Avoiding CAPTCHA via Mobile Proxy Setting

  • Apr 1, 2022, 4:33 PM
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Every person that uses the Internet has met with CAPTCHA at least once. These annoying letters and numbers that cannot be seen clearly or lots of low-res images where you have to find something do not bode for love. Usual people get highly annoyed with them, but when it comes to people who meet them during their working process, everything becomes obnoxious.

You are knocked off a platform for a second and for some reason artificial intelligence makes you enter some weird symbols and numbers or choose boats, bicycles and trucks in the pictures. You are not doing anything that is not allowed, not violating anything, but, here you go, again you see weird symbols or strange pictures on your screen. It is not possible to get through authentication without dealing with these symbols and images no matter what.

How to prove a resource you are not a robot or bot without entering symbols and clicking on pictures? If you want to know this, you are in the right place. This article will tell you the CAPTCHA meaning, the secrets of CAPTCHA and why we face it. You will find out how to avoid CAPTCHA and what tools can be used for solving this problem.

Everything about CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. This test was created to help artificial intelligence understand whether the real person is trying to access a website or a bot CAPTCHA.

This mechanism was launched back in 1950 by Alan Turing. Back then it was developed to find out if artificial intelligence can excel the human mind in future. During the experiment the researcher asked several questions to two participants. He was not aware if the participant was a robot or a human. The researcher needed to tell who is who. In case he made a mistake, the machine sent the test.

The conclusion was made that a bot cannot pass a procedure of entering alphabetical and mathematical symbols properly. It also cannot determine what is depicted in the image. Besides, the symbols in avoid CAPTCHA are usually placed on a distorted background. The background can be flattened or overstretched so it becomes difficult to see or determine what is written or depicted there even for a human. You probably have faced this and had to ask for another code version to pass the verification.

According to statistics, only 80% of existing codes can be solved by people. Our brain can indicate patterns by gathering an image into a single whole. Speaking of bots, they manage to auto solve captcha only 0,01% of combinations. Also, they cannot indicate patterns and gather objects together into one picture.

You can ask and what about people with bad eyesight? Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart developers took care of them as well. They can get an audio version of the code. Protection from bots was applied for audio codes too. A special multi-level audio with extraneous noise layered over it is given to prevent bots from recognizing the code.

The database of avoid CAPTCHA combinations is enormous, thus, it allows providing a unique version every time. If it was not so, a robot could get enter the platform.

Another question that may arise is why there are so many CAPTCHAs solve out there if it slows researchers down on their way to an endless source of information. Here are the answers:

  • Images CAPTCHA protects platforms from robots that were created for automatic registration and mass profile creation;
  • these codes are able to block bots dealing with automatic parsing (meaning gathering prices, images, text and other data);
  • CAPTCHA proxies avoid tests (in combination with reputable proxy servers) can prevent web services for hacker attacks.

As you can see, it was invented for a good solve cause, even though it is so annoying.

CAPTCHA test is meant to stop any kind of request from the user that is in conflict with the platform’s official public proxy API. Thankfully to this verification, websites are protected.

There is also such a term as reCAPTCHA. It was invented by Google. To cut the long story short, it is similar to avoid CAPTCHA, but simpler in terms of human perception. Users are asked to mark the “I am not a robot” box. If the artificial intelligence still does not believe you are a real human, you will have to go through a different solve challenge.

There is reCAPTCHA with words and phrases from some old books or even newspapers. It was introduced back in 2007. These words and expressions were reformatted into a digital version. Bots were not able to comprehend them, but people could fulfill such a task (to recognize the keyword).

Back in 2012 pictures appeared in reCAPTCHAs. There you should pick photos with a common element in them. If the answer is the same as the answers of most people, then it is correct. 8 years ago the image recognition was simplified and it became possible to pass it in one click (by adding a tick).

“That simple?!”, you may ask. Not really. While you are passing this test, artificial intelligence is making an analysis of your mouse movements’ trajectory towards the needed box. The thing is that even a really short movement cannot be direct. Besides, it will be unique every time. And this proves you are not a bot. Artificial intelligence can also apply a cookie check on your device.

4 years ago artificial intelligence began analyzing user behavior. It makes an automatic analysis of your behavior and browser history. This helps it either to allow you access to a resource or offer you reCAPTHCA.

Proxies for Avoiding CAPTCHA

Proxies help to fight CAPTCHA. To remind, proxies stand between the user and the resource. They take the real Internet Protocol address and rotate it to a completely new one. The resource cannot detect your real address because of this. You can use various Internet Protocol addresses for every request session and you will never get banned.

It is possible to adjust your proxies according to your needs. You can choose to rotate your IP during a certain period of time or upon each access request.

Platforms detect bots by their behavior. Bots are more predictive than people and they are also faster. It is better to choose random intervals between your requests if you do not want to be detected and banned. A good idea is to set delays among consecutive requests.

You can come up with a decision to hire a special person who will work with CAPTCHA solving. However, such anti CAPTCHA services will take you more time to fulfill the needed tasks and you will have to pay for them.

However, if you choose a reputable proxy accommodation, you can forget about CAPTCHAs. Never use free services for your business needs. You cannot be sure that your data is protected while using free accommodations and bad connection of free proxies will only make harm.

Paid services will provide you with certain guarantees of their performance. To choose from an endless list of providers, pay attention at:

  • the percentage without ban;
  • the speed of their proxies;
  • the stability of connection;
  • the availability of locations around the globe;
  • the quantity of Internet Protocol addresses in the provider’s pool;
  • the availability of free trials;
  • the working hours of customer support.

Choose accommodation that offers at least 99% without ban and offers free trials. During your free trial check how fast the proxy is as well as the connection stability. The service should have an impressive number of Internet Protocol addresses in its pool and the locations should be available all over the globe. You need to be sure that in case any issues or questions arise, you will be answered immediately. Go with providers that have 24/7 customer support.

Adjusting Proxies

Finding a provider that corresponds to everything aforementioned will take you less time now. However, this is not enough only to find a reputable proxy company to avoid CAPTCHA, it is also necessary to adjust proxies in a proper way.

To make your proxy work properly, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a reliable provider.
  2. Randomize your scraper time and behavior.
  3. Check for honeypots.
  4. Avoid direct links.
  5. Use residential mobile proxy.
  6. Set type of rotation in your proxy settings.

Choose manual settings to have more options and to take the most out of your proxy.

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