What is the Difference between RDP and VPS in proxy?

  • Dec 23, 2021, 3:44 PM
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Promotion is an integral part of any business. With the development of the Internet businesses can reach their target audience fast and easy. Customers are also interested to get all the fresh data about promotions quickly and comfortably.

This article will tell you about residential RDP, VPS residential ip and their connection with promotion tasks.

RDP and VPS: Meaning

Many people do not understand the difference between. This is because they have much in common. If your business is oriented at Internet sales, you will not succeed without these helpers. Thus, let’s shed light on the difference between RDP and VPS.


VPS is deciphered as Virtual Private Server. Basically it means a virtual machine or a virtual box. It is possible to use it both with and without the domain name. This virtual machine allows you to host your data privately. In VPS a user can pick an OS in correspondence with Windows 2016, Windows 2012 and Windows 10. Virtual Private Server runs its own OS, thus, you can obtain a Linus or US VPS Windows.

The main distinct feature of RDP is that it is shared with lots of users while VPS stands for a private server. In other words, the second one is not shared with full root admin access.

Virtual Private Servers are servers that have administration access and a dedicated IP address. They are sold to clients as web hosting services.


At the same time RDP is deciphered as Remote Desktop Protocol. RDP is a Microsoft protocol. It is created to cooperate with application, security, encryption and information transfer between devices, client users and virtual network servers.

A person can add a graphical interface to the desktop of a remote machine. Every Remote Desktop Protocol is shared from 5 to 15 desktop accounts that are located in different places. The difference is that you cannot access administrator options on the server, but any operation you perform in your Remote Desktop Protocol account will be private.

As you can see, VPS gives you full administrator rights. It is possible to install different software with VPS while you will have no admin access with RDP. With RDP any settings can be changed by users.

The Principles of Work in Proxy Context

To cut the long story short, VPS is a virtual machine. It is possible to use it and host the necessary data. It is possible to obtain a Linux or Windows VPS. With RDP you receive residential remote desktop and input rights over network connections for apps that are based on Windows and run on a server.

If you want to stay anonymous, increase the connection speed and be assured that hackers will not bother you, you should use these accommodations with proxy servers. This deals with personal and, especially, business usage.

How Can I Use Them in Practice?

RDP or VPS – it is up to you to decide. The main thing is to understand your needs and proceed from them. If your aim is full control of the server or, for example, hosting websites, a Virtual Private Server option looks better for you. In case you need a high configuration server that can be shared and do not need administrator rights, a Remote Desktop Protocol account; create new should be your choice.

Let’s discuss how a person can use RDP and VPS with proxies in practice. To start with, RDP is a very popular protocol for remote connection with Windows-based machines. However, if the settings are not correct, it can become a downfall of any infrastructure. Proxies boost the security and privacy up when used during any operations on the Web.

Malefactors search for weak places in RDP servers to use them for their ill-minded aims. If they find the needed password, they will receive full access to the system. Proxies are irreplaceable if you work with RDP if you do not want to be a victim of hacker attack. All the corporate connections should be made via proxies.

Sometimes people use RDP for personal aims. This is comfortable if, for example, you are traveling, but need to access a computer you have left at home. Proxies used with RDP help to protect your personal data from being stolen.

Speaking of the USA VPS server, it can be used for various purposes starting from creation of your own mail server and ending with posting on social media under different accounts. It can be used for:

  • website hosting;
  • developing and testing;
  • Forex traders;
  • “1C” products;
  • gaming servers;
  • mailing servers;
  • VPN servers;
  • proxy servers;
  • IP telephony etc.

There are 3 main tasks VPS and a proxy server do together. Take a look:

  • anonymous connection (otherwise you will not be able to post on social media from different accounts without getting blocked and to bypass geo-restrictions);
  • quicker network access (if the intermediate server is geographically closer to a user and features a more powerful connection channel, then the connection with abroad resources can become better);
  • protection from cyber-attacks (since malwares will not be able to see your real IP address, they will not be able to use it for sending malicious programs, interference or data stealing).

Living without mobile proxies is not safe today, especially for business purposes. When it comes to promotion tasks like mass-posting, mass-liking or mass-commenting, proxies actually make the promotions possible!

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