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  • Oct 14, 2020, 11:58 AM
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People stick to antivirus as the only kind of protection. Even though antivirus does protect, it does not offer things that proxy price. Residential proxy gains more and more popularity among business owners. This article will help to gain insight on how having a different IP address will make sure your business is led properly and safely.

Definition of Proxy and Reasons Why Business Needs Them

Imagine that you want to visit a different country, but you know nothing about it except that it is very dangerous. The best way to fulfill your wish with security is to book an intermediate service - a tour operator - that will make your trip safe. Proxy can also be compared to tour operators in a figurative way. It is a transactor between a device with private IP address and a different server on the Web.

It is possible to rotate IP addresses with the help of proxy. This helps to stay anonymous and means security. The destination server will be able to see only the IP that proxy gives. Another crucial aspect is that proxy networks allow access to various websites that are restricted in certain areas. Keeping in mind these facts proxies should be given a significant consideration for every-day activities on the Web.

If everything is clear with the resources that may be restricted, you may still question for why one would have a desire to change the IP address for business purposes. Here are some advantages:

  • Seeing veracious data on the competitor’s websites
  • Several computers with one IP
  • Access to multiple accounts and e-mails
  • Security from data breach
  • Protection from network frauds

This is not the full list of residential proxy advantages, but all of them help operating a successful business.

Best Your Competitors

Here is an example: you want to check your competitor’s domain to stay tuned about what is happening around your business. Doing this with your own IP will reveal who you are to your competitors who can give you false data about their businesses in order to preserve their advantage.

Using a residential proxy will hide IP address and give access to the veracious data and competitors will not be able to conceal the actual position of affairs. Being connected to such a proxy will ensure that the destination site will not find out which country the user is from. Residential IP is assigned to a device owner for proxy private internet access. It will rotate the IP so that the user could reach the desired location of interest anonymously for testing or information collection.

One for All

There can be a need to connect all computers to the network with the same IP address. Proxy can be tuned in a way that the target websites will not see information about the local users. It will hide the real IP and they will see only the intermediary thankfully to proxy-server.

Avoid Data Breach

Any reputable company would not want data leakage. This is not only a monetary issue, but also loss of company’s public face. Anonymity given by rotated proxy IP allows protecting users surfing the Web. Nobody will be able to access your security.

Marketing Becomes Easier

Multiple accounts and e-mails are not possible to use from one IP address as they will be blocked. Residential proxy is a quick access to numerous e-mails and accounts for marketing.

Protect your Business

Hacking technologies gain momentum and no business owner would like to fall under their attack. Your own real data will be also protected as proxy will not allow collecting it. In such a way your company will be in security from frauds.

How Proxy Protects Business Corporate Network

A corporate network is a communication system used, managed and owned by one organization. Corporate network protection needs more attention, thus it has to be discussed separately. What are the advantages of proxy protections for corporate networks?

  • Irrational employee activity avoiding
  • Blocking of unnecessary content or websites
  • Traffic control and internet speed boost
  • Proxy gives compatibility
  • Safeguard from denial-of-service attacks

Control your Employees

Another case is managing of a number of accounts across different platforms from the same device. Sites that are vital for the work may block your IP address. Some employees may use working time not properly and visit, for example, their social networks accounts from their working computers. Proxy is at your disposal! Besides the fact that you will protect yourself from paying money to your employees for easy time, the target site will not block your working account.

Hide Deflecting Content

It is possible to manage site access on company time with the help of proxy. Any unwanted websites or content can be easily blocked in order not to deflect the attention of workers from your business. In order to maintain rational working time, business owners should practice this service.

Less Traffic, More Speed

Besides the filtration, it may be necessary to economize the consumable traffic for corporate networks. The data obtained from the Web will be transferred to the user by proxy in a compact view. Moreover, the internet speed may be increased which is very helpful, especially for areas with bad signal. You will get access to quicker operations.

Any Browser, Any OS

The corporate sector will have an advantage to use any browser and any operational system. This will be possible because proxy will allow compatibility with them.


It is possible to compare connecting to the Web without proxy by a corporate network with bringing working places of an enterprise to a crowded square on a holiday. Information that circulates locally is critically important for business activity. Thus, denial-of-service attacks and data leakage can fully stop the activity. Proxy protects the network and its data.

Why Proxy Beats VPN

Even though proxy and VPN fulfill similar tasks, there are differences between them.

VPN is a virtual private network. It allows visiting different websites invisibly as if you put on Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak. As stated before, proxy works like an intermediate between the mobile device or computer and the site this user is visiting. Benefits from proxy are obvious. If you want to create a longer corridor between you and the destination site, you should access with proxy. Usage and adjustment of proxy is quite simple. Paid proxy service will distance you farther because it is an intermediate between the user and the target site. Besides, it can even improve the performance for quicker view and analysis of the needed material.

Another crucial aspect is that proxy can be cheaper than VPN as it does not need special encrypted tunnels. There are tons of businesses in various fields that were born not long ago. Such businesses have not acquired their constant client base yet and need cheap proxy service to secure their activity and hide geolocation. On the other hand, most reputable companies with their hands-on experience use proxy instead of VPN.

Proxy is supported with almost every kind of Web-browsers while VPN can have troubles with connection and proper work. One more advantage is that proxy does not connect to the Internet via other protocols. This significantly increases data circulation security inside corporate networks.


This article helps a business owner to understand better the role of proxy and profit from it. We have already discussed:

  • Assignment of proxy
  • Business profit from them
  • Corporate networks protection
  • Predominance of proxy service over VPN

Since corporate networks are vulnerable and need protection that is free from risk, residential proxies are best for them. With all this luggage of knowledge the only thing that is left to do – is to choose where to order security proxy for your business.

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