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  • Sep 19, 2019, 9:57 AM
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Anonymity on the Internet is an important direction in the activities of many users. It allows you to perform a variety of tasks, from managing bots to parsing and multi-account on social networks. It is clear that to achieve these goals, mobile proxies are the best suited. Fortunately, there are plenty of such offers on the Internet.

Choosing a service provider

The largest and most serious problems for users arise at the stage of searching for a service provider. Moreover, in the future all your activity will depend on this. If you use an inefficient proxy server, then your work will slow down, pages periodically “fly off”, locks and bans appear. In general, there will definitely not be good from such an activity.

But how to choose a worthy option? It is worth starting with the fact that free servers are not worth considering at all. There, the "survivability" of the proposed addresses is very low. And even despite the constant change of these same IPs in mobile versions, “lags” in operation and blocking will skip from time to time.

Proxy settings

It is important to understand that in the standard version when connecting the settings are used universal for all users. In the vast majority of cases, this is enough to solve everyday problems and ensure anonymity.

But in some cases, it is necessary to manually configure the operating modes, for example, the frequency of changing the IP address, range, country and so on. And it would be a big mistake to assume that in standard settings you are unrealistic to calculate. Yes, it is very difficult to do, but with a very great desire it is possible. Conclusion: change the settings for yourself, since it’s not so difficult to deal with them. Although some time will still have to be spent, not without it.


You must disconnect from the proxy server. If there is no need for anonymity, it is best to disconnect from the server, it is not difficult to do this. If you read, suppose, news, then why should you hide your true location? You can turn off the mobile proxy.

It will be a mistake to constantly (without periodically disconnecting) use the services for anonymous staying on the network. Believe me, on the contrary, this will only attract additional attention to yourself, both from the provider and the law enforcement agencies with which they work closely.

Today, the sale of prohibited goods, drugs, as an option, goes into the "World Wide Web". Naturally, the security forces are trying to track this "topic". And if they understand, ultimately, that you constantly use proxies, do not even get out of there, then the most serious questions may arise. Do you need it? Conclusion: connect exactly at the time that is necessary to solve the tasks in the same social networks.

Do not consider yourself God

And last but not least. To date, and in the future too, there will not be and will not be absolutely safe and "ideal" algorithms that allow you to achieve complete, unconditional anonymity. There will always be a thread, albeit very thin, that will lead to you. As a result, you don’t need to feel boundless and unconditional impunity, you don’t need to do something that you can regret in the future, you should not put your own “self” above other people, do not imagine yourself as GOD.

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