Keeping Your Torrent Activity a Secret with the Proxy

  • Sep 21, 2021, 10:56 AM
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Torrents have gained their popularity on the Internet long ago. Even though various streaming sites have emerged since then, torrents still remain the most popular and comfortable resources. This article will tell you how it is possible to make your torrent surfing anonymous with the help of mobile proxies.

To start with, let’s discuss what torrents actually are. Torrents are files shared via a decentralized, peer-to-peer sharing network. This means that users can exchange files without having to upload them on a server.

In such a way, bits of data from a large file are saved in participating peers (computers) in a swarm (network) to facilitate file-sharing. Peer-to-peer communication protocol (usually it is BitTorrent) divides files into parts and transfers them from seeders (the ones who upload files) to leechers (the ones who download them) through a torrent client.

A torrent unblock proxy client is a special program that is able to read all the data in the file with .torrent extension. It also connects people to exchange files. Torrent platforms are really comfortable for sharing media you own rights to and syncing huge files.

You may be surprised, but lots of social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook have a similar protocol to upload big files to their servers. Besides, a torrent client can be integrated into a game. This is done to deploy software upgrades, for example, in Starcraft.

A torrent tracker stands for a server that helps people communicate with other computers much faster. This happens because of monitoring which computer (peer) has the needed files.

It is possible to compare a torrent tracker to dating applications like Tinder since they also match people depending on their preferences. Just like that when a torrent person wants a certain file, the torrent tracker joins this person to the corresponding computer (peer). When the peer-to-peer download has begun, the connection to the tracker is not needed.

To use torrents follow this simple guide:

  1. Picking and downloading a torrent client. It is best to take it from the website to avoid ending up with malware from ill-wishers. There are free-for download and premium clients.
  2. Installing a tracker site. A tracker site has a listing of torrent files, however it does not host content. There are private and public tracker sites.
  3. Searching for what you want to download. At the end of your search you will be able to see a number of available files. The more seeders the file has, the quicker you will be able to download it. Do not forget to check if you can run the file before you press the download button.
  4. Content downloading. It is possible to download numerous files, but it is always better to prioritize your downloading processes.

Always keep in mind that your IP address can be tracked while using torrents. To stay safe you need to mask your real IP address..

Why is Privacy Crucial while Using Torrent-Trackers?

Torrents are claimed to be relatively safe to download, especially if you know where they are from. Despite this, there are tons of malware-ridden torrent files that are usually joined to pirated copies of television show episodes. Besides, you should be aware of .bat (batch) and .exe (executable) files. As a rule, such files are associated with scripts. The menace is installing malware into your machine. Thinking about torrents, do not forget to come up with a reliable proxy service.

Anonymizing your torrent traffic is as crucial as not sharing your passport data with anyone. If you do not use a proxy service your IP address is disclosed in the swarm and can be logged and run via IP traceback scheme. Frauders can receive your country, town, ISP and even a home address!

If your torrent activities will be channeled through proxy, your uTorrent or other client will send their traffic to the proxy. Torrent tracker and swarm will see only the proxy’s identity (IP address). Thanks to this your private data will be unavailable for anyone else. Frauders and hackers will not have a chance to steal your personal data and use it in any harmful manner.

Ways to Stay Incognito and Nuances

One of the ways to keep your torrent activities a secret is using VPN. Unfortunately, it was not proven to be the most reliable way for the reason in question. Moreover it works slower in comparison with proxies.

Proxy servers were invented to make complex distributed networks simpler by centralizing responses and requests. The other way is using free proxies. Going with a free service you should understand that it does not invest money into hardware and software, thus, its work cannot be called stable and reliable (not mentioning your privacy).

Paid proxy services are the best choice for torrents. Such services can guarantee that your identity and data are protected. Besides, they provide support. Let’s discuss the advantages of using the US proxy service paid services.

Identity (IP address) masking.

While free proxy service for uTorrent using, or Vize, BitTorrent, and qBittorrent with a proxy service for routing files your traffic receives a new IP address. The communications are held by the proxy instead of your client’s source IP address. You can use a proxy's IP address for torrenting and your usual IP address for Internet browsing.


Paid proxy services do not keep logs.

Torrent transfer speed.

Proxies can increase your transfer speed.

As you can see, paid proxy services work best with torrents. There are multiple options on the Internet. Seeking for a reputable one do not forget to check its:

  • speed;
  • safety level;
  • proxy pool;
  • availability of countries;
  • free trials and promo tariffs;
  • price policy.

If these criteria are at a high level you do not need to worry about anything. Also, do not forget to use trackers with a nice reputation.

Mobile Proxies form OnlineProxy and Peculiarities

Mobile proxies at OnlineProxy feature a high anonymity level. All your data will be protected at the high level and will not be available for third parties. Moreover, all your torrent activities will not be available to detect. Everything will be kept a secret.

The company claims 99.5% without ban. The advantage is that mobile proxies are attached to real devices (smartphones and tablets). This means that while you are surfing the Internet the platforms and torrents perceive them as real people and do not block them, for example, free internet proxy in Pakistan. Moreover, you can easily unblock any website that is regionally restricted with these proxies.

Torrenting with OnlineProxy proxies is comfortable and safe. There are more than 60 million IP addresses in OnlineProxy’s pool. Nobody will be able to track you as only OnlineProxy proxy’s IP address will be seen. This proxy service works with more than 100 countries around the globe and allows targeting up to the city. Proxies are connected to mobile operators like Sprint, T-Mobile, O2, Orange, MTS and others. For example, you can receive a T Mobile proxy address.

OnlineProxy offers fast proxies. It invests hefty sums of money into its software and hardware. You will not have to wait forever to download or upload a torrent file. Not every proxy service can boast fast connection speed and lots of them even suffer connection fall-offs.

If you have any doubts regarding OnlineProxy’s quality of service you can order a PROMO tariff. In such a way you will be able to try everything before going with the regular tariffs. By the way, there are two options. You can pay for gigabytes or obtain unlimited traffic. In comparison with the other major services, prices at OnlineProxy are loyal.

To use proxies you need to register on the website, replenish your balance and choose the needed tariff. You will find an intelligible FAQ section on the site that answers all the frequent questions. In case you need anything more specific you can always turn to OnlineProxy’s friendly client support service. It is there for you around the clock.

To sum up, torrents are really convenient tools for downloading files and especially big files. However, you should always stay alert and use a jersey client proxy service. It will help you to cover tracks. To be more precise, it will help you not to leave any tracks. You will be able to use torrents seamlessly as your real IP address will be changed by proxy to a completely new one. All your data and activities will be kept a secret. It is up to you to decide which proxy service to choose, but if you try OnlineProxy’s promo tariff you will not be able to resist the perfect combination of its quality and prices.

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