How to set up a proxy on smartphones running Android

  • Feb 29, 2024, 12:42 AM
  • 1 minute
  1. Open device settings
  2. Click on Network and Internet → Internet.
  3. Select Network and go to network settings.
    Go to the Wi-Fi section
  4. Find your network and open its settings.
  5. Find the proxy line and select manual setup. Enter the IP address and port number of the server. Or the proxy host name and port.
    Enter the port values
  6. Enter your login and password if necessary.
  7. Save the changes.

After saving, the system will ask you to authenticate again with your login and password. Then you can use the internet.

Another option is to choose automatic setup. This option is suitable if the proxy provider has given you the address of the proxy auto-configuration script.

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