and likes. Remember to connect from the same location to a specific page. Avoid FB ban with the help of proxies.

Even if all these pieces of advice will not work for you and Facebook blocks you, do not forget that proxies are able to help you even with this! They can unblock your FB page. Use paid proxy accommodations, but do not forget to check free trials before paying.

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