Shared vs Private Mobile Proxies

  • Feb 16, 2024, 11:22 PM
  • 2 minutes


Shared Mobile Proxies

  • Multi-user: one mobile device is divided into 3-5 proxy ports that can be used by multiple clients simultaneously.
  • Availability: Most often available to a wide range of users, easily acquired, popular, and more loaded.

Private Mobile Proxies

  • Also known as private proxies
  • Individual Usage: Private proxies are intended exclusively for one user.
  • Exclusivity: Provides a unique IP address that is not shared with other users.

Comparison by Criteria

IP Rotation (changing the external IP address)

  • Shared proxies: Automatic rotation every 2-5 minutes. Some proxies do not have IP rotation.
  • Private proxies: Flexible settings. Ability to set automatic IP rotation from 1 minute or completely disable automation. Ability to change IP proxy by link request or API.

Security and Anonymity

  • Shared proxies: A higher number of users on one IP may increase the risk of data compromise and reduce anonymity.
  • Private proxies: Since the IP address is used only by one client, the risk of unauthorized access is significantly lower and anonymity is higher.

Speed and Performance

  • Shared proxies: Connection speed may decrease due to a large number of users using the same resource.
  • Private proxies: Provide higher speed and connection stability as traffic is not shared with other users.

Pricing Policy

  • Shared proxies: Usually more affordable as service expenses are distributed among multiple users.
  • Private proxies: More expensive as they provide exclusive service with a dedicated IP.


  • Shared proxies: Suitable for general tasks where high anonymity and speed are not a priority.
  • Private proxies: Ideal for business tasks that require high security, stability, and speed.


The choice between private and shared mobile proxies depends on the individual needs of the user. Private proxies offer a high level of security and performance, but their cost is higher. Shared proxies are more accessible and suitable for less demanding tasks. It is important to consider security requirements, speed, and budget when choosing the optimal option.

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