In OnlineProxy: Welche Proxy soll ich wählen und wie kaufe ich sie?

  • 10. Feb. 2024, 15:16
  • 3 Minuten

Which proxy to choose?

What does OnlineProxy offer?

We sell you a specific unlimited proxy port with a specific GEO (this is not an endless pool of IP addresses from all over the world). The IP addresses of each proxy port are limited to one region, and their number depends on the mobile operator and region. At the same time, we have proxy ports from different countries and their regions to choose from.

Every proxy has different characteristics: geolocation, type, protocol. You need to determine all of them.

Which country to choose?

It depends on the internet resource (website, service, online store) you will be working with. The most logical choice is to choose the country where this internet resource was developed. But this is not a mandatory rule. When choosing another country, you should check if the resource is blocked there. For example, you won't be able to access the BBC website through Russian proxies because it is blocked by Russian mobile operators. You can find more information in the article on selecting the country of a mobile proxy.

Which protocol to choose?

It depends on your work tool. If you work through a browser, choose HTTP. If you work from special software (programs), choose SOCKS5, as it is faster and more reliable. But make sure your software supports SOCKS5.

More details about protocols: SOCKS5 vs HTTPS: proxy differences, pros and cons, where to use them

Which type to choose?

  • Shared proxies are cheaper, but their reliability, speed, and capabilities are lower. The IP changes automatically every 2-5 minutes. When changing the IP, the connection is lost for 5-15 seconds. Usually, one mobile device (smartphone or modem) is divided into 5 shared proxy ports.
  • Private proxies are more expensive. And here's why: the entire mobile device is reserved for you, with a full channel of internet traffic. In this case, you are only limited by the speed of the mobile operator. You have flexible options for changing the IP: by link, with a configurable period, or without changing it at all.

A detailed analysis in the article about shared and private proxies.
If you work from a browser with low load, choose Shared proxies. For other tasks, we recommend private proxies.

How to buy proxies on OnlineProxy?

  1. Register using this link:
  2. After registration, you will be directed to the proxy selection interface:

  3. Choose the desired proxy rental period
  4. Choose the type and protocol if required
  5. Choose a country from the filter
  6. Choose a suitable proxy from the list based on the price
  7. Scroll down and click "Buy Selected"
  8. You will be redirected to the balance replenishment page

  9. Choose the desired payment system
  10. Adjust the payment amount if necessary. Note that the payment system will add a commission to the amount.
  11. Click "Replenish" and you will be redirected to the payment system
  12. After payment, the money will be credited to your balance in the service.
  13. Your proxy will be automatically purchased
    1. If automatic purchase did not occur, return to the "My Proxies" page, select the desired proxy, and click "Buy" - this time the funds will be deducted from the balance.

How to use proxies?

After purchase, your proxy will appear on the "My Proxies" page:

Next, you can manually copy the proxy authentication details (IP, port, username, and password) and paste them into the software you need. Or use export, then the proxy list will be automatically formatted for your program)

A useful instruction: How to configure proxies on different devices

Probieren Sie unsere mobilen Proxys aus

Bei OnlineProxy finden Sie mobile Proxys aus der ganzen Welt mit täglicher Abrechnung ab 0,7 $ und IP-Rotation. Proxys eignen sich hervorragend für Arbeitsaufgaben. Wir garantieren Qualität oder erstatten Geld.