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  • Apr 13, 2021, 3:17 PM
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There is no secret in the fact that business online requires certain efforts and skills. When it was just developing, everything was easy, but nowadays the things have changed. It is doubtfully that your business will survive without necessary online-hack knowledge and skills in the today’s ocean of business offers.

There are secret helpers for business that will make their marketing experience comfortable and easy. This article is about them. How to tune all your online business processes in order to make them efficient? The answer is one: to get acquainted with residential proxies.

First of all it is useful to understand what actually proxies are. Proxies work as intermediates, but not into the other worlds. They work in the Web. If a sender request access to a resource on the Internet, proxies meet this request halfway and change the sender’s IP address. Let’s stop here for a moment. An IP address can be compared to your real residential address. On the Internet this means that everybody will know your residential data.

However, with the help of proxies it is possible to stay incognito for the websites and platforms you visit. They will not be able to find out where you from and who you are if your requests will be channeled through proxies.

It is possible make a comparison between proxies and tourist guides. When you are visiting a new country, you may know nothing about safety and places that are worth visiting. If you have a reputable guide, your staying in the new country will be protected and you will get access to many secret places.

The same thing is with proxies. They will lead you to various blocked resources by masking your real location (by changing your IP address). Your data will be protected from various malware and hackers.

Now that you know residential address meaning, let’s discuss how proxies help businesses.

The Essence of Market Research

Each business wishes to be successful. Online business is not an exception. Since the rivalry is enormous nowadays, special market techniques help businesses to keep the doors open and lights on. Proxies are an essential instrument of market research conduction. Moreover, an efficient market research is not possible nowadays without proxies.

Speaking of the essence of market research, it must be mentioned that without it any business will doubtfully survive. As you can see, everything is connected. Market research helps businessmen to understand what is happening not with their own business, but with the businesses around as well. Without it chances of efficiency are low.

Market research helps to find out the interests, dislikes and likes of your customers. It is possible to monitor their behavioral patterns with its help. You will be able to see t\heir purchase decisions as well. Besides, you will be able to monitor the activities of your competitors, the price changes and techniques they apply to stay the course.

Market research will educate you to make right decisions while entering new marketing spaces and developing new products or services. It allows watching and understanding the trends.

However, the issue is that businesses require having multiple accounts for different marketing needs. Also, if you perform too many repetitive actions in a short period of time, your account will be perceived as suspicious and it can be blocked.

Websites and platforms have special technologies that block bots and you definitely do not want to have your accounts banned. Promotion of a business account is not that easy as it may seem. It is a hard work that must be diligently planned and tuned. You definitely do not want all this work to be wasted by ban.

All the aforementioned marketing things cannot be made without proxies. Since proxies change your real IP address, websites will not see your marketing activities as suspicious.

The Advantages of Using Proxies for Market Research

First of all, you need to decide which proxies to use. There are different kinds of them:

  • datacenter proxies;
  • static residential proxies;
  • dedicated residential proxies;
  • mobile rotating proxy;
  • anonymous proxies etc.

The best type of proxy for businesses is residential proxy. It is a legitimate address that is attached to a real device. With its help websites and platforms see you as a real person each time you need to do any repetitive actions or retrieve data. It provides a high level of anonymity and low ban rate.

Residential proxies help to retrieve the necessary data without being banned. There is no need to put your accounts on various websites under the block risks if there are proxies.

This type of proxies provides you a high anonymity level. Your real address will be masked and websites will not find out who you really are. It is not possible to use a static IP and conduct data retrieving activities without ban.

This is not a secret that certain websites and platforms are blocked in certain areas. It is possible to bypass these blocks with the help of proxies. Since your address will be rotated, you will be seen as a resident of any country you choose and all the blocked resources will be available for you.

Unblock proxy online services will give you access to any blocked resource. Monitoring your rivals and the latest trends will be comfortable and easy with proxies.

It is crucial to be able to analyze the market for any business owner. Proxies allow doing it without any unnecessary friction. Having conducted analysis you will be able to boost your business performance.

There are so many proxy providers that you may find it difficult to choose the most suitable provider for you. To start with, there are free and paid options. Free fast proxies list is very short unfortunately, because upkeeping the software and hardware requires money. That is why free proxies cannot boast high connection speed, high protection level and stable connection. Also, the choice of the locations can be poor.

The situation with paid proxy services is different, however the stability of some accommodation can disappoint as well. It is crucial to carefully choose your proxy service in order to feel all the advantages of proxies.

Choosing a proxy accommodation, pay attention at:

  1. Your data protection level.
  2. The stability of connection (there should not be sudden ‘fall offs’ during the work).
  3. The connection speed.
  4. IP address rotation.
  5. The variety of locations.
  6. The availability of free trials.
  7. The price policy of the company and existence of different tariffs.
  8. The work of customer support.
  9. The friendliness of website’s interface.

Having included these pieces of advice during your proxy research, you will be able to choose a reputable service and experience all the advantages of proxies.


This company has gained trust and confidence of its clients. This company rivals with such mastodons of online proxy accommodations as ClickSend, Oxylabs and others.

However, these mastodons usually have high prices on their proxies or not suitable tariff options what is not very convenient especially for businesses that only take a start. Some companies provide customer support only in business hours which also is not comfortable if any questions or issues arise.

OnlineProxy has convenient tariff options and its prices are not high in comparison with the other providers. You can choose either paying for gigabytes or unlimited traffic. The best thing about OnlineProxy services that you can try them for free in order to be sure in the quality of their proxies.

You can try a ‘Promo’ tariff. It is available for $2.5 only. This ‘Promo’ tariff gives you 100 Mb for 15 days. Having purchased this tariff you will be able to get acquainted with the work of OnlineProxy proxies.

This accommodation promises 99,5% without a ban. This company owns more than 60 million rotating addresses. OnlineProxy works with more than 200 operators in more than 100 countries around our globe. Not many providers can boast such coverage. The targeting is possible bot only up to the country, but even up to a specific city.

Visiting websites and staying incognito will be easy with OnlineProxy proxies. This provider guarantees your safety as it has a high protection level that will not be an option with free providers.

OnlineProxy proxies are fast, you will not have to wait forever until the desired website loads. The connection is stable, the proxies work without ‘fall offs’.

OnlineProxy proxies are suitable for many marketing needs. You will be able to:

  • work with advertising networks;
  • comfortably analyze the market;
  • conduct web-scraping and parsing;
  • protect your brand;
  • perform various marketing activities from multiple accounts;
  • have access to different blocked resources;
  • conduct various SEO activities;
  • work with sneaker bots etc.

This accommodation is perfect for market research. The main thing is that you will stay incognito and, thus, will not be banned.

OnlineProxy proxies are suitable to unblocking websites that are restricted in certain geolocations. You will have access to any online resource with the help of OnlineProxy proxies.

Try OnlineProxy and fully realize the advantages of market research via proxies.

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