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  • May 31, 2023, 9:01 PM
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Dolphin is one of the most modern unlimited browsers with detection protection that support various pricing plans in different countries. Such a browser allows you to create multiple accounts without the risk of blocking services in any location.

Each profile has its cookies, local storage, and cache. In doing so, the service simulates accounts managed from a separate computer. It becomes challenging to identify your profiles as multiple accounts. But for the browser to work effectively in any country, IP addresses for each profile must be unique; Dolphin Browser proxy supports such a function.

The main aspects of Dolphin Browser

Dolphin is an unlimited antidetect browser that supports different pricing plans to solve any problem related to traffic arbitration. The program was created by the international company MoboTap Inc; it is popular in many countries. Its unlimited features are ideal for crypto, sales funnel, etc. The developers have configured the browser to support various services, e.g., team activities, work with multiple accounts and automate procedures in the network. Such an unlimited browser with a residential proxy is trendy in EU countries, Russia, and the USA. You can also use the Dolphin Browser proxy setup. Consider the competitive advantages of the Dolphin browser with the proxy:

  • Interface: Dolphin Browser with a residential proxy server has a concise and convenient design, simplifying the service's work.
  • Functionality: in addition to solving the problems associated with changing the user's fingerprint in any location, the Dolphin Browser dramatically speeds up the activity. For example, it supports five filters by status, tags, types of profiles, users, and Dolphin Browser proxies.
  • Regular updates and expansion of services in different pricing plans: although the unlimited Dolphin browser appeared not so long ago, developers are constantly adding new features, improving old ones, and updating key cores of the browser.

Let's analyze what challenges Dolphin Browser with a residential proxy can solve:

  • Cookie robot: such a feature supports automatically generating and collecting data in any country. Open the site, and the service will do all the work.
  • Proxy Interaction: you need a Dolphin Browser set proxy to increase browsing anonymity. You can add various proxies to multiple profiles. Such a tool supports a one-click mobile proxy IP address switcher, eliminating the need to save multiple links to different residential proxy providers.
  • Automation of basic tasks: the unlimited Dolphin Browser with residential proxy services supports an open API, so you can connect to it to automate your online activities, such as testing or visiting sites.
  • Ensuring team activity: you and your colleagues can work in the same profile with residential proxies from different devices and countries. Each team member has their tasks and services, so you can customize access levels in Dolphin Browser.

Even though the unlimited antidetect successfully copes with complex tasks, it also supports the standard services for any browser.

How to stay anonymous on the Internet with a proxy and Dolphin Browser?

Dolphin is an antidetect browser that supports managing multiple browser profiles from a single gadget. Each profile gets an actual fingerprint, so you'll look like a standard user when you launch any website. Dolphin makes it easy to organize marketing campaigns because services can be automated.

If you want to get the most out of antidetect, you need to connect it to a reliable Dolphin proxy server. An unlimited proxy is a solution that allows you to look like a real user on any website. Setting up the residential proxy for Dolphin will enable you to bypass profile restrictions by creating multiple profiles.

The unlimited residential proxy will process all requests and support thousands of IP addresses. Your real IP address will be hidden, and the online page you visit will only recognize the proxy server's IP. Residential proxies will help you avoid bans and blocks from sites and guarantee privacy protection.

What type of proxy is suitable for the Dolphin?

If you try to find a Dolphin proxy server, we recommend paying attention to the data center and residential proxy services. Such servers offer the best solutions to guarantee the security of users and hide their IP addresses while using the Dolphin Browser.

  • Modern datacenter proxy servers are most often located in the cloud and work at lightning speed. Their IP addresses create computers from information servers, and they are connected to data centers. Such unlimited proxy IP addresses can be public or shared.
  • Residential proxies are either dedicated or shared but are challenging to detect. Services support proxy IP addresses that are associated with real locations.

However, these data center or residential proxies must be purchased from trusted premium proxy providers because free Dolphin Browser proxies are not guaranteed to be secure.

It is important to remember that you can use any system to support unlimited Dolphin services, including rotating solutions. Proxy services providers offer HTTP(S) and SOCKS networks with which the Dolphin Browser interacts. SOCKS is an optional feature in the Dolphin that provides a service to change the user's current location (also called location spoofing).

Instructions for setting up a proxy for Dolphin with OnlineProxy

As mentioned above, the residential proxy server is integral to the Dolphin Browser. Therefore, you must take a responsible approach to choose a proxy service with optimal pricing plans. Dolphin fully supports mobile proxy services offered by OnlineProxy. Consider how to set up a proxy server for Dolphin on PC:

  • Open the unlimited Dolphin antidetect service and create an account. Next, you must choose an optimal pricing plan, pay for it and download the Dolphin Browser.
  • Launch the Dolphin Browser and enter the data for authorization. If you enter all the information correctly, you will get access to the main browser interface from different countries.
  • Click the Create Account tab. You will see a new interface for setting up a new profile in Dolphin in any location.
  • Specify a profile name; you can choose the best option. 
  • Next, you need to select the kind of operating system. The unlimited Dolphin Browser supports all popular services.
  • When determining the multiple account category, you can specify Facebook, Crypto, or None.
  • Click on the profile section and specify HTTP or SOCKS for the protocol.
  • Enter all the necessary data to make dolphin browser proxy settings: mobile proxy services host and address, login, password, and port. You will receive these insights from the provider when purchasing the residential proxy. If you want to use several rotating proxies simultaneously, enter them in the column. When everything is ready, click Add.
  • When you use mobile Dolphin proxy services, you must add a link to the Change IP URL cell to change IP.
  • To ensure all Dolphin proxy services function correctly in your location, check the boxes to the left of the added proxies and click the test connection button. If you configure the rotating proxies correctly, they will support the status Working.
  • After completing the Dolphin account creation, click Create Profile so that the network will generate a profile based on all the data you provided. You will see the newly created profile in the list of accounts. 

Congratulations! You have completed creating a profile and installing a mobile proxy. The settings you created will appear on the homepage of the Dolphin Browser socks proxy.

Dolphin antidetect is a reliable service for individuals and teams, and proxy servers come in handy to support your protection when dealing with multiple profiles on various platforms in various countries.

We recommend using only premium residential, rotating, or data center proxy servers with optimal pricing plans to avoid future privacy issues.

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