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  • Mar 21, 2023, 7:53 PM
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Today, payments via the Internet have become customary for most people. It is simple, convenient, and fast. And most importantly, the user does not need a plastic bank card for banking operations. PayPal is activated on the phone where the user ties the bank card. Your cell phone is always at your fingertips. Any payments can be made with it.

PayPal is a resource that opens up limitless possibilities for users. You can permanently activate a hidden account if you have problems using this resource. This feature gives you full access to the resource if the user has any restrictions. What a stealth account PayPal is and how to use it we will tell you in the article below.

What is a hidden PayPal account?

PayPal is not available in all countries. Therefore, users may need help with using this resource. That's why a hidden account comes to the rescue. It is a feature that allows users to restore their PayPal account and make payments online. How does it work? The user uses a new nickname and a new IP address. It allows removing the restrictions imposed on the user's country of residence. PayPal is set up with the help of a resident proxy service. Even if the user's country has restrictions on using PayPal, the resident proxy server and the hidden account provide an opportunity to utilize the full functionality of the resource for online payments.

Why do you need a hidden PayPal account?

A PayPal account is a convenient resource for making quick payments. Users all over the world use Internet payment. Thanks to this method, you can quickly pay at the cash register, make online purchases or even make transfers. But PayPal doesn't always work in every country. So you can create a hidden account to make payments. When else would I need a stealth PayPal account?

  • Account blocking. An account can be blocked for a variety of reasons. You need to create a hidden account to avoid losing data and functionality. An invisible account serves as a backup, where all information about the user is saved. This feature allows you to create an anonymous account. That is, such users cannot be tracked. Accordingly, there will be no restrictions on the use of PayPal.
  • Blocking an account in a particular region of residence. PayPal is not available worldwide. You can't use the app in Asia or Africa. But a hidden history helps to solve this issue. An IP address is selected in such a way that the real location of the user cannot be tracked. Therefore, the full functionality is open to the user.

A stealth account in PayPal is an alternative for users who have problems logging in or using the full functionality of the application.

How to create secret PayPal accounts

How to create a stealth PayPal account? You should make a PayPal account with caution because this resource checks the validity of the information. So all the data should be as truthful as possible and not raise questions with the moderators of the application. Therefore, users should adhere to the simple rules for creating a stealth account:

  • Create a new IP address. This is the first and most important condition. The resource automatically checks the similarity of IP addresses. Users with the same IP will be considered as one person. Accordingly, the data can be deleted or blocked. Therefore, the user must buy a new IP address. Here you can get a resident proxy. It is a proxy that has multiple IP addresses. Users can use them to register quickly and securely.
  • Creating a new Windows account. This is necessary to identify you in the account as a new user since all user data is retained when you re-register. It is better to register with another user.
  • Using a new browser to register. This is necessary so that PayPal will not suspect any extraneous activity. Since the old browser stores information about the actual IP address. The more often you use it, the more information it stores. Installing a new browser that has not been used before is better.
  • New user name. You need to come up with further login information. Your username, country of residence, and date of birth must be different. Today, online programs allow you to generate a username, residence address randomly, and date of birth. Remembering that the data should be as plausible as possible is essential. Otherwise, the PayPal service may suspect fraud, and the creation of a new account will be denied.
  • New home address. This point should be taken seriously. The new address must be within a 50-mile radius of your city. You may not give a fictitious address. PayPal conducts a thorough verification of all data. The address is verified through the Address Verification Service. The resource will not allow such an account if the address does not exist. The ideal option is to provide the address of an acquaintance who can then receive mail and pass it on to you. It's important to remember that PayPal's moderators can check addresses manually! Therefore, a staff member can block such an account if there are any questions about residency and location.
  • Phone number. To verify the identity, PayPal service can send a message or call a specified number. Therefore, the data should be actual, and the set phone number should remain at hand. In this situation, you can use the virtual number service. This is an anonymous way to receive calls and messages without linking to your passport. Virtual number is available with a stable internet connection.
  • New bank account. It can be registered to you or a trusted person. The account to be indicated in PayPal mustn't be registered in the system. Otherwise, you may get banned and fail to register. It is also important to remember that the specified bank account cannot be used for purchases through the application. Because if the user name of the bank account will not match the payer, the PayPal moderator will mark such an account and can block it.
  • Availability of a virtual credit card. This is needed to make transactions. A virtual credit card is created very quickly in your bank. To add it to the system, you must copy the card number and link it to PayPal. Online banking should be publicly available for you. Because after entering all the data, PayPal checks the validity of the entered data and bank details. If moderators have doubts about the correctness of the data, such an account is not allowed.

Creating a hidden account is a lengthy process that requires some preparation. Take each point very seriously. Before making an account, double-check the validity and authenticity of the data.

Use a resident proxy for your PayPal Stealth account

Today PayPal is a universal resource for online payments. Due to certain restrictions, not everyone can use the application. Therefore, you can create a backup account using a resident proxy for the PayPal server. It allows you to create multiple IP addresses. It is a more reliable way than a VPN. As PayPal can easily identify the country of residence used for a VPN. And the residential proxy server, on the contrary, deceives the system and allows users to register safely in the PayPal application.


If you are having trouble with PayPal or a moderator has blocked you, you must create a hidden account. The user gets access to all functions of the resource. He can make payments online or pay for purchases via phone at supermarket cash desks. Following the sequence of steps is essential for creating a backup account. And also use the resident proxy service to create an IP address securely. 

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