Choosing a country for mobile proxy

  • Feb 1, 2024, 12:06 AM
  • 1 minute

Main Criterion

Choose a country where the target website is developed. This usually ensures better accessibility and speed. Some resources may be optimized to work in different regions, regardless of where they were developed.  

Check for Blockages

  • Regional Restrictions: Some countries may block access to certain websites or internet services.
    • Example: BBC is not accessible through Russian proxies due to blocks by Russian operators.
  • Service Limitations: Some services do not work in certain countries due to their policies.
    • Example: Tinder is not blocked in Russia, it is available for use. However, the company itself has limited its operations in Russia, so Russian users cannot create accounts or pay for subscriptions.

Access Speed

  • Geographical Dependency: The further the proxy country is from the user, the slower the connection may be.
  • Optimization: Choosing a proxy server located closer to the target resource server or the user can improve speed.


Prices vary in different countries. The most expensive proxies are usually in the USA and European countries.

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